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   Chapter 89 A Crushing Defeat Overnight

My CEO Ex-husband: Call Me Your One And Only Girl By Chang Du Characters: 7347

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In the morning, Christine had a sound sleep after a sleepless night. Her phone had been buzzing for the whole morning, but she hadn't been woken up. When she woke up at noon, she suddenly remembered that she had to sign a contract today. Her face immediately changed and she jumped out of bed.

After cleaning up, she pulled out the phone charger. Hundreds of missed calls showed on the screen, which made her inexplicably nervous.

She dialed the secretary's number and drove the car.

After the phone was connected up, the secretary said in a complicated tone, "Miss Christine, where are you? Today's stock suddenly dropped by two points. The supplier refused to supply the goods, and many partners had already asked for a refund and compensation for liquidated damages. And many people had already thrown the stock away. Now the company is jittery..." The secretary said nothing more.

In this case, the company was going to go bankrupt, and many people were panic. There would be many people who wanted to leave at this time.

Half an hour later, Christine appeared at the gate of the company. Looking at the employees who were not in the mood to work, she knew that something bad was going to happen. The last glimmer of hope was destroyed in an instant.

Under the hustle of a group of people, a lot of questions, with the secretary's protection, she entered the office, and then there was peace. She immediately turned on the computer, and the trend line on the screen was constantly falling.

"What happened?" She was in a daze and didn't know anything. When she woke up, she suddenly received such an explosive news, disturbing all her thoughts.

The business went smoothly and everything went well. Why did it happen like this all of a sudden?

"The supplier said that the quality of the goods was inferior to that of the first batch to be tested every month. And this message was sent by mobile phone. I have also received it. I don't know whether it is true or not, but the supplier suddenly stopped supply. Obviously, it was true."

When the secretary said, she was also confused. The sudden outburst of this matter came without any signs.

Overnight, countless people

for years. Although you have become much tougher, I am your father. You shouldn't have spoken to me in such a manner." He raised his head to look at his daughter, who had grown up a lot. There was no joy in his eyes. His eyes were full of schemes.

"Mr. Nathan, we broke up three years ago, right?" That scene flashed in front of her eyes. She said coldly. All her feelings for her father were used up.

She didn't need to talk to him in a gentle voice, because no matter how gentle or tough her words and deeds were, her father always followed his own thoughts.

"In that case, let's make a deal." It was obvious that Nathan didn't take Christine's words seriously with an indifferent smile on his face. He turned his hands, which was the habit of negotiating.

Sure enough, he came with a purpose again.

"Say it." After uttering these words indifferently, Christine leaned back, as if she was waiting to see a play, which almost angered Nathan.

No one could stand the way their daughters looked at them! But Nathan was different. He had never thought that he had a daughter like Christine.

"You lost the child of Wesley. I've helped you hide it for free these years." Needless to say, he believed that Christine would understand.

Hush money? Huh, Christine sneered at herself in a low voice, and her only hope for Nathan was completely destroyed. "You took away my child at that time. If Wesley knows, your Ji Group will not exist in S City!"

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