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   Chapter 20 Display Of Affection

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After the phone call, Heidy returned to her room and went to the fridge to get some milk to drink without looking at Simon.

"You even heated the breakfast for me. It seems that you don't dislike me so much." Simon grinned, picked up a rice dumpling and peeled it.

Simon's attitude towards her confused Heidy. Why could he always be domineering, tender and pretend to be indifferent after hurting her? She had to admit that she really knew little about him. She didn't know whether he had a good family relationship or not, how his career was, what kind of person he was, and the friends around him. She even didn't know what he liked and what he liked to eat. But she was so willing to marry him.

Not only Heidy, but also Simon was confused about his attitude towards her. He had planned to marry her, torture her, get rid of her, and punish the woman who cheated him in a smooth way. When he really married her, he was furious because she had another man in her heart; when he was with other women in front of her, he hurt her heart, but he was not relieved at all.

He couldn't find the right way to get along with her at all.

In the past twenty-eight years, for the first time, he felt that he was a stranger. He affirmed with his lips but denied in his heart and all his thoughts were out of his control. He hated such kind of feeling.

"This is a sub card of my credit card. The monthly limit is 600 thousand dollars. You can use it." After two bites of the rice dumpling, Simon took out his wallet and said. After thinking for a while, he added, "There is no password. You just sign my name."

"I have money myself."

"Really?" Simon chuckled, "You even gave me your own card. How can you still have money?"

"……" It reminded Heidy of her father's credit card in her wallet. She had always used this card. Besides, his father had just told her on the phone that although she had quit her job and got married, she still didn't need to rely on her husband to make him look down upon her. He had increased the amount of his credit card and asked Heidy to buy whatever she should buy.

Therefore, Heidy didn't take the card from him.

"It's your own business to have money. Don't think about spending other men's money. I will raise my wife."

Heidy still didn't take the card.

"Speaking of your own card, I suddenly remember that I gave you the medicine for seven days as promised last time. It seems that I only charge interest for twice."

Simon got up early in a good mood and was patient.

Hearing Simon's words, Heidy was a little anxious. "Twice? Only twice? You have done it at least five times, haven't you? " He kissed her more than twice when he proposed that night, and once at the company. Heidy, who was eager to tell the difference, looked like a spoiled girl as before.

"Do you still remember?" Simon looked at her with a playful smile and stammered, "I... "I don't remember," he felt funny and said, "I haven't said that. It doesn't count. So, there are still five times left for me. "

"You are shameless!" Before she could finish her words, her lips were swept by his breath, and he kissed her face lightly.

Before she could say anything more, Simon had already pulled her over. Heidy couldn't stand steadily and cried out. She had thought that she would have an intimate contact with the ground, but she didn't expect that she would land on Simon's legs. He was sitting on a large sofa. When she was still in shock, she heard the bewitching voice of him. "Not just now, but now it's the third time."

Before Simon could kiss her, someone pushed the door open and came in.

"I'm sorry. The door is not closed, so I came in directly." It was James's voice, but he didn't feel embarrassed at all.

With a sigh of relief, Heidy stood up immediately. The milk in her hand had already spilled all over her body and Simon's body. Simon was wearing a white Polo shirt and beige casual pants so it didn't look anything wrong, but Heidy was wearing a black dress so it looked obvious.

Seeing that James kept looking at the two of them, Simon didn't get angry and burst into laughter. After a long while, she called out in her heart, forced a smile and explained, "I just... Well, I just spilled a whole bottle of milk by accident. " Damn it! The milk bottle was supposed to be used as evidence was thrown away. She lowered her head and was about to look for it.

The previous Heidy came back again. Putting aside all her indifference, she was still dull and pitiful. Simon was amused by her words. After a while, he said, "Silly girl, there is no milk bottle. You can't find it."

He said that on purpose, which made Heidy angry.

James looked at them meaningfully.

