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   Chapter 65 Fighting

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Simon strode to the parking lot, and Anni followed him hurriedly. She pressed his hand that was about to open the door and shouted, "Did you hear what others called me? They call me Mrs. Heidy! Simon, don't you understand? Even your newly married wife looks exactly like me. No matter how you escape, you can't escape from your heart, your subconsciousness."

Hearing what Anni said, Simon couldn't help but stop. He looked back at Anni and thought, 'What are those people thinking about? What's wrong with their eyes? He didn't want to praise or belittle anyone. Even in anger, his eyes were still full of Heidy's beautiful figure and bright eyes. Damn it, how did the two women look like each other?'

Seeing him in a daze, Anni took advantage of the opportunity to strike while the iron was hot, "Right? You have also noticed it, haven't you? Do you dare to say that you have no selfish motive to marry Heidy?"

Simon threw her hand away and said, "Go away. I really don't want to talk to you anymore." He opened the car door and left quickly. Being left behind, Anni shouted, "Hey, Simon!"

Simon frowned and drove away at full speed. The faces of Anni and Heidy kept appearing alternately. Although his mind was in a mess just now, he could hear clearly the waitress call her "Mrs. Simon". Did the two really look like each other?

He admitted that he married Heidy with his own selfish motive. If she cheated him, he would let her pay the price. But was it really because he couldn't forget Anni subconsciously that he married Heidy?

The car sped all the way and passed several red lights. Simon didn't notice it at all. At another intersection, he stepped on the accelerator pedal to the bottom and the car sped forward like an arrow. Suddenly, a heavy truck rushed out from the side. When he was distracted, his mind suddenly became clear. He finally turned the steering wheel before he hit the truck. He pressed the brake hard and the car rushed to the roadside on the grass.

The two vehicles raised the dust on the street and turned to the other side. At the critical moment, they avoided the fatal collision.

Simon broke out in a cold sweat and calmed down. He stepped on the accelerator pedal again, turned the car around and slowed down.

After bypassing the city for a few circles, he was very tired with mixed feelings. He stopped and looked around at the familiar buildings and scenery. Unconsciously, he arrived near the Hua family.

Getting out of the car, he remembered that Heidy had been here before. That time she quickly kissed his lips and said in a soft voice, "This is the medicine for today." It was the first time that she took the initiative.

Everything was still vivid in his mind. The kiss on his lips seemed to be still warm. At that time, the two of them were as sweet as the first love children.

Just now, when the car flew out and was about to hit the truck, Simon even closed his eyes for a moment. He felt his heart beating fast when Heidy pressed her li

drops on Heidy's chest. It was nothing serious, except it was a little red and swollen.

She just felt a sharp pain in her heart. She had thought about nothing and didn't care about anything. Why did she still feel so sad?

James had always wanted to comfort her, but no matter how hard James tried to talk to her, she didn't listen much, let alone answer.

James had to buy some food and drove her home. As soon as he arrived at the door of her house, Baron heard the noise from the next door and came out. James didn't even have a chance to go in and have a seat. Seeing that Baron looked nervous and only asked about the situation of Heidy, James roughly told him about her. Then he turned around and left.

"How could you be splashed with wine for no reason?" Baron asked curiously. Seeing that Heidy was in a bad mood and hearing from James that she didn't have dinner at all, he had to help her lie down and said, "Then I'll heat up the food for you."

Following him, Susy said, "I'll heat it up."

Baron nodded.

"Baron, you're back?" After a long time, Heidy sat up on the bed and asked Baron.

"Yes, I'm back. I won't leave you again." Baron came back from the United States and didn't get off the plane until the afternoon.

"That's great..." Said Heidy sincerely. She smiled bitterly and continued, "Baron, do you know that Simon has an ex-girlfriend who looks almost the same as me?"

All of a sudden, Baron's memory returned to the cafe that day. A girl, who was as tall as Heidy, had the same eyebrows and eyes. She held Simon's arm, looked intimate and smiled happily.

Baron comforted her, "There are many people who look similar, and most of the beautiful women have half of the similarity, don't they? Don't take it too seriously. "

"Yes, I didn't care about anything. But why do I still feel heartbroken?" In front of others, Heidy couldn't speak out her grievance. Only in front of Baron could she speak it out. He had been used to be her audience since childhood.

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