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The office door was locked, but that was not a problem for Heidy Hua. She had the key to that office. Opening the door as softly as she could, she stepped inside as quietly as a cat. She wanted to give Kevin Liu a big surprise.

A messy display greeted her eyes on the other side of the door. A man's shirt, jacket, pants, and necktie were scattered all over the floor. "What a mess you've made here, Kevin! You're really hopeless." Though she complained peevishly, she set down the dessert in her hand and started tidying up the clothes on the floor.

"Wait, what the hell is this? A long dress? Silk stockings?" Heidy Hua hadn't noticed any of these feminine items when she first came in. Looking at the items in her hand, she was suddenly dizzy with shock.

At that very moment, as if in answer to her confusion, she heard the playful voices of a man and a woman from the direction of the bathroom. A woman said teasingly, "You're such a brute! You are going to date your girlfriend late. Don't you afraid that she would find out?"

Heidy Hua was intimately familiar with the voice of the man who spoke next. "Come on! She really acts like she's an untouchable princess. After dating for a year, she still won't let me put a finger on her! Well, if it weren't for this hotel.... She's never as thoughtful as you. You're the one who comforts me when I need it."

It was Kevin Liu's voice. Just the previous day, he had told her that he would give her a surprise, and that they would have dinner half an hour later! Unbelievable! Their relationship was definitely finished now.

There was the sound of flowing water, mixed with the hot gasps of Kevin Liu and that other woman.

With her blood surging, Heidy Hua blushed as if she were the guilty one. She stood there mutely for a moment, and then turned around and walked out of the door without saying a word.

An hour before.

"Mom, do you really think it's a good idea?" Wearing her new long dress, Heidy Hua showed it off for her mother to judge. She trusted her mother's opinion.

With a smile on her face, she looked at her daughter and said, "Of course. You look beautiful no matter what you wear. Go ahead. Just don't make Kevin wait for you too long."

"Mom... It's still early," Heidy Hua said in a girly voice, bending over her mother.

"Hurry up."

Under her mother's prompting, Heidy Hua eventually went out and took a taxi to the Safwan Hotel.

The Safwan Hotel was founded by Heidy's father, the intrepid businessman, Abel Hua. It was the crown jewel of his career, and his proudest accomplishment. Abel Hua often praised his three treasures. The one who ranked first was his beloved daughter Heidy. The second was the Safwan Hotel, which he made every effort to keep in top condition. The third was the talented manager of hotel, Kevin, who was also Heidy's boyfriend.

Tonight was the first anniversary of Heidy and Kevin. Kevin had said before that he would give Heidy a surprise.

The appointed time was 7:30 in the evening, but Heidy arrived there well before 7 o'clock.

The hotel was a lively place that evening, bustling with all sorts of guests. Heidy stayed in her private lounge for a while until she felt bored. She called a waiter and asked, "Excuse me. Is Mr. Kevin off duty?"

"Miss Heidy, Mr. Kevin is still working in his office. Perhaps you would enjoy some dessert in the meanwhile? Please wait a moment longer."

Heidy nodded. There was something about the waiter's eyes that made him seem a little evasive. Was he laughing at her for being so strict with her boyfriend?

Heidy always treated her boyfriend more or less like a brother. She had been a nice, obedient daughter since childhood, and had always accepted her parents' arrangements. When she grew up, she accepted Kevin as her boyfriend, just as they wished.

Until then, she had always counted herself lucky, because Kevin always seemed so gentle and considerate. Moreover, he was her father's competent assistant at work. Overall, Heidy was quite satisfied with him.

Thinking of this, Heidy carefully lifted a corne

r of her long dress and walked into the elevator. She carried the dessert that the waiter had just brought her, intending to reward her dedicated boyfriend.

So she went straight to the office on the 18 floor, never suspecting that she would find such a scene.

On the street outside of the hotel, Heidy walked aimlessly. Anger, sadness, helplessness, all kinds of emotions surged through her mind. In a maelstrom of emotion, she couldn't think clearly.

She wanted to call some of her best friends, and took out her phone. But one of them was shopping in Hong Kong. She didn't want to disturb her good mood. Another one was attending a meeting in the United States, so she probably wouldn't be able to listen to her troubles. Should she call her parents? How could she tell them that the boyfriend of their beloved daughter was having an affair with another woman?

Putting away her phone, Heidy entered the first bar she could find. The stench of alcohol made her feel hot all over. She ordered a glass of iced juice and a cup of iced coke.

Slowly, she calmed down, but then her heartache really began. Tears fell down from her eyes. She felt embarrassed to be seen by others in that condition, so she picked up the cola and looked for a quiet corner to sit down.

As soon as she turned around, she bumped into the man behind her, and her cup of coke was splashed all over on him. In retaliation, the man abruptly spilled his wine on Heidy's chest.

The man snorted and said, "You splashed me, and I splashed you. It's fair." Even though his breath was full of alcohol, the sound of his voice was surprisingly pleasant.

Not wanting to tangle with him, Heidy tried to escape by saying lightly, "I'm sorry." Then she turned around to walk out.

But the stranger wouldn't let her go. He lifted her chin rudely and said, "It's too late to say sorry now."

"Then what do you want?" Heidy tried to brush his hand away. Her eyes were already filled with tears from her recent heartbreak, and this unpleasant encounter was starting to frighten her.

Suddenly, the sight of Heidy's clear and innocent eyes struck this stranger like a lightning bolt. He felt as if he had suddenly woken up, and he gently touched her chin with his fingers. Before she could react, he lowered his head and stole a deep and passionate kiss.

"No! No!" Heidy struggled to get away. "Please! You..."

The man had already put his hand around her waist.

She was suffering from lack of oxygen, and her breathing became difficult. She didn't know how long it took before he let her go.

Patting her chest, Heidy coughed loudly.

"You still need to pay for my clothes. One kiss is not enough." This naughty man was not only domineering, but also childish.

Heidy was covering her face with one hand and coughing continuously with her other hand patting her chest. The man gently held her in his arms and said, "I'm not bad-looking. Why do you feel so disgusted to kiss me?"

He pulled Heidy's hand away from her face. Heidy groaned in pain and gasped weakly, "No! No!"

When her hand was taken away, her face was badly swollen and her lips were like sausages. Her features were so distorted that it was a shocking sight. Her appearance was transformed entirely.

The man pushed her away in disgust. "Wow, who the hell are you? How dare you pretend to be a princess to trick me into kissing you?"

But to Heidy, the man in front of her was worse than a devil. At one moment he was cold and ruthless, the next moment he was rough and rude, and then he was naughty and cute. It was too much for her to make sense of. She tried to raise her voice and said, "I'm seriously allergic to alcohol. If you don't send me to the hospital now, you'll go to prison for murder."

Did her words make an impact on this man? He simply said, "Oh!" Then he picked her up in his arms, walked out of the bar, and took her into a car.

Heidy only felt a burning pain on her face and body. She couldn't open her eyes and she couldn't speak anymore. As soon as she entered the car, she fell into a semi-conscious daze.

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