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   Chapter 4 Injured

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"You bastard, I have made up my mind. If you don't sign this agreement, you won't be able to step out of this door!" Eric pointed at the agreement with him index finger arrogantly. In Tsing Lung Right Wing, he was the most bloodthirsty and the best fighter. Although he had a handsome face, he waved his hand fiercely.

"Really? Let's have a try? " With a sinister smile, Gerry took a few steps back, and the people behind him immediately rushed forward. On the other hand, the brothers in Tsing Lung Right Wing had already been ready for the battle. Harold, Eric, Roger Du and the others were eager to fight. During this period of time, the gang had been peaceful and there was no chance for them to use their fists and feet, which made them feel that their bones had aged. They wouldn't let go of such a good opportunity.

For a moment, the whole warehouse was filled with deafening screams. The two sides were fighting against each other, and it was hard to determine the winner. Although the left wing had more people, it didn't take any advantage. The brothers in the right were high in fighting spirit. In addition, Harold, Eric, and the others were fighting in front of them, which encouraged them even more. Gerry hid in the corner to observe the battle, surrounded by bodyguards. Walter leaned against the wall leisurely, smoking. He didn't look worried at all. He turned his head and looked out of the window. In the quiet night, he was a little sleepy.

He was really confused why Gerry had such ambition after being expelled by Tsing Lung Gang. Wasn't he really afraid of death? Walter glanced at Gerry in front of him and sneered. Anyway, he didn't seem to be afraid of death! After taking a puff of the cigarette, Walter threw the cigarette butt on the ground and stepped it out. At this time, a man in Tsing Lung Left Wing threw a steel stick at him. With a flash of Walter's body, the steel rod, mixed with the sound of wind, hit the air besides him. 'If I hadn't dodged so fast, I would have been beaten into a cripple by this stick.'

A burst of anger rose in Walter's heart. Before the man raised the steel bar again, he grabbed the other end of the bar. Walter pulled the man in front of him with his hand. He immediately arched his right leg and hit the man's belly with his knee. He put forth more strength, and the steel bar appeared in Walter's hand. The man who attacked him at the beginning had already knelt on the ground, covering his stomach, and even had no ability to stand up. Walter handed the stick to his men. Then he lit another cigarette and walked through the crowd of fierce fighting to Gerry.

In just more than 10 steps, many people turned to look at Walter. However, some of them had already been killed by the brothers of the right wing before they took action, and the rest were all lying under Walter's fists. If he didn't have the ability, he wouldn't be able to become the deputy of Tsing Lung Gang in five years, although he was only twenty years old.

His life in the underworld was not easy. He had also been beaten and bled, but it had been a long time. The memory of the Spoiled Walter five years ago had long been gone.

"Do you still want to fight?" Walter asked casually, smoking. His implication was that he could continue if Gerry wanted to fight. Gerry looked at the fighting crowd in panic and shook his head dejectedly. On the battlefield, there were only a few people left of the left wing, and the outcome was clear. Gerry had always been a man who knew what to do.

"Stop!" Walter ordered without looking back. Hearing his voice, men of the right wing immediately stopped what they were doing. The two sides dispersed again. The number of the injured on the right wing obviously increased a lot, but on the left wing, there were only a dozen people who could stand up.

"Finished?" The displeasure on Eric's face was so clear, he seemed to have been disturbed. Sweat dripped from the faces of him, Harold, Roger and the others. They seemed to have a good time.

Walter smiled, satisfied with the result. He took out a piece of paper from his coat pocket and handed it to Gerry. The content on the paper was similar to the agreement made by Harold. Walter had always been well prepared, so Harold was not the only one who wanted to get the evidence.

Seeing this, Harold patted Walter on the shoulder with appreciation. "Well, buddy, you're getting smarter and smarter. You almost catch up with me!"

Walter was used to Harold's arrogance, so he didn't blame him. From the beginning to the en

d, his attention was all on Gerry. It was not until Gerry signed his name on the agreement that he slowly opened his mouth, "Thanks!"

