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   Chapter 6 A Horrible Night Trip (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-08-01 00:05

Amy tried every means, but in the end, they were all denied her. When she was about to call grandpa and ask him to pick her up at the station, she remembered that her phone had been pawned to someone else. "Oh my god! I'm doomed!" After getting off the car, Amy was in a dilemma. 'Do I need to go on? Leaving alone?' There were still several families here, but if she went on, it would be a barren mountain.

Amy looked up at the sky and found that the sun had already sunk into the horizon. In the west, there seemed to be a fire, and layers of rosy clouds were breathtaking. Only in such a quiet mountain village could people see such a warm cloud of fire. Taking a deep breath, Amy ran into the mountain. 'Hurry up and get there before it gets dark. Maybe I'll arrive soon!' Amy tried to comfort herself, but she was out of breath before she ran far. At this time, the red glow in the sky had dispersed, and the night was slowly descending.

The woods was deep and quiet. Except for the white slate road, everything else was blurry black. It was the first time that Amy had encountered such a situation. Her heart had risen to her throat. She kept chanting 'bless me' all the way, as if she could resist all the dangers in this way.

"Mom, are you here? I am so scared! " As the night grew darker, the farther she walked, the narrower her vision became. Clenching the necklace around her neck, Amy didn't dare to look around. Her eyes were fixed on the slate road beneath her feet. The hard soles of the sandals stepped on the slate, and every step they took would make a "click" sound, which was exceptionally harsh in the quiet mountain forest. Feeling her own strong heartbeat, Amy was afraid that her beating heart would suddenly go on strike. Then she would really be doomed.

She was scared all the way. Finally…

After stepping on the last step up the mountain, Amy breathed a sigh of relief. Her grandpa and others lived on the hillside of the village, and her loud voice could even reach the village. Amy had planned to climb to the top of the mountain and call her grandfather to pick her up. But now that she had reached the top of the mountain, she didn't want to do that. 'Since I came secretly, why not give grandpa and grandma a surprise?' What's more, the forest here was not so dense. With the help of the moon, Amy could see the surrounding environment clearly, so she was not so afraid.

Then she ran down the mountain. She went down the mountain much faster than going up. Just as she was immersed in the joy of seeing her grandparents soon, something lying on the white slate road in front of her fell into her eyes. Black, slender… Snake!

"Help! Help!" Amy wanted to stop subconsciously, but she couldn't because o

f the fast speed. When she was about to step on the "snake", she forced herself to turn around, but she lost her balance and rolled directly into a deep ditch on the roadside. A sharp cry for help resounded through the mountain forest.

After rolling a few circles, Amy had already felt dizzy. After a while, she struggled to sit up, only to find that it didn't hurt at all. However, before she could feel lucky, she found the thing under her body. She touched it with curiosity, 'Soft, flesh, clothes…' With the faint light, she roughly knew what was under her body.

"Help! Help! Dead man!" With a crying tone, Amy climbed up with both hands and feet, but because of the deep ditch, she always slid down to the middle. After trying several times, she was exhausted. Trembling with fear, Amy tried her best to stay away from the corpse. She was desperate. 'Did he die because he couldn't get out after rolling here?'

"What should I do? I don't want to die. Help! Help! " Amy shouted, almost on the verge of breaking down. In this environment, she would be scared to death sooner or later.

"Who is there?" All of a sudden, a voice came from not far away. Wiping away her tears, Amy saw a beam of light shining towards her.

"Anybody here? Help! Help! I'm here! " Amy jumped up excitedly, hoping that the person would see her. The sole of her foot stepped on some broken stones, which made her painful. It turned out that one of her shoes had fallen when she rolled down just now. One foot was high and the other was low, which was very inconvenient. So Amy took off the other one. Although her feet were aching constantly, she had no time to care about it at the moment. Finally, after a long time of effort, the footsteps above the deep ditch were getting closer and closer. Several heads reached out at the same time. They were all villagers of Yun Cliff Village, including Amy's grandfather.

"Amy, why are you here?" Ellison Luo asked in surprise, but Amy just kept crying.

"Grandpa, pull me up. I'm so scared!" Amy stretched out her hand in tears, and the person above her immediately pulled her up. However, the ditch was too deep, so Ellison asked her to look for something to trample on.

'Something to step on? ' Amy thought of the corpse immediately. 'I'm sorry, buddy. Don't blame me!' Amy thought to herself and stepped on the corpse. 'What? Why is he still warm?' Confused, Amy was quickly pulled up by the villagers. After regaining her life, all she wanted to do was to escape from this damned place as soon as possible.

When Amy arrived home, she didn't say anything. She just washed herself a little and then went to bed. She wanted to sleep. She wanted to forget! 'What happened today was really… Too horrible!'

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