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   Chapter 64 She And She Were Like People In The Mirror (Part Two)

Love Ploy: You Got Me Lose Control By Jin Yi Characters: 8786

Updated: 2020-09-21 00:03

"Heidy? How softly you called! " After a pause, Simon raised the corners of his mouth and gave a mocking smile. "Dear brother, don't forget that this is your sister-in-law. As long as her name is still in my household register, you have to call her sister-in-law. 'Heidy' is that what you can call her? "

The more James listened to him, the more outrageous he became. He raised his voice and said, "Simon, can you please not speak so harshly? Can't you calm down and have a good talk? "

"What? Are you feeling sorry for her? Have a good talk? Who will listen to me when I talk to you nicely? "

He looked at Heidy and found that she didn't look at him at all. She turned a deaf ear to what the two had said and was completely indifferent.

Hearing Simon's sarcastic remarks towards Heidy, Anni gloated with satisfaction, with a sad look on her face, as if she was reall


After he dialed the number, he seemed to put down everything about Anni and all the past gently. He didn't hate her anymore. All the hurt she had done was gone with the wind. The sweetness she had given, the beautiful memory and the little reward were just a piece of cake. Just like a rich man returning a favor for a meal, it was no longer a mixture of feelings, but a warm memory left by the past.

Simon stepped forward again and said without looking back, "You can think whatever you want. I'm sorry that I can't keep you company."

Anni followed him out.

Seeing them coming out, the hotel staff greeted them warmly, "Good evening, Mr. Simon and Mrs. Heidy." When they walked past, someone quickly said, "Ah, I'm sorry. It's not Mrs. Heidy. I've made a mistake."

Someone covered her mouth in surprise and whispered, "They really look like each other."

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