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   Chapter 28 Shopping

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With a guilty conscience, Heidy avoided her mother's questioning. Afraid that she would remember to ask, she had to nod in agreement. In fact, even if her mother didn't say that, she would not question Simon. In this situation, she didn't know what position she should take. Since he didn't even want her, how could he care about Kevin?

In fact, not to mention the Abel couple, even Simon didn't know why he fired Kevin. In terms of working ability, Simon knew Kevin. He was a rare talent who was tolerant and eloquent It was true that Simon was jealous of the matter between Kevin] and Heidy. But on the day of Kevin's proposal, Heidy left with Simon and later married him. He didn't care about it anymore, but what James said that day was meaningful.

Just as Simon seldom went to see James, if there was nothing important, James wouldn't go to see Simon. However, on the second day when James happened to kiss Heidy, and when Simon was still mad at him, James came to the building of the Fan Group again.

When Simon saw him, his eyes were almost burning with anger. Without waiting for James to open his mouth, he punched him across the face.

James staggered and fell on the sofa. Simon caught up with him, grabbed his collar and was about to beat him again. Unexpectedly, James laughed while Simon couldn't do anything about it.

James wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled, "Brother, I was punched by you. I really shouldn't have kissed Heidy forcefully yesterday. But Heidy likes you. What are you still hesitating about? "

Simon put down his fist and asked, "Why do you know that?"

"Anyone with a discerning eye can see that you are the only one who doesn't know how lucky you are."

Simon was stunned. He loosened his grip on his collar, and his eyes lit up. "Are you here to tell me this?"

James straightened his clothes and said, "Of course not. You are going to get married. As your brother, I have to give you a big gift anyway. "

Simon smiled and said, "You once said that you would give up the acquisition of The Safwan Hotel and you have paid me back what you owe me. I really can't think of anything else you can give me."

"If you take this gift, you will be grateful to me all your life." James continued, "In fact, it's not a very precious gift. It's very simple. It's just a word."

"A word?" Simon asked.

"Just one sentence..." James came closer and whispered, "Dismiss Kevin."

"What do you mean?" Simon was indeed confused. Did James come here solemnly just to say something that had nothing to do with himself and was all for Simon? What benefit would James get for doing this? Even shrewd as Simon was, he couldn't figure out the reason.

"I've already sent the gift. It's your own business whether you will accept it or not." After saying that, James turned around and left Simon's office.

As soon as James left, Simon immediately asked Jenny to do whatever she could to find out what Kevin was doing, what kind of family background he had, what he did to Heidy, what was going on in his daily social circle, and the persons he knew.

Unfortunately, the result of the investigation was almost the same as what Simon had known about him before. There was nothing special about him. He was as steady, experienced and mature as he looked. If there was anything beyond Simon's expectation, it would be that Heidy agreed to date Kevin after she accepted her parents' suggestion. Simon was satisfied with this point.

However, James's words were like a heavy stone pressing on his heart. It would be hard for him not to remove it. But Simon was clear about the importance of Kevin to the whole hotel. He had outstanding business ability. If he was fired, the hotel would definitely be affected greatly. However, James came here today with a peaceful look in his eyes. When he said that, his eyes were as clear and innocent as when he was a child, with a sincere expression of "I'm thinking for you". It was not up to him to refuse. He said to himself, 'I believe you once.'

Therefore, there was the matter that Simon asked the Abel couple to dismiss Kevin. Fortunately, they didn't ask why, or Simon would be embarrassed and speechless.

When Heidy woke up at home, it was late in the morning. No one disturbed her. She really had a good sleep. As soon as she got up for breakfast, Zoe appeared at the door. She smiled and said, "Wow, our bride has returned to her parents' house! I came here as soon as I heard that you were back. Am I good enough? "

Heidy invited her to sit down and said with a smile, "Zoe, slow down, too. I can't keep up with you every time."

Zoe touched Heidy's forehead and said in surprise, "What? You've just been married for a few days, and your IQ has become low. Let me touch you to see if you have a fever."

"No way," Heidy shook off her hand and said, "You say you are good enough. I went home yesterday, and you didn't come until today."

"That's because I want you to acc

ompany uncle and aunt first You have to go shopping with me today. If you don't get a sprain, you will never go home! " Zoe's fighting spirit was high.

