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   Chapter 21 Challenge him

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Scared by his stare, Heidy bit her lips and said, "I promise you. I don't want the dresses."

"That's my good girl." Simon praised. He picked up the wallet on the dressing table and glanced at it. There was only a credit card and her own ID card in it. Then he took out the credit card he wanted to give her this morning and put it in it. "Remember, I can afford The Safwan Hotel and I can also afford you."

Not knowing what he was talking about, Heidy asked curiously, "Why do you afford The Safwan Hotel? My father runs it well."

Simon stared into Heidy's eyes, making her turn her head. She really didn't know anything about the hotel? At least, he couldn't find any trace in her eyes.

He sighed and put the card that Heidy used to save private money and pay for the medicine into her wallet. However, there were more than thirty thousand dollars in the card, but one million and thirty thousand dollars in it. She married into the Fan family and resigned from her job in the hotel. He couldn't really let her spend her parents' money. It was his responsibility to raise his woman.

Seeing that he put two cards into her wallet, Heidy said angrily, "I told you that I don't need your money. I won't take these cards. Take them away. "

With an evil smile on his face, Simon said, "Honey, you'd better not try to resist me." As he spoke, he held Heidy in his arms and pinched her face.

Heidy was so angry that her face turned red, "Simon, you devil!"

"You have to be obedient. If you want to try to oppose me, just try. I'll accompany you." Simon said frivolously, and his hand that was pinching her cheek became soft touch. "I want you to try it. I don't mind giving you a more severe punishment. Come on, give me a chance."

"You... No way! "

Seeing that Heidy's face turned even redder as if there was a tomato on it, Simon continued to tease her.

"Really? But I find that you seem to like it very much? Did you do it on purpose, honey? I like it. You are much more interesting than I expected. " As he spoke, he leaned over and pecked on Heidy's face. Heidy was so shy that her ears turned red.

"Don't call me honey!"

As soon as she said that, Heidy regretted, as if she really wanted to test him and let him kiss her on purpose. She blushed.

"Really? Really? " Simon's tone was full of inquiry. "Then what do you like me to call you? Sweetie? Darling?"

It was wrong to open her mouth or not. This time, Heidy learned her lesson. She pursed her lips and didn't answer.

"Keep silent? Are you challenging my patience? " Finally, he found a way to make her obedient. He was happy and said, "Oh, I see. You are blaming me for being interrupted by the third interest just now. Do you want to continue?"

Being forced to have no way, Heidy said helplessly, "No."

Simon was holding the beautiful woman in his arms. He teased Heidy and was reluctant to let go of her. But he knew that it was not the right time. For her, what he obtained by force was only her body. He wanted her to accept him little by little, and he greedily wanted both her body and her heart.

"Since you are not interested in it, then just forget it. Go downstairs and have lunch early. You have something to deal with this afternoon," said Simon.

Hearing his suggestion, Heidy breathed a sigh of relief and nodded.

The housekeeper hadn't come back yet. He bought the lunch outside, and it was her favorite food. She felt a little guilty when she saw Simon gobbling down the food, so she moved the plate with meat in it a little closer to him.

Seeing this, Simon smiled in his heart and continued to eat quietly. After lunch, as expected, a cleaner came and took away the dresses sent by James in a large trash bag.

Heidy cried 'what a pity' in her heart and watched the back of the cleaner reluctantly.

"Don't feel so pitiful. We are going to the shopping mall this afternoon. After marrying me, will you have no clothes to wear?"

Being seen through by Simon, Heidy was a little depressed. "Forget it. Just a few dresses. I don't think we need to go to the shopping mall."

"Do you want to continue to play the game to challenge me at home? I have plenty of time to accept the challenge. "

Before he could finish his words, Heidy announced loudly, "Going shopping is really a great joy. There are beautiful clothes, delicious food and drinks and air conditioner. I like shopping the most. I haven't been there for a long time. I can't wait. I'm going to change my clothes and

come down in a minute. "

Looking at her embarrassed look, Simon laughed.

Heidy didn't lack clothes, especially before she got married her parents bought spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons of clothes to her, making her misunderstand that she was not married to the Fan family in the same city, but to Africa. However, as a girl, she was still very interested in the beautiful dresses sent by James. Now she came to the mall, she felt like she was in heaven. She wanted to see all kinds of the clothes and try them on.

What Heidy saw were all long trousers and dresses except clothes. But the scar on the leg didn't recover completely. She didn't dare to try on the trousers, and she couldn't even try on the clothes. Later, she only looked at the long dresses.

Simon frowned. He thought she liked the dresses sent by James so much, so she wanted to buy the same style in the mall.

In a shop with more shop assistants than customers, Simon said to the saleswoman coldly, "Let her try on that new short skirt that came out this year."

The short skirt was very suitable. The shopping assistant praised with a smile, "Wow, this is our new limited edition evening dress. It seems to be made for you. Miss, you are so lucky. Mr. Simon accompany you for shopping in person."

"Miss!" Simon stopped the shopping assistant.

The shopping assistant smiled, "Mr. Simon, what can I do for you?"

"Please don't call her Miss." Looking at the confused eyes of the shopping assistant, Simon continued, "Please call her Mrs. Heidy."

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry. I didn't recognize her." The shopping assistant was flustered and apologized repeatedly.

"It doesn't matter." He just didn't want them to think that Heidy was a woman he invited to have a night off and then was given an expensive dress or a famous bag to say goodbye.

Ten minutes later, Heidy still didn't come out of the fitting room.

"Heidy, do you want me to try it on for you in person?"

"I... Can I change another dress? " She asked timidly.

He didn't answer, but picked a short skirt and handed it in. She had a pair of beautiful long legs, which he found the first time he saw her, but she was always wearing long skirts or trousers, which made him hard to satisfy his eyes.

"Can you choose a longer one?"

The tone of discussion was enough to displease Simon. 'Long dress, long dress, long dress. Why don't you just call James's name directly?'

He opened the door curtain of the fitting room. She was wearing a v-neck short skirt, which perfectly highlighted her slender waist, long legs, forehead, and chest. However, she had always wanted a long skirt. Simon said coldly, "If you don't come out and look at yourself in the mirror, how do you know if it's beautiful?"

With a red face, she walked out hesitantly, which made Simon's good mood gradually disappear. Why did she always have someone else in her heart to challenge him with hesitation?

He dragged her to the front of the mirror. The man in the mirror had a cold face, an outstanding facial features and a tall body. He was so charming that she didn't dare to look at him directly. But the woman in the mirror was shy and pretty, with thin waist and long legs, and a thin layer of sweat on the tip of her nose. Some of the people who were trying on the clothes exclaimed.

"Honey, why are you always staring at her? Husband? Honey?" The crowd around them made a noise.

"What? What's wrong? " It took a long time for the man who was called to make a sound.

"I'm angry. You can see another woman with me."

"All right, all right. Just ignore it. Aren't you also looking at that man? "

Simon lowered his head and asked, "I think a short skirt will look good, right?"

Next to them, two beautiful girls whispered in a timid whisper, "So what? What if she has long legs? Look at her legs carefully. There are so many ugly and twisted scars. Oh, they are so ugly and disgusting. If I were she, I won't wear a short skirt even if I die. How could she show off and waste a good shirt?"

Another echoed, "Yes, you are right. If I were a man, I'd rather find an ugly woman than the one with a toad's skin. It's so creepy."

Although their voices were low, they were loud enough to be heard. Simon looked back angrily, and the two girls showed an expression of 'I'm telling the truth. What will you do to me?' A gentleman didn't fight against a woman. Of course he couldn't do anything to them. With tears in her eyes, Heidy ran away.

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