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   Chapter 66 She Wanted To Get Close, But He Kept A Distance From Her

Love Ploy: You Got Me Lose Control By Chang Du Characters: 10205

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Holding her shoulder gently, Baron said, "You little fool, that's because you think too much. Eat well and sleep well. Everything will be fine tomorrow morning."

"But Baron, I didn't think too much. If you had seen her, you would have thought the same as me. You don't know that she is a little older than me. When she stands in front of me, I can almost see what I will look like a few years later. I don't want to think too much and only lie to myself. But I have been lying to myself." In a low voice, Heidy raised her head and asked, "Baron, have you ever liked anyone? You must know how I feel, right? "

Of course he knew. He had been sad and dejected, but it was useless. Because there was no other way to deal with it except to accept the helpless fact. 'It's all my fault. I fell in love with someone I shouldn't love, ' Baron thought.

Heidy continued, "Before I knew him, I only had a boyfriend, Kevin. I didn't know why I became his girlfriend. I remember that when I was in school, my parents always said that there were no good boys outside. I was not allowed to fall in love with anyone or play with other girls. Except you, Frank, and Joseph, I seldom talk to boys. "

"As soon as I graduated from the university, I worked in The Safwan Hotel, and Kevin followed me every day. My parents said that he was a reliable person. My parents have seen many people. It must be right. They said if he asked me out, they would not object."

"Later, he became my boyfriend. I didn't know what sweetness and romance were, but I had such a boyfriend out of nowhere. Fortunately, Kevin was also very good to me, and I gradually got used to it. I thought love was like this. We had dinner together after work and went shopping occasionally on weekends. When we were together, our hearts were as calm as the water of the lake, and when we didn't contact, we didn't miss each other. But after I met him, I realized that love is different. It's sweet and sour. If he doesn't talk to you, you will feel depressed and you will feel at ease by his side. You will also want to laugh when you see him laugh. "

"Especially the sudden proposal. I thought I would spend the rest of my life with Kevin, but I couldn't do it when I met him. He actually proposed to me in public, which was something I never thought of. I just thought that it was him. It was him all my life. He was my own choice, and also an important choice for me to make for the first time in my life. It was not the will of my parents. It was not a life that followed the rules. It's my first time to be so disobedient to my parents. "

"So, even if there is unhappiness between us, or there is friction between us, I will put them alone in my heart. I think, I should take the consequences of my own choice."

Hearing what she said, Baron smiled bitterly and said, "Then go ahead with your love. It was normal for two people to have problems in a relationship. There was no problem that could not be solved if the two people communicated well. If he knows that you care about him so m

appiness or even just give you a comfortable life." "So if you go back now, I won't keep you. I respect your choice," said Baron, holding Susy in his arms and kissing her eyes.

Hearing this, Susy thought all her efforts were just wishful thinking that was not admitted. She could no longer hold back her tears and said, "Baron, you underestimate me. Do you think I'm a woman who only cares about money but doesn't care about others? Three years ago, when I stayed in the United States, I didn't think about any comfortable life. Now I come back not for that condition either. Don't you understand why I did all this? "

He knew what she had done, but he couldn't treat her wholeheartedly. He had experienced the same grievance and hurt as she did, and he could feel it completely. He raised his trembling hand and wiped away her tears, "Then give me time, please give me time."

"I'll wait for you. I'll wait for you..." Susy cried and fell into Baron's arms.

Holding her in his arms for a long time, Baron said softly, "Besides, promise me not to tell anyone about this matter, okay?"

He noticed that Susy nodded gently in his arms.

Simon slept for a long time. He didn't wake up until ten o'clock in the morning, but he didn't really feel relaxed after this sleep. He felt uncomfortable in his heart and took a cold shower before he was almost completely sober. He looked at the bruise on the corner of his mouth in the mirror and couldn't even smile. He rushed downstairs for breakfast.

There were boiled corn, boiled eggs and warm milk on the table, which were Heidy's favorite food. These days when Heidy was not here, Michelle still made these as breakfast. Simon made do with the food and felt that his heart was somehow empty. In the past, Heidy sat here, seldom spoke, but the atmosphere was completely different from now.

He remembered that she always stealthily moved his favorite food to his side and he pretended that he didn't see anything, but more extended to that plate.

He suddenly missed her.

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