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   Chapter 67 Two Lovesickness And Two Idle Worries

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Simon called Trent over and ordered, "Pick up Mrs. Heidy today."

"Yes, Mr. Simon." Trent replied.

After breakfast, Simon drove to the company.

The moment he opened the door, he saw Heidy standing in front of his desk, lowering her head and sorting out something. Her soft black hair hung down, and she wore a blue dress. In the late autumn sun, she looked different from usual. He doubted his eyes and asked in a trembling voice, "Heidy?"

The woman raised her head and smiled brightly, "Simon."

It was Anni.

"Why are you here?" Simon was angry and disappointed.

"Here you come. I came in to bring you some documents. I saw that your desk was a little messy, so I cleaned it for you. " Anni smiled. She didn't think it was inappropriate to do so.

She had yellow wavy hair before. She usually wore a tight skirt and a bright make-up, but today she changed to long black hair. She wore a long dress with a light makeup. At first glance, she looked more like Heidy.

"Why do you dress like this?" Simon asked as he recognized it was Anni.

As soon as Anni heard the word "Heidy.", she knew that she was doing the right thing today. She smiled and said, "Well, when did Mr. Simon even care about the dress of the employees? Do I disobey the company's rules by dressing like this? "

Simon was rendered speechless by her questioning. The company didn't have any rigid requirements on clothes. She dressed like Heidy, but he had no right to interfere with her.

Seeing that he didn't say anything, Anni said, "Not everybody dresses like this, and all of them look like Mrs. Heidy." The implication was that she had the same appearance as Heidy.

At first glance, Simon indeed mistook her for Heidy. But now, with a closer look, he could tell the difference between them. Her skin was not as smooth as Heidy's, nor was her mouth as small as hers

As for the innocent look of Heidy, it attracted him most and he had never found it from any other woman.

He had never thought that they looked like each other. If it was they were the same height, then he had nothing to say.

He ignored Anni. Seeing that her dressing was eyesore and not suitable for her at all, he asked her out, "Please don't enter the CEO's office unless you are asked. You can go out now."

Anni didn't think she would take his words in good part. She took a small step and said with a smile, "I'll go out right away."

Simon's depressed mood was aggravated by her interruption. Simon sat in the office for a whole day, without turning a page of the document in his hands. He didn't drive home until it was getting dark outside.

When he got home, Heidy, who was supposed to be home, didn't come back. Trent was nowhere to be seen.

After dinner, he leaned against the sofa in the living room and watched TV. He kept changing channels with the remote control, but he didn't watch it at all.

When it was almost eleven o'clock in the evening, he finally heard the sound of a car at the gate. He pretended to look at it casually. It was Trent who drove the car. In fact, his heart was beating

well-known fashion designer in the United States. He drew in his spare time and was a little famous in the industry. After returning home, he contacted several big clothing companies and found that their ideas were very different from his, so he was still not determined. He wanted to open a studio and work it out first.

Since his parents had been against him coming back, all his credit cards and savings in the United States had been frozen after he came back. He didn't have much money left in his hands, so he had to save money and do everything by himself.

Fortunately, Susy did her best to help him and lightened his burden. Even Heidy, who seldom did housework, could do her best to help him clean, draw curtains and pack up.

The three of them didn't stop until the early morning when they were hungry. They ordered take-out pizza in a hurry. Seeing that the small studio finally sorted out a prototype, they just needed to add office supplies and little things and then they could start working. They were all very excited.

After a whole day's hard work, the results of labor made by hand were quite different from those obtained by spending money.

Only Baron still felt a little guilty. He insisted on coming back for the sake of Heidy. Now seeing that the two girls came to do these things for him in person and could only eat pizza to satisfy their stomachs in the middle of the night, he began to doubt if his decision was right.

However, Heidy and Susy didn't seem to care about it at all. They washed their hands with a smile, picked up the pizza and gulped it down. When they saw him in a daze, the two said to him at the same time, "Hey, come on. It's getting cold." They were as close as sisters.

Susy knew that Heidy had no feelings for Baron, and she also heard from Baron's parents about what happened between them, so she treated Heidy with all her heart and soul. Seeing that she was approachable and was Baron's girlfriend, Heidy naturally treated her as well. The two of them were so good that even Baron was excluded.

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