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When Heidy woke up, the sun rose high outside the window and the sunshine poured through the glass and fell upon the quilt. The air conditioner was on and the temperature was comfortable. She quickly reached out and touched her face. The pain wasn't so terrible anymore, and her face didn't seem to be so swollen.

"I'm lucky to wake up in a hospital." She couldn't help but sigh.

"You're not in a hospital. This is my home."

Heidy was shocked by the sudden voice. It was the man she met at that bar the previous night. He sat on a sofa in the same room and had his arms folded across his chest. He had short chestnut hair. There was the hint of a gentle smile at the corners of his mouth, making the sun outside the window dim. She hadn't observed his features carefully the previous night. She had been too distracted by her pain and distress to notice how handsome he was. Now, his good looks were impossible to ignore.

Heidy blushed. "Why don't you take me to a hospital?"

He didn't answer, but went straight over and pulled up the quilt for her. With a voice that was suddenly rather cold, he said, "Lie down."

Heidy panicked as she realized that she was naked under the quilt. Hadn't she dressed up well the previous day?

"You! You..." Heidy stammered, "What did you do to me last night?"

"The doctor is here. Lie down." From his firm tone, it was clear that he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, and she didn't have the spirit to say another word.

The doctor who came in was about fifty years old, tall and thin, with a kind and gentle manner. After a quick and basic check, he said, "There was only some indirect contact between the wine and your face, so it's not a big deal. Just take some medicine and rest well. As for your chest and back, you need to apply this medicine several times. It will prevent scarring and infection."

"My back? Can you apply some medicine for me, Doctor?" Heidy asked pitifully. She was scared to go home to ask her mother to apply the medicine for her. Her mother knew that she was allergic to alcohol. Her parents would be sure to scold her for going to a bar. Moreover, Kevin was involved. How could she tell them about what happened to her last night?

"Well, Well... I can't..." The doctor was at a loss for words. He looked at the other man with embarrassment. The previous night, when he did the examination for her, he had taken only a few glances at her. His boss even wanted to pinch him. How could he dare to touch this girl with medicine himself, whom his boss had brought home casually?

Heidy asked curiously, "Can't a doctor apply medicine to a patient?"

"Of course he can't." It was the other man who spoke, harshly and curtly. Was she supposed to let herself be touched by a stranger who was not a doctor?

"You! Forget it. I'll apply the medicine myself."

Seeking to escape this difficult situation, the doctor hastened to explain that he had to attend to an emergency treatm

ent, and he hurried out of the room.

"Don't address me as 'you'. My name is Simon Fan. You can't apply it on your own back. And the doctor can't apply it for you, either." Then he lifted her quilt and said, "But I can be your nurse."

"What do you want from me? What kind of nurse are you, anyway?" Heidy grasped the quilt tightly against her body, and huddled up inside it as if she didn't trust him at all.

"Miss Heidy, that doctor is my mentor, John Chen. He's a famous surgeon in the city, and I'm his apprentice. Now why don't you let me apply medicine for you?"

"How did you know what my name is?"

Heidy was so helpless and confused. Simon Fan shrugged and said, "You cell phone, wallet, and ID card are in your bag. By the way, I answered several calls for you last night and told your boyfriend that I would take good care of you, so please don't worry."

"What?" Heidy was completely enraged. "You shameless bastard! You forced a kiss on me, which gave me an allergic reaction to alcohol and made me pass out. Then you dared to look through my belongings and answer my phone casually. You are a complete devil!"

"Bastard? Devil? Shameless?" He pulled the quilt and smiled wickedly, saying, "Let me show you what a devil is like."

Then he kissed Heidy on the lips, trying to tease her.

Heidy suddenly cried out in pain and panic.

He suddenly remembered that her lips were allergic and swollen last night.

He let go of her and sighed, "Do you want me to continue like this, or do you want me to apply the medicine for you?"

Heidy knew that she couldn't quarrel or fight with this man in front of her, so she just lay down in a fit of pique and exposed her back.

"Good girl!" Simon Fan praised her teasingly, took out the medicine and cotton swab, and carefully applied them to her back.

Although her back was red and swollen, and some parts of her skin were even broken, the slender and beautiful outline of her back was still clearly visible.

Heidy fidgeted and said, "Don't look and touch where you shouldn't!"

"Well, I'm not interested in a woman like you. Honestly, a cow would be ten thousand times sexier than you at the moment. If I were interested in you, I would have taken you last night. How could you still lie here?" He said disdainfully, throwing the medicine bottle on the table, "Apply it on your chest by yourself. I don't want to hurt my eyes."

But Heidy didn't care what he said, as long as she knew she was safe. As soon as he went out, she picked up the medicine and began to apply it herself.

As he left the room, Simon Fan took a deep breath.

He had used up all his patience just by applying the medicine on her last night when she was asleep.

He had dated more than one hundred women. But he had never had such a feeling and had never suppressed himself so well.

"Damn it! And I even didn't go to work because of her!"

Simon Fan took a cold shower in a rush, and drove to work.

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