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   Chapter 90 A Plan

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Christine threatened. When she mentioned the baby, her eyes, which had been pretending to be calm, burst into hatred.

"Really? When you gave birth to the baby, Erma signed it. Not only will you be revenged by Wesley, but also Erma will be in trouble." Nathan sneered and looked at Christine as if she were a child.

He had been engaged in business for many years. He had already analyzed the pros and cons of these things and knew what to do to maximize his own interests.

She didn't expect that Nathan would also plot against Erma. That was his biological daughter. But it was ridiculous to think about it. Christine was also his daughter. He used and threatened her in the same way.

"What do you want?" Feeling helpless, she leaned back on the chair. Her unbridled manner was gone. She should have thought that her father would make things worse.

"The resources, customer information and purchasing channels of the Gu Group." The business of the Ji Group was neither good nor bad in the past few years, so it didn't make much money, which made him unhappy.

As long as he got these things, the Gu Group would be a shell, and all the internal organs would be removed, and then it would be disabled. When thinking of this question, the first reaction of Christine was to refuse, but after thinking deeply, she put forward other conditions. "The purchase channels can be given to you, and other things can't be given to you."

She was tough and looked like she couldn't be persuaded. It was Barrett who gave her the management of the company. If she really gave it to Nathan, the Gu Group would never have the ability to become better.

"Are you sure? Don't you think it over?" It seemed that he had overestimated Christine.

"I will think it over and give you the answer three days later. I have something to deal with, so I won't keep you here." Christine asked him to leave.

It was rare that Nathan didn't argue with Christine this time. Instead, he agreed to her request. He would come here for those things three days later, and then he left.

Everything was strange, but she was not in the mood to care about it one by one. If it didn't matter, she would just delay it.

Christine was in a hurry. She had never dealt with such a major event. Now she was tortured an

discuss with him, you can go to the Helian Group to see him. This document can also be suspended temporarily." The legal counselor took the file back and smiled at Christine, waiting for her answer.

When they were drawing up this contract, the CEO had said that the loopholes must be negligible and one move could be fatal. This contract had flaws, and if they wanted to sue, The Gu Group would absolutely belong to the Helian Group. He didn't understand why Mr. Wesley would do this.

"Are you talking about Wesley?" The more she listened, the more uncertain Christine became. Christine was afraid to know the answer, but at the same time, she wanted to know the answer.

She was sure in her heart that it was impossible for grandfather to treat her like this, and the only possibility was Wesley. His sudden change in attitude from the beginning was a conspiracy, or, from the time she saw the news of his marriage with Jessica, it was already a plan.

"Mr. Karl has ignored the Helian Group's internal affairs for a long time. It's all handled by Mr. Wesley alone, but, You didn't know who is in charge of the Helian Group and has signed the contract?" The legal counselor looked incredulous. As a businesswoman, the contract should be as accurate as Mr. Wesley's. She should even investigate the background of the other party and sign it only after making sure that there was no problem.

He began to wonder how she became the CEO of the Gu Group branch. "We're leaving now. The Helian Group welcomes at any time."

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