The two of them left at once. Although both of them had driving licenses, they both were not skilled. They didn't dare to drive to the downtown area to go shopping, so they had to take a taxi.

Zoe was in high spirits and bought clothes, trousers, jewelry, food and drinks everything she wanted. Heidy seldom bought clothes herself, so she only bought a few gadgets. The two of them had a lot of bags. Zoe was so excited that she couldn't help but say, "It's been a long time since I bought so many things. Let's put all these things in my brother's place. Then we go to eat something and continue to shop in the afternoon."

Heidy nodded with a smile. Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure through the French window next to her. It was Simon. He was selecting something carefully in the furniture shop. He lowered his head and occasionally showed a slight smile, which made Heidy absent-minded. She hesitated whether she should say hello to him. What should she say when she saw him?

Before she could figure it out, a woman took a box and walked straight to Simon. She approached him and gestured at him. It was the woman Simon brought back that day. Simon looked at the box in her hand and listened to her carefully. Then he smiled with satisfaction. It seemed that he was going to buy that thing. Later, the two of them looked at other items side by side.

Heidy stood still. So soon, they were in a hurry to buy new furniture. Did he want to erase all her existence?

Seeing that Heidy stood still, Zoe shouted, "Heidy, Heidy, what are you doing? Hurry up! Don't you feel tired with so many things? I'm starving to death... "

Heidy walked over silently. Finally, the two of them walked to an office building. Zoe's brother, Frank Lin strode over and said with a smile, "Why do you buy so many things? Whose credit card did you use? "

"I didn't buy too many things. There are only seven clothes, four trousers and three dresses. You don't know how long I haven't gone shopping. Fortunately, Heidy goes back to her mother's house now so that she can have time to buy them with me. Unlike someone who said he would be with me for a long time. Where did he go? " When Zoe saw Frank Lin, she kept chattering.

"All right, all right. Look at Heidy. She is as old as you. She has married. I have to ask Dad and Mom to make you marry as soon as possible, so that I won't be upset." Frank Lin teased his sister dotingly and found that there was something wrong with Heidy. He turned to her and asked, "What's wrong with you, Heidy? Are you not feeling well?"

"Nothing. Maybe it's because it's too hot and I've walked too long. I'm just a little tired." Heidy forced a smile.

"Really? Why didn't you tell me earlier? " Zoe felt guilty and said, "Well, let's go back as soon as possible. Keep yourself healthy and don't worry about not going shopping. Anyway, you have plenty of time to accompany me. Brother, I won't put the things here. Can you send us back first? "

Frank Lin nodded and said, "Well, one is the best biological sister, and the other is the beauty of the Hua family. It's really an honor." Both Heidy and Zoe burst into laughter.

When Heidy went back, Sherry had already come back. Since she knew that Heidy would stay at home for a few days, she came back on time to cook for her daughter, even though she was very busy in the hotel. Heidy pouted, "Mom, it's troublesome for you to come and go. Zoe and I can buy whatever we want to eat. You don't need to come back on purpose."

"I don't believe you. You are kids in my eyes. It's hot. If I won't come back to cook, you will eat something cold. It's not good for your health. Zoe, do you still remember that when Heidy was four years old, she was taken out by Baron to eat something. She almost died. "

"Mom, as you said, I was four years old at that time. Do we still look like four years old children now? Zoe and I are both more than twenty years old, okay? "

"More than twenty? Who ate beer fish and lived in the hospital for a month at the age of twenty? " Sherry said with a smile.

Originally, Zoe grabbed a shrimp on the table and peeled it. When she heard this, she said, "Aunt, you have to work and cook for Heidy. Heidy, you are so happy! Unlike me, a poor child, I have never eaten a few meals cooked by my mother since I was a child. Alas, she always said that she was busy. She flew to America today and Africa tomorrow. Alas, who is more pitiful than me... "

Sherry smiled, "You can be my daughter from now on. I'll cook delicious food for you every day. Poor girl, I know you two went shopping together this noon, so I cooked a lot of dishes. If you don't help me finish them, I won't spare you. "

"Yes, Madam! I promise to complete the task! " Zoe gave a military salute, which made Heidy and Sharon burst into laughter.

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