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   Chapter 24 Go All Out

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Simon knew that she was wronged and it would be better for her to cry, so he didn't stop her, letting her cry instead of sobbing. He was afraid that she would cry so hard that she could not breathe, so he patted her back gently with one hand and rubbed her earlobe with the other.

It took at least half an hour for Heidy to calm down. Holding her hand, Simon bought two bowls of minced pork congee with preserved egg at a roadside stall. After making sure that there was no alcohol in it, he fed Heidy with relief. Then he swallowed his congee in a hurry.

With something in her stomach, Heidy regained her spirit. She pushed away Simon's hand and wanted to leave by herself. The scenery by the river at night was very beautiful. Neon lights flickered on both sides of the river, making the city lively. There was a fishing boat on the river. The fisherman on the boat went fishing late at night. He lit a fire and carefully cooked the freshest fish. The urban and wild environment complement each other and merged perfectly.

Under the light, Heidy was so beautiful that Simon sat entranced looking at her. After a long while, he came over to hold her and gently said, "I'm sorry. I was careless today..."

"I'm ugly, right?" With a stiff body, Heidy asked, "The scars on my body are ugly, aren't they?"

"For me, every part of your body is the most beautiful."

In a low voice, Heidy said, "Don't lie to me. I know it myself. I heard what others said. "

She really cared about what happened today. It was all his fault. He screwed everything up.

"That's because they are ugly, jealous and hateful, so they talk nonsense. Don't take it to heart. "

Such comfort did not work. Heidy said slowly, "Every time you... When you see my scars, you will stop kissing... On our wedding night... That time was no exception. That was why you called other women, wasn't it? Her skin is smooth and delicate. I have seen it. "

Simon was overjoyed. She cared about his attitude towards her. She was jealous of the woman he called back. She was not as indifferent to him as he thought. As soon as she finished her words, he couldn't wait to kiss her lips.

His action was affectionate and gentle, which made Heidy lose her mind. She hated herself for being like this. She was angry with him and hated him. But because of the little kindness he showed, she went back desperately and accepted the hurt after a short period of tenderness!

Suddenly, Heidy bit his lips hard. "It's okay that you hate me. But you made me embarrassed in public. I hate you so much, Simon!"

When Heidy was weeping and complaining, Simon hugged her lovingly and said, "Little fool, I have never disliked you. Don't hate me, okay? "

Thinking of the ugly scars on her body, she stiffened. She pushed Simon away and said, "I'm sorry, I still can't..."

Even if it wasn't for what happened today, she wasn't sure she could accept him just because of what happened on the wedding night.

Simon knew what she meant. He didn't want her to accept him like this, so he squeezed out, "it doesn't matter. I'll wait for you."

It was a warm and sweet moment on the way home. As soon as Simon came back, he immediately rushed into the bathroom to take a shower. It took him a long time to come out.

That night, Heidy still slept in the guest room and asked him to sleep in the master bedroom.

On the early morning of the next day, Heidy was awakened by Simon's kiss.

Simon said gently and considerately, "My little fool, get up and have breakfast. I brought you eggs and milk. "

After breakfast, Simon said that he would take her to see Doctor Chen.

The car stopped in front of a villa. Heidy was curious and asked, "Aren't we going to see Doctor Chen? Why don't we go to the hospital?"

Simon explained, "Doctor Chen is a family doctor of the Fan family. He is a doctor with superior skills. Ordinary diseases are easy for him. He has been working for our Fan family for more than twenty years. "

"What a waste! Such a good doctor only serves your family." Heidy commented.

"It's our family." Simon corrected her.

Doctor Chen examined Heidy's body and said after thinking for a while, "The new scars won't be left as long as you use medicine well."

Heidy nodded and said, "Yes, there was no scar left on her last allergy. It's not fully recovered this time. The

re shouldn't be any scars left. "

"Can I have a look at the old scars?" Doctor Chen asked.

Heidy hesitated and looked at Simon. He lowered his head and she whispered in his ear, "In addition to the scars on my shins, there are three more scars, two at the root of the thigh, and one... At the hipbone. " After saying that, she blushed and buried herself in Simon's arms.

"It's okay. Let Doctor Chen have a look. I'm here." He comforted her.

Doctor Chen examined the old scars of Heidy carefully and said, "These are old scars of many years, which are a little difficult to treat. If they were removed by the laser surgery, it would hurt the surrounding skin, and it couldn't be completely recovered. It didn't look beautiful. But it's not incurable. It's just a little troublesome. "

"What kind of trouble is it? As long as the scars can be removed, I will try my best. " Simon replied.

In fact, he didn't care about the scars at all. When the first time that she lay on his bed and he saw them, he even felt very sexy. He had never despised her for these. But if she cared, he would try his best to cure her.

"She needs to take Chinese medicine for long-term recuperation and apply medicine on time every day. Before applying the ointment, she must use a special fixed ointment to massage the scars for ten minutes every day. These things must be done every day. I will prepare all the medicines according to the prescription, change the composition of the medicines as time goes by, and change them every week. "

"Thank you, Doctor Chen. But I wonder how long it will take?" Simon continued.

"One year at least, two or three years at most. This prescription needs patience. Many people can't hold on and all their previous efforts are wasted. "

"Okay, we will stick to it."

"Here are some ready-made massage ointment and medicine. You can use them for the time being." Doctor Chen looked for the medicine box and handed it to Simon.

"Let's try it now." Simon was even more anxious than Heidy.

"Then I'll go out first." After saying that, Doctor Chen walked out and closed the door.

"Let me give you a massage." Seeing that Heidy shook her head, Simon smiled and said, "Don't forget that I'm Doctor Chen's apprentice and nurse."

"Don't lie to me. Everyone knows that you are the CEO of the Fan Group."

"The CEO is not allowed to study in the medical department?"

Thinking for a while, Heidy said righteously, "Okay, you can do it."

Simon snickered in his heart. Seeing that the scars on her shins two days ago were still new, he felt guilty. He found the old scars, applied the ointment and gently massaged it with his finger pulp. "How did you get hurt?" He asked.

"There are scars on my shins, thighs, hipbone and lower abdomen. When I was four years old, I went out with the little boy from the next house. I was so thoughtless that she ate a large bowl of sweet dumplings. My parents were not at home that night. I had a high fever. My whole body itched and hurt. I scratched it myself. "

Feeling sorry for her, Simon lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

"I got the new ones two years ago. That time, when my family entertained the guests, the nanny made some boiled fish with beer. When I came back home and smelled the fragrance, I couldn't help but bring it to eat. Wow, I ate a whole plate, and even drank soup. The smell was very fragrant. I still remember it now. " Heidy said happily and licked her lips.

"Little glutton!" Simon pinched her nose and said.

"I also stayed in the hospital for a month. I said I spent thirty thousand. It was that time. For this matter, my parents fired the nanny who cooked the fish. My mother resigned her job and went home to take care of me. She only hired a part-time aunt to clean and cook occasionally. " Then she said in a low voice again, "It's all my fault. I was a student at that time and sometimes lived in school. Of course the nanny didn't care about it. She didn't expect me to go back, so she used beer to cook the fish, and I... I made her lose her job, and my mother who was in the middle of career development went home to be a full-time housewife."

"Honey, they won't blame you. Mom could have a rest at home. She could have time to have a facial and make herself beautiful. And the nanny is a good cook. She could find a good job."

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