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   Chapter 68 Who Is More Hurt

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Heidy was so tired yesterday that she almost fell to the ground. When she got up in the morning, she felt pain all over her body. She didn't know she had her period until she went to the bathroom.

Her period was always not on time. Sometimes it came every twenty days, and sometimes every two or three months. This time, it was almost two months away from the one at the end of August.

The longer the time passed, the more painful she was.

She had planned to go back to sleep, but the little monkey didn't let go of her hand, and she didn't dare to let it sleep with her. She was afraid to press it, so she had to find thick clothes to wear and came to the gate of the Fan mansion, waiting for Michelle to help her take down the pen container.

Outside the gate of the Fan mansion, she subconsciously looked at her own room, feeling that there were a lot of things that had been far away from her. She took the pen container and didn't say much. She took a taxi home and slept all day. Only when she fell asleep could she not feel the pain.

At night, she felt a little better. She remembered that she had promised Susy and Baron to go downtown for dessert. She got up, put on her clothes and went to look for them.

Walking in the downtown area, the three of them were all beautiful, like a beautiful scenery. They didn't mean to show off, but Baron was too eye-catching. He was thin and tall, which was in line with the current aesthetic standard. Wherever he went, there were people's attention.

Finally, they entered the dessert shop and finished the dessert happily.

As soon as the three of them walked out of the door, Susy let out a sigh and said, "I just ate some desserts. I was afraid that the ring would be dirty, so I took it off and put it together with the tissue. I forgot to take it." The ring was the first gift that Baron took the initiative to give her, and she had always cherished it.

"Then I'll go back to look for it. You wait for me here."

"Never mind. The ring is so small. It's hard for you to find it, and there are many people in it. Wait for me here. I'll come out as soon as I find it." Susy said anxiously.

After thinking for a while, Baron agreed and didn't insist anymore. Seeing her enter the shop, the two of them stood at the door and waited for her.

Although she was eating hot dessert, the cold wind outside made Heidy feel chilly. In order to take care of Heidy, Baron took off his coat and put it on Heidy's shoulders. But Heidy refused to wear it. She smiled and said, "I'll go to the car later. Don't give it to me. I'm not cold. I'm just a little tired."

Baron insisted on giving it to her. Heidy took the coat and pretended to be angry, "I'll be angry if you insist on giving it to me again. Isn't it hot to wear so many clothes?" As she spoke, she stood on tiptoe to put it on Baron's shoulders, indicating him to put it on himself. Baron had no choice but to put it on by himself.

Of course he knew what was on Heidy's mind, but did she know what was on his mind?

"Susy is so kind to you. Don't let her down." Added He

Baron and Heidy.

"Okay, I'll be back in a few days." Heidy reluctantly agreed.

As for when to go, where to go and what to do after a few days, she could wait and see.

Abel touched her hair and said, "That's good. Heidy, you should know that it's not that Dad and Mom don't love you, but you've grown up and married. You'll spend the rest of your life with your husband. We'll get old one day and can't be with you forever."

Hearing her father's words, Heidy felt a lump in her throat. She held his hand and nodded repeatedly.

Heidy thought it was over, but she didn't expect to find her mother sitting on the edge of her bed after taking a shower. She walked over uneasily.

"Heidy, tell me the truth. What happened between you and Simon?" Sherry asked as soon as she came out.

She had already known that her parents would ask, so she was mentally prepared. "Nothing. He said that sometimes he was too busy to take care of me, so he asked me to go home and stay for a few days. I came back once before. You know that. Mom, don't worry. "

Sherry's face did not soften. "Don't lie to me. Last time when you came back, he came here twice every day. This time, he hasn't been here for many days." Although she was not at home, she still kept an eye on her daughter.

"Mom, you know he is busy. He has so many things to deal with. How can he be with me all the time?"

Sherry stared at her daughter for a while and sighed, "If you don't want to tell me, I won't force you. But if there is a problem between the two of you, you have to solve it. It's not a good way to escape. You are young. Don't be as willful as you are in front of him. Don't be impetuous when something happens. "

"I will." Lowering her head, Heidy knew that her mother was doing this for her, so she answered seriously.

"By the way, Zoe's invitation is here. They are going to hold their wedding in a few days." Seeing that she was obedient, Sherry could not bear to say more. She changed the topic and said, "I will take you to make two beautiful clothes. Get ready."

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