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   Chapter 29 You Must Use My Card

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It was late after lunch. When Heidy was on the street, she said she was tired, so Zoe urged her to go back and have a rest. When Heidy took a nap at night, Zoe was so idle that she made an excuse to tell Sherry that she wanted to go home. Sherry didn't keep her. She helped Zoe to pack up her bags, and asked her to take the chicken steamed at noon to her home for dinner.

When Simon came to the Hua family, he saw Heidy get up, and he muttered in his heart, 'How sleepy she is! Twenty-four hours a day, and when I see her, she has been sleeping for at least eighteen hours.'

Heidy didn't expect that he would really come. She wondered what he would do here. Was there anything that he hadn't told her clearly? Today, he was shopping with another woman for the furniture. It seemed that their marriage had come to an end. It was not impossible.

At the sight of Simon, Sherry was so happy that she was about to go into the kitchen. Simon stopped her and said, "Mom, you are busy and tired every day. Let's wait for Dad and then eat outside tonight. Otherwise, I won't dare to bother you again and again in the future. "

"Thank you! All right, let's eat outside today. " Sherry said happily. Now she liked Simon more than she used to love Kevin.

It was hard for Heidy to express her attitude, so she just let them arrange it. She had no idea what Simon was going to do. 'Since I don't know anything, then let it be and keep the same.'

The atmosphere at dinner was harmonious. The four of them were like a happy family. Heidy thought that Simon must have something important to say since he came here so solemnly, but she waited for the whole night, but she didn't wait it. She was a little depressed. 'Simon, what the hell are you thinking about? What on earth do you want to do?'

The situation on the second night was the same as that on the first day. Simon came to the Hua family in the evening. After the Abel couple finished their work, the four of them went out for dinner. Heidy was calm with a cold face, but Simon didn't take it seriously.

Heidy thought in her heart, 'Where is the woman he took home? Where is she? What is she doing? Did he come to our house after having dinner with her? But Simon didn't seem to have eaten before. He had a good appetite and ate two bowls of rice.'

Since she couldn't figure it out, Heidy didn't bother to guess. She couldn't even figure out her own thoughts, nor could she figure out her feelings for Simon. What was more, she even tried to talk about her feelings for Simon.

In fact, Simon was very proud of himself. Recently, he had been doing something that could greatly please his little woman. As a result, he had been preparing for all the details of this matter since he received a phone call from Doctor Chen's house a few days ago, which made him absent-minded. He perfected his plan step by step, and sometimes he even ignored the feelings of Heidy. He often thought that if he wanted her, he would give her the best, and all of them would not allow any flaws.

'What kind of expression will she have when she sees his romantic masterpiece? Will she pounce on him and kiss him, or will she blame him for ignoring her these days?'

Thinking of this, he smiled.

Seeing him smiling happily alone, Heidy lowered her head and felt a little sad. He smiled so happily, not for her.

"Heidy, come here and have a look." Simon said to her.

Reluctantly, Heidy walked over. Simon pointed at a watch in the cupboard and asked, "How about this?"

It was an expensive men's watch inlaid with diamonds. It was noble and generous, but the style was mature. It wouldn't look good on Simon, so Heidy shook her head.

Simon seemed to have read her mind. He whispered in her ear, "Silly girl, of course it doesn't look good on me. I mean I bought it for our father. He will celebrate his birthday in a few days, won't he?"

Simon glanced at Abel not far away. A few days later, it would be her father's birthday. Heidy almost forgot it. She looked at Simon gratefully and said, "It's very good for Dad."

Simon's face lit up. He didn't know why he had an impure heart to marry Heidy. After marrying her, he was more and more grateful for his decision at that time, and treated them as his family members. Therefore, he always tried his best to please the Abel couple, and to please Heidy and make her smile.

At his invitation, Abel came to try on this watch. It was indeed a good watch. Both Simon and Heidy said it looked good at the same time, and Sherry nodded with satisfaction. She asked the price with a smile.

Seeing that they were all well-dressed, the saleslady smiled sweetly and said, "Mrs., you have a good taste. This watch is Grande Complication in the series of Portugal. It was completely handmade and took six years to finish it. It is the most precious treasure of our shop. Originally, this is a customized watch, which can only be ordered and cannot be bought on site. But fortunately, we have one in stock

now, so you have both good taste and fortune."

