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   Chapter 87 Alienation In Silence

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The change in Wesley was getting more and more obvious. Every time he finished his work, he would help her solve some problems and find out some flaws to improve them. As the two of them got closer and closer, everything that had happened before seemed to have never happened.

Leaning against the sofa, Christine pressed the remote control from time to time, with her eyes occasionally fixed on TV.

If he cooked noodles for the first time on a whim, that would be okay. But for several days in a row, he went into the kitchen as soon as he got off work. After a while, he would bring out two bowls of noodles, on which there were always vegetables and eggs.

Was it because she knew him too well or because he had changed so much? He cooked for the first time, which was already enough for her to be surprised. She could think that Wesley was on a whim, but it was obvious that he was not.

"Ring..." Her phone vibrated. Christine lowered her head and saw the name of Barrett on the screen. She forgot which day it was. Wesley wanted to use her phone and changed the note to the full name, but she didn't care much.

"Why don't you answer the phone?" Wesley walked closer and put the noodles on the table. He glanced at her phone and saw the dazzling name. His face could not help but feel a little cold.

He couldn't be with her in the past three years. He had missed all the things that had happened to her during these years. He was trying his best to make up for it. Now that he had made some progress, it was not the right time for Barrett to call Christine.

"It doesn't matter. I'll call him later. Have some noodles first. It smells good." From the moment he saw it, Christine found that he was different. She didn't want to break the current mode of getting along with Wesley. Barrett should have no important things.

She thought selfishly, pulled over the bowl and began to eat.

The vibration of the phone stopped abruptly. Then, Wesley turned around and went back to the kitchen. With his slender fingers in his trouser pocket, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number from abroad.

"Mr. Wesley." A man's respectful voice came from the other end of the line.


h other. But when he heard the voice, it seemed that it was only a moment ago.

Hearing the annoying tone as usual, Barrett shook his head helplessly. "Earle, just return home. Keep an eye on Wesley and protect Christine." He answered directly.

Earle was a little stunned. When he heard the name, Christine, a figure flashed through his mind for a moment. After searching for a long time, he remembered Christine. He had almost forgotten her appearance because he hadn't seen her for three years.

Memories quickly played in his mind. Now he thought of the woman he once targeted. It was ridiculous. It was very simple. He didn't understand. He even misunderstood Christine, criticized her, and he hid this guilt in his heart. He thought that these things would not be remembered as time went by.

He didn't answer, but in Barrett's eyes, it seemed that he didn't want to. What happened between Earle and Christine at that time was just a misunderstanding. When he was about to explain, he heard Earle grab the right to speak first.

"Okay. I'll be there in three days." After saying that, he stood up. He had to deal with a lot of things here before returning home. Thinking of this, he thought of Wesley. This man seemed not to be easy to provoke, but he liked to challenge most.

"Well, thank you." The moment Barrett hung up the phone, he still heard the last sentence, which made his face even darker.

"Barrett, you still haven't been with her?"

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