"What brings you here today?" Simon wrapped his arms around Heidy's waist and asked as if he suddenly found James was there. He had been angry with James, but because James showed his obvious interest in Heidy, he even kissed her in the building of the Fan

Group, which made him much angrier Thinking that he had acted a big play with her in front of her parents yesterday and didn't want to embarrass him in front of James, Heidy just let him hold her.

"Last time at the Zhou cocktail party, you two, as the best dressed guests, got eighteen handmade clothes respectively. My father said that you two were newly married and they might be needed when you went out to meet friends, so he specially asked me to bring them here."

It was indeed Colin's order, but Colin didn't ask him to send it in person, but let him ask someone to send them to the Fan house. James did it with a little selfishness. He saw the expressions of Simon and Heidy on their wedding day. He wanted to see the specific situation of the two people in person. Was he good to her? How was their relationship? But when he saw the two newly married persons in person, he didn't know whether he should be happy for Heidy or disappointed for his own selfish motive.

"Thank your father. Put them here. " He said to James arrogantly. Since James used the words "my father" and didn't take his brother seriously, he responded with "your father".

James was a little angry and said, "Dad also asked if you need anything."

"He can still remember what I need? Why didn't he think of it years ago? " He was totally ungrateful.

"I've brought all the things and words. What you said..." James thought for a while and said, "I'd better not tell him."

"He has such a good son like you. No wonder he doesn't care about others." Simon pinched Heidy's waist and said with satisfaction, "You have brought the things and words here. Heidy and I are busy with something... There is nothing to entertain you... "

He was busy with Heidy, so he showed off their love in a euphemistic and high-profile way.

After Simon showed him the door, James said tactfully, "Then I'll go first." Then he turned around and took a look at Heidy before leaving. She sat on the sofa indifferently, with Simon's hand on her waist. She didn't say anything about the conversation between the two. Although she had heard their conversation many times and felt strange about the relationship between the three of them, her curiosity was suppressed by their relationship with Simon. She had always been able to put aside things she didn't understand or didn't want to understand. For example, the relationship between Simon and those women.

When James completely disappeared from their sight, Heidy knocked off Simon's hand on her waist and picked up the clothes sent by James, looking carefully. Men's clothes were basically suits, only three colors, black, dark blue and gray. Heidy was bored with them and put them aside.

The eighteen dresses were much more interesting. James had seen Heidy several times and found that she was always wearing a long dress. He guessed that she liked long dresses, so he asked people to make long dresses of different styles and colors, including silk, chiffon, cotton, and all kinds of materials; floral patterns, pure colors; Camisole, V collar, backless, and many styles. Every dress felt good on her hand. Heidy couldn't wait to try them on.

Seeing that she liked the dresses sent by James so much, Simon felt jealous. He walked over and picked one up casually. He touched it, shook his head and commented, "How can he fool my wife with such low-priced goods?"

"Whether you like it or not, I like it very much." Heidy grabbed the thing in his hand, picked them up and went upstairs to her room. She closed the door, took off her dress and tried them on in a hurry.

Heidy picked up a chiffon dress and tried it on. She didn't remember when she had tried it on in the Zhou Group, but the dress seemed to be tailor-made, suitable in length and size, which made her more graceful and charming. She smiled with satisfaction at herself in the mirror, and the depression of the past few days was swept away. She picked another silk dress with her back exposed. As soon as she took off the chiffon dress, Simon pushed the door open and came in. In a panic, she picked up her dress to cover herself and asked in confusion, "How did you come in?"

Simon raised the key in his hand and smiled, "I have seen your body before, haven't I? There's no difference whether it's covered or not. Anyway, it's printed here. I can imagine now." He pointed at his head.

"Then you can imagine it outside. It's better for you to leave without me disturbing you. Please go out."

"Do you like these dresses?"

Without any words, the expression on Heidy's face could give him the answer.

"The things sent by James are always thrown into the trash can in the Fan family. Besides, I don't allow my woman to wear clothes bought by others. The cleaner will be here soon. You'd better put on your clothes first. "

"What if I say I want to keep these clothes?"

Simon approached her and smiled evilly. He stared at her heart and said, "Then you can have a try."

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