Sherry knew that it was a saleswoman's selling skill, so she didn't answer but asked, "Then how much is the price of this watch now?" Looking at Abel's face, she knew that her husband liked this watch very much. Thinking that his birthday was coming, and he was busy all year round taking care of the hotel, the family and his daughter's affairs. It was rare for him to buy something for himself, so Sherry planned to buy it as a reward.

"Well, the current price is seventy-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars." The saleslady skillfully made an offer.

Hearing the price of seventy thousand, Sherry thought it was a good price. But when she heard the word "dollar" and looked at Abel in front of her, she felt it was a little expensive. Normally, it was not difficult to accept the price. But now, the hotel was in trouble. Although they received a large amount of financial support from Simon, it was difficult to make progress in a short time. She couldn't make up her mind to buy a luxury worth seventy or eighty thousand dollars at this time.

With the same thought, Abel took off the watch and returned it to the saleslady. "Please put it away. I'll look at other things."

Heidy had no idea about money. Hearing her father's words, she thought he didn't like it and took her parents' hands to leave.

"Pack it up." A small but clear voice sounded.

The three of them looked at Simon at the same time.

"It's rare that Dad likes it, and it's suitable. Let's buy it." Simon explained.

Hearing what he said, Sherry refused in a low voice, "Simon, we know you are filial. Your father and I appreciate your kindness. But it's so expensive. I don't think it's a good idea to buy it now. We'll buy it in the future. "

Abel laughed and said, "It's just a luxury. It doesn't matter whether we buy it or not."

Abel was really open-minded. Heidy was always calm and composed, just inherited from her father.

"Dad, Mom, you have married such a good daughter to me. No matter what I buy for you, it's my duty." After saying that, Simon turned to the saleslady and said, "Please pack it up."

Seeing that he was sincere, the Abel couple didn't refuse in front of outsiders.

"Yes, sir. Please come here to pay." The saleslady smiled and led him to the cashier's desk. Another saleslady brought coffee to the Abel couple and Heidy and let them rest on the sofa.

Simon waved at Heidy, hinting her to go over. Confused, Heidy walked over.

"Sir, would you like to pay by card or by cash?" She knew that no one would carry such a large amount of cash with them and would pay by card, but the saleslady still asked him as a routine.

"Pay by card."

"Okay." The saleslady said and waited for Simon to take out the card. They had been here for a long time, but Simon had no action.

The saleslady and the cashier looked at Simon patiently. They were used to seeing rich people with many bad habits, so they were not surprised at all.

After a long time, he still didn't take out the card. Even Heidy couldn't help but look up at him.

Simon smiled and said, "Heidy, take out your card."

"I... I... " Heidy was anxious. The card her father gave her only had a limit of twenty thousand dollars. She couldn't use his card even if she bought something for him. Her own card was only thirty thousand, which was a drop in the bucket. Well, she still didn't know the other one million that Simon had saved for her. Now, only the credit card given by Simon was enough in her wallet!

"What? You didn't bring your wallet? " Simon knew what she was hesitating about. As she said, she had enough money and didn't need his money, but he looked at her with a smile on purpose.

"No... No... I brought it with me, but... "

"Then what should I do? I forgot to take my wallet out today. And you don't want to use your card. How can I buy it? Dad seems to like this watch very much. You heard it. I persuaded him for a long time before he agreed to accept it. I can't buy it now. Alas... "

Simon was talking nonsense. They just had dinner and he just swiped his card. However, Heidy couldn't think of anything else. She gritted her teeth, took out Simon's card and handed it to the saleslady. The saleslady saw that they had hesitated for a long time and found that they were flirting with each other. She smiled and handed it to the cashier. Then she took the receipt from the cashier and asked for her signature.

Heidy took the pen and wrote down the name, "Simon Fan". The handwriting was graceful, thin and good-looking.

Simon took the next page and said, "I'll keep this one." Then he took out his wallet and put it in.

Seeing that Simon took out his wallet, Heidy knew that she was fooled by him again, so she pouted and ignored him.

After a while, the saleslady packed the bag and handed it to Heidy. She took out a little robot dog and said, "Miss, this is a small gift from us. I hope you like it."

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