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   Chapter 23 Disappointment (Part Two)

Love Ploy: You Got Me Lose Control By Jin Yi Characters: 5189

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Heidy took out her handbag and wallet, and poured them all over the place. Finally, she found three coins. She was happy because it was just enough to buy an ice cream, so she could go to McDonald's to have a seat.

The McDonald's was full of people. Fortunately, there was a small corner where no one was there. She sat down carefully and licked the ice cream, so as not to have nothing in her hand for a moment, but to sit there, embarrassed.

But no matter how slowly she ate, the ice cream was eaten up. It was not nine o'clock yet. She felt time passed so slowly. Especially when she had lunch early, she was so hungry that her stomach was growling. The surrounding fragrance was tempting. Although she didn't like fast food, she was still amused by it. Fortunately, there were fewer and fewer people in the fast food restaurant, and no one stood in front of her with a large plate of food and waited the seat.

She felt tired and hungry, and the place where her arm was bitten by mosquitoes itched so much that she had to bend over the table. After a long time, she felt sleepy, then she fell asleep uneasily.

In her sleep, someone gently pushed her up and gave her a chicken burger. She was so hungry that she picked it up and ate it greedily. The man on the other side stared at her with eager eyes. She was embarrassed by his gaze and turned her head.

As soon as she turned her head, Heidy woke up. It turned out that what happened just now was in her dream, and there was saliva on the table. She took out a tissue awkwardly and wiped the table. Fortunately, no one saw it.

"Silly girl." The man in front of her took out a tissue and gently wiped the saliva left at the corners of her mouth.

"Ah!" It was not until then that Heidy saw Simon clearly in front of her. He looked worried.

When he ran out of the mall, he saw the license plate number of the taxi clearly. He called the taxi company, and his friend quickly told him that Heidy had gone to the river bank. He drove to the river bank right away. However, the river was dozens of kilometers long, and even if it was confirmed that she was on the certain side of the river, there was still a long way to go. In addition, Heidy walked back and forth, and he looked for her several times, but did not see her.

He called her, but her phone was turned off. When he was about to call the police, he saw her in the corner of the second floor of the MacDonald's. She was bending over the table and asleep.

Why could she fall asleep everywhere? Sooner or later, she would be abducted and sold. While complain

ing in his heart, he quickly walked up and sat opposite her. She tossed and turned in a very restless sleep. Simon took her wallet, but there was no money in it. She didn't use his card. So she didn't have dinner?

She finally woke up. The first thing she did was to wipe the table stained with her saliva on it. He couldn't help taking out a tissue and gently wiped the saliva left at the corners of her mouth.

Seeing clearly that it was him, Heidy pushed his hand away, took her bag with a cold face and was about to leave.

"Where are you going?" Simon held her hand. "If I'm not coming to find you, are you going to sleep in the McDonald's for a night?"

Getting rid of his hand, Heidy turned around and went downstairs. Simon followed her closely. This time, he couldn't lose her. She was so stupid that she was easily cheated. If something happened to her, he would regret. When Heidy walked fast, he walked fast. And when Heidy slowed down, he slowed down too. He just followed her. Just like this, after a while, they walked several streets.

As if she didn't see him, Heidy found a place to sit down. Her arm was itchy, and she kept scratching and scratched out blood.

Simon sat next to her and took her hand to have a look. She struggled back, but was dragged over. She struggled back again, and then was dragged over again. Afraid of hurting her, Simon didn't use much strength. After several times, Heidy was tired, so she had to let him drag her.

"Did the mosquitoes bite you when you were on the river bank?" Asked Simon, patting away her fingers that she was about to scratch again. He dipped his finger in his mouth and applied it on her arm. Then he put it back in his mouth and applied it on her again. He said, "Don't scratch it. I have applied the special medicine on you. Just endure it."

He applied it carefully, as if he was not affected by anything in the world. In his eyes, there was only her hand. He held it gently like cherishing a piece of art, fearing that it would be broken if he was careless.

However, he was still a horrible demon in the afternoon. He forced her to wear a short skirt, making people laugh at her scars. Now his thoughtfulness made her more unbearable, when she thought of what happened in the afternoon. Why didn't he know how to be considerate until he hurt her? Tears fell uncontrollably from Heidy's eyes.

"Don't cry." He reached out his hand and pressed it against her face, wiping away her tears. When his slightly rough fingers touched her face, she felt warm and slightly tingling. Heidy cried even harder.

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