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   Chapter 1 The Princess

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Lights streamed across the ballroom, illuminating the scene before them. The air wafted through the crowd, smelling of sweet cakes and pastries. The event was only exclusive for the biggest names in the business circle. In fact, the poorest guest invited owned tens of millions of dollars. Under the cascading chandelier, both men and women embraced each other as they danced to the slow music. Those who weren't were standing near the bar area, chattering about the latest establishments or jewelry that they had bought. The ladies by the side held their glasses gracefully as they immersed themselves into a discussion about the latest fashion trends that had been released. Their bodies were covered with shining jewelry. In fact, it was almost difficult to see them through all the glitter.

Wearing a sapphire blue knee-length dress, Amy Luo sat on the corner far from the crowd. Her soft face was powdered with light makeup, making her look incredibly youthful compared to the other women. At that moment, her eyes were narrowed at the groups of people around her. Her mind trenched deeper inside of her thoughts as a completely different scene played in her mind.

In a village far away from the view of the city, there was a small courtyard in the middle of a vast land. Although it was not as spacious as the ballroom, it definitely wasn't as crowded. The grounds were paved with long slates. The house in the center of it all was simple yet ancient. In fact, during the harsh rainy days, the ceilings would creak and leak from the damp wood. They had to put up a bucket to catch the droplets from staining the carpet. However, there was always something about that sound of dripping water that had calmed her through the stormy night. When she closed her eyes, she could still hear the little whistle that had highlighted the most powerful song of nature.

The yard was filled with a variety of animals like chickens and ducks, and they weren't spared from their droppings. In fact, they were scattered everywhere. Occasionally, an old woman would sweep through the pavements with her large broom. Her eyes were always bright with satisfaction, with not an ounce of irritation marring her features.

Outside the yard was a vegetable field filled with ripe fruits and healthy plants that were ready for harvest. All of this could be attributed to the lovely, hard-working man who continually farmed the fields. He had been busy around the grounds for five years. Not only was he incredibly self-sufficient, but she also never heard him complain even once. In fact, she could tell that he dedicated his entire life to the plants around him.

There was a difference between luxury and cheap items, and people could be distinguished the same way. 'These people...they don't know the meaning of hardship.' Tears welled up in Amy Luo's eyes, but she quickly blinked them away. It had been more than half a month since she had taken a break. Maybe it was time for her to visit her home and have a look around.

However, before she could, a man had slowly approached her with a smile. "Miss," he slurred, politely stretching out his right hand.

"May I offer you a dance?" He stared at her breasts the entire time.

"Go away!" Amy Luo snorted in disdain. She sneered at the man with all her heart, yet it seemed as if he still couldn't get a hint.

The man was stunned by her sudden coldness, but he quickly recovered. Instead of leaving, he wrapped his fingers around her wrist. "No one dares to talk to me that way, witch!" His face morphed into a snarl.

"Let me go!" Amy Luo stared at her wrist expressionlessly. There was something about her indifference that made him even more irritated at the sight. He was going to show this bitch a lesson or two about disrespecting him! He raised his hand, ready to smack the living hell out of her when his arm stopped in mid-swing. A sharp pain coursed through his cheek and he quickly loosened his grip on the woman's wrist.

He yelled out, clutching the side of his face. "How dare you do this to me?" he demanded, gritting his teeth.

"Miss Amy, what should we do with him?" The suited man who had subdued him waited for Amy's reply. She shrugged and walked up the steps, without even looking back at the sniveling man


"Throw him out!" Her words echoed throughout the ballroom. Almost immediately, several men crowded over the young man, lifted him up, and threw him out of the ballroom as if they were throwing a bag of garbage. The strings of curses and threats the man had issued had attracted the attention and whispers of countless of people, but Amy was completely unmoved by this. The scumbag deserved it.

"Who is she? She must be incredibly capable!" When Amy disappeared up the steps, her name set the crowds on fire.

"Don't you know her?" one of them interrupted. "She's none other than Ben Luo's daughter! The CEO of LQ Real Estate!"

"So it is her," one of them whispered. "The Little Princess of LQ Real Estate. No wonder she's so powerful."

This short episode was nothing to the woman's actual capabilities. However, in a few minutes of silence, the accident was quickly forgotten as the crowd found themselves dancing to another tune. It didn't take too long for the ball to return back to normal.

Almost every businessman knew of LQ Real Estate. In fact, it would take a dunce to not know about it. Although the group was known for running the entirety of the real estate industry, their businesses had also expanded to different sectors like luxury hotels and top-of-the-line restaurants. They even had a KTV bar called 'Feather', which was known to many teens in different socioeconomic classes.

At present, many of the ongoing projects in YC City were monopolized by the LQ Real Estate. In other words, they were a group that was meant to be reckoned with. Nobody could ever battle against them.

The man who had just offended Amy must've been a newcomer. Otherwise, how could he not know the basic rule of survival. What was more, the ball was actually held to celebrate the construction of the new exhibition center of LQ Real Estate. He dared to be presumptuous to the heiress. He must've been asking for death!

"Miss Amy, where are you going?"

"I'm going home!" In the presidential suite located on the eighteenth floor, Amy quickly took off her high heels and wore the hotel slippers. She was still wearing the sapphire dress. It made a strange look.

"Please wait! I'll call the driver for you." Shelly Su, the manager of the hotel's customer relations, also known as the 'Golden Key', hurriedly followed Amy to the VIP Passage.

The young woman waved her hand dismissively. "I'll be taking a cab."

"What? But Miss-"

"I said I'll be taking a cab," she snapped. Hearing that there was no room for argument, Shelly Su nodded at once. She immediately picked up her walkie-talkie and told the security guard by the gate to hail her a taxi. When they already reached the ground floor, the taxi was already waiting for them outside.

"Goodbye, Miss Amy!" Once Amy entered the car and left away, Shelly Su breathed a sigh of relief. 'Finally!'

The luxurious five-star hotel was one of the properties of LQ Real Estate. It was also the place where all the large events were held. If Amy appeared in the hotel, Shelly would not only act as the manager of the customer relations, but she also needed to tend to Amy's requests. Although the job brought on plenty of benefits, it was still difficult to serve such a hotheaded boss.

If she were in a bad mood, Shelly would be the first person Amy would vent her anger to. Today, it was obvious that Amy was not in the best mood. Fortunately, even then, Amy never really made things difficult for Shelly and her subordinates. This was also the reason why she never hated Amy despite having numerous complaints.

"Well, I can finally get off work!" Shelly stretched out her arms and smiled in relaxation. After handing over the job to her subordinates, she quickly changed out of her clothes and went home. Her main job was to serve Amy. Now that she was gone, she could finally relax.

'Huh? Wait.' Shelly stopped by the door of the hotel, furrowing her eyebrows. 'Why do I feel like I've forgotten something?'

She recounted all the things that had happened in her mind, slowly nodding her head when she didn't find anything out of place. Shelly shrugged. 'Forget it. I must've thought too much, ' she thought, shaking her head. Without another word, Shelly strolled towards the parking lot.

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