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   Chapter 5 A Horrible Night Trip (Part One)

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For the whole day, Amy didn't show her good face. It was not only because of Shelly's mistake that made her embarrassed, but also because Ben grounded her at home and didn't allow her to visit her grandparents in the mountain. He had told her that she could do anything as long as she didn't go to the mountain. Just because of this sentence, Amy ran to the hotel to make trouble. Although she didn't do anything excessive, it still made the hotel staff nervous. Especially Shelly, she had thought more than once that if she worked in such a high-pressure environment, her sanity would collapse.

"Miss, dinner is ready!" Shelly took the lunch to the room and carefully set up the tableware, afraid of irritating Amy by accident. But today, Amy seemed to be very cooperative. Not only did she not deliberately make things difficult for Shelly, but she also ate food. Shelly thought that Amy had calmed down, so she breathed a sigh of relief. Not long after, Amy finished eating. Smiling, she handed the dishes to Shelly, but didn't let her go.

She wouldn't have been so obedient! Shelly knew that she would have a bad time, but she had to put on a smile. "Miss, what can I do for you?"

"Hey, Shelly, you are the 'Golden key' of the hotel, aren't you?" Amy asked with an innocent smile, but Shelly didn't dare to take it lightly. Amy knew better than anyone whether Shelly was the 'Golden key' of the hotel. Since she asked knowingly, there must be a trap behind it. Therefore, Shelly didn't answer with an official smile. Seeing that, Amy didn't get angry. Instead, she continued. "Since you are the 'Golden key', I'm sure you know everything. As the daughter of your boss, how about I give you a test? "

'She finally shows her true colors!' The alarm kept ringing in Shelly's mind, and she braced herself up to deal with the next problem. After all, she graduated from hotel management and had been working in the hotel for several years. She was very proficient in the professional knowledge of the hotel!

However, when Shelly was full of confidence, she was immediately stunned by Amy's question. 'Where can I buy one thousand ostrich? What kind of problem is this?'

"What? Don't you know? As the 'Golden key' of the hotel, how can you not answer the guest's questions? " Amy put on a pitiful look, which made Shelly feel that the crisis was approaching. As expected, she found that Amy was staring at the medal of 'Golden key' on her chest.

"Shelly, is this medal made of pure gold?" As Amy spoke, she stretched out her hand. Shelly stepped back subconsciously, but Amy approached her step by step and finally forced her to the wall. Shelly had no choice but to force a bitter smile.

"I don't know. I don't think so." She answered with an awkward smile, but she reacted when she saw the smile on Amy's face. 'Oh my God! I fell into a trap!'

As she expected, Amy followed her words. "Don't you know? Let me ask for you! " As soon as Amy finished speaking, she opened the door and ran out. Before Shelly could breathe a

sigh of relief, she found that the medal on her chest was missing. Needless to say, it must be Amy who took it away when she was not noticing.

"What's wrong with you, my lady?" Shelly complained with a sad face. Looking at her empty chest, she felt unhappy. It was known to all that for a person who loved to work like her, the 'Golden key' chest badge was not only a symbol of identity, but also a reward for her past work. She would rather deduct her salary than be taken away the brooch.

On the other side, Amy was playing with Shelly's 'Golden key' chest badge and appeared in the elevator of the employee passage. After all, Shelly had made her so embarrassed. This was a small punishment. Amy would return it when she had enough fun. With a smug smile, she made sure that there was no one outside the elevator. In a flash, she rushed into the female staff's dressing room. She couldn't go to visit her grandparents? What a joke. Amy didn't remember when she had been obedient to her father's arrangement, or perhaps she had never been obedient.

The dressing room was empty because it was not the shift time. Amy looked back and forth at the rows of wardrobes, and her eyes suddenly stopped on a name. 'Mary Isn't she the manager of the guest room department who often goes against Shelly?'

"Hey, you are so lucky!" With a sinister smile, Amy walked up to Mary's wardrobe and took out the thin iron wire that had been prepared. She inserted the iron wire into the key hole and took out a few times. Then the door of the wardrobe was opened with a snap. "Perfect, perfect!"

Amy snapped her fingers and was about to applaud for her omnipotent skill. After taking out Yan's clothes and putting them on, Sherry was still thinking that it might be a vent of anger for Shelly! However, when she wanted to return the scene of crime to its original state, she found that the iron wire was stuck in the key hole. No matter how hard she tried, she could not pull it out. It seemed that she not only took away a suit of clothes, but also destroyed a lock. 'Forget it. Just take it as Mary's bad luck!' Thinking of this, Amy ran away.

"Humph, do you think I can do nothing if you don't give me money? Don't underestimate me! " Standing outside the pawnshop, Amy laughed exaggeratedly. Then she put the three hundred dollars she got from the pledge into her pocket. A new mobile phone was only mortgaged for three hundred. No matter how Amy thought, she felt that she had been cheated. But on second thought, she felt relieved. She really appreciated that there was a pawnshop in this era. Otherwise, she would have to walk to her grandfather's house.

After leaving the urban area of YC City, Amy changed several buses before stepping on the last bus to Yun Cliff Village where her grandfather lived. It was already six o'clock in the afternoon. It seemed that she couldn't arrive before dark. But it would take more than an hour to get off the car, not to mention that there were all desolate mountain roads. How could she walk?

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