Although Walter thanked him, he still said it lightly as usual. It seemed that there was nothing worth attention in his world! Gerry angrily put the agreement into Walter's hand, and then asked his men to leave. 'Walter, we will meet again!"

"Is that all?" Eric seemed to have just realized what had happened. Harold smiled and asked, "What's wrong? Do you still want to serve me? "

When he said this, he blinked his eyes crazily and looked very charming. Eric was stunned for three seconds and raised his hand to give him a punch. "If you serve me like this, I will make you comfortable to death!"

After saying that, Eric even raised his fist threateningly. Harold stopped provoking him. After all, if he had to fight, he was not sure that he could win the madman in front of him. Harold thought, 'Alas, what a beautiful face.' He shook his head and sighed. They didn't leave the warehouse until he told the injured brothers how to deal with the problem.

"Boss, do you think Gerry will stop?" On the way back to the main street of Lobster Bay, Roger Du asked with concern. He didn't know why, but he always felt that it was impossible for Gerry to obey the agreement, even if his name was written on the agreement.

"So what? Let's teach him a lesson until he dares not to do it again! " Eric raised his fist ferociously. In his world, everything could be solved with fists!

"Let's talk about it later!" With a smile, Walter folded the agreement and put it into his pocket. After exchanging a few words with his men, he hailed a taxi to his residence. For the sake of safety, every time Walter took a taxi home, he would not let the car drive directly to the door. In Lobster Bay, it was not easy to wait for a taxi at night. This time, he didn't wait long. As usual, Walter got off the car not far from his residence. He suddenly felt something wrong.

It turned out that the taxi he had just taken was following him closely. "Damn it!" Walter cursed in a low voice. Then he ran away and plunged into an alley on the side of the road. He had planned to get rid of the taxi, but he didn't expect to break into a dead end.

"Hey, isn't this Walter? Alone? " Hearing the sound, Walter turned around and saw Gerry. It seemed that Roger was right. Gerry wouldn't stop.

"What do you want?" Walter asked as he quietly tucked the agreement into the dark pocket on the inner layer of his clothes. He could easily guess Gerry's purpose.

"Don't you know what I want?" Gerry smirked and asked.

"I don't have the agreement!" Walter answered calmly, while his hand in his trouser pocket was already making a call to Harold. As an experienced leader, Gerry could see through Walter's intention at a glance. Four or five strong men surrounded Walter. One of them tried to grab his phone, but was punched hard. Seeing this, Gerry knew that Walter's strength could not be underestimated, so he signaled those strong men to fight together. It was difficult for Walter to defeat four people with only two fists. He soon lost the battle, and the phone he just got through fell into several pieces.

"Hey! Hello? Walter? " As soon as Harold said a few words to the phone, a blind voice came from the other end. His heart sank. Immediately, he dialed the number of Eric. "It's me. Something happened to Walter!"

After that, he threw the phone on the passenger seat. He turned the steering wheel and headed for Walter's residence.

As for Walter, the situation was not optimistic. After he refused to hand over the agreement, Gerry immediately took his men to punch and kick him. After a round, Walter could not even stand up. Seeing that, Gerry sent his men to search for the agreement all over Walter's body, but they still couldn't find it. In a rage, Gerry stabbed at Walter's chest.

"Since you don't hand over the agreement, you have to hand over your life. Anyway, the effect is the same!" After saying that, Gerry pulled out the dagger and Walter fell to the ground.

"Drive him to the mountain and throw him away!" Before leaving, Gerry ordered his subordinates to deal with Walter's body. When Harold and Eric arrived at the place where Walter had an accident, Walter had already disappeared. Except for the broken phone, there was only a pool of blood left.

"Oh my God! We are late!" Harold punched the wall angrily. Eric immediately gave an order to all the members of Tsing Lung Gang to look for Walter.

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