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   Chapter 88 Misunderstanding Of Midnight Dream

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Under the faint moonlight, the person in front of the floor to ceiling window was hidden in the darkness. The wine swayed in the glass, and the strong smell of the wine smelt good.

Christine turned her head and saw that the light of Wesley's room was still on. She drank all the wine in her glass in one gulp and looked at S City under the dim moonlight. A drop of tear fell down.

Three years ago, she lay on the cold bed, experiencing the pain of tearing, the knife mark on her belly, the crumpled child who was lovely in her heart, and the ups and downs on the same day.

The child was gone, and there was no news about him. She was driven out of the Ji family.

The memories one by one shattered her heart, m

s not until her phone was turned off that she gradually figured out what Wesley had said. No wonder that Barrett hadn't contacted her. It must be Wesley who had done something to him. She was resentful and began to think of a solution.

Outside the room, looking coldly at the emotions on her face flashing through one by one, and finally converged into a tangle, Wesley sneered coldly and left.

This was just the beginning. Since she had betrayed him, she should bear his punishment. Christine? He would like to see if her lover could come so soon to save the Gu Group and her.

He had already known the result, but when he walked out of the villa and woke up by the wind, he felt that he had done too gently.

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