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   Chapter 86 Distracted

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Barrett didn't call her again for a week. Christine was too busy to care about anything else.

Wesley was more and more skilled at work, he could also help her. Compared with the embarrassment at home, they had a tacit understanding at work. That was why they signed more than a dozen orders in this short time and began to work late.

After drinking the bitter coffee, she felt much better. She tried her best to open her eyes. Christine saw a person from the corner of her eyes. He didn't sleep at night, wrapped in a bath towel, and made noise from time to time, which seriously affected her thoughts.

"Wesley, can you go to bed?" If he continued to wander around like this, she would never be able to fall asleep. Her eyes would always unconsciously glance at him, and once she looked at him, she would always be reluctant to leave and could not help but look at him again.

"I'm not sleepy." All of a sudden, Wesley turned around and smiled at her.

"Well, then you go upstairs." The smile made her heart beat faster. She lowered her head and continued to look at the computer, absent-minded.

She was sure that Wesley did it on purpose. He was normal a few days ago and seldom talked to her. They didn't interfere with each other at all. It seemed that he had changed since he asked if it was Barrett on the phone that day.

Was he trying to make it up to her? Christine didn't understand and didn't want to understand. She forced herself not to think about it and devoted herself to work.

When a person's heart was really closed, it was really difficult to open it again. Although there would be a moment of palpitation, it would also dissipate after calming down.

That was how Christine was. Everything that happened in Wesley would be as calm as water after she fell asleep.

"This is the contract with Mr. Anson. Sign it tomorrow." With a file in his hand, Wesley came in. Seeing that Christine was looking out of the window all of a sudden, which was quite unusual, he couldn't help but step forward and look out of the window with her.

S City was very prosperous. Most leading enterprises lived and competed here. Those who could stand still would earn a lot, while those who were eaten up would start from scratch, or disappear forever.

"Wesley, do you think our company goes too smoothly?" Wi

king, he went downstairs. Regardless of the fact that the person in the room was kissed lightly, and she became sober in an instant.

The soft touch was still on her mouth and his words were still in her ears. The sudden tenderness messed up her brain. What was she doing? What did he do to her just now? She shouldn't have been angry, but why did she feel so happy?

She just sat there and touched her lips. After a long time, she smelled the fragrance and slowly stood up by the railing, looking at the busy figure in the kitchen.

Wearing an apron, Wesley was cooking with a pan in one hand and a spade in the other.

Before long, he came out with two bowls of noodles, on which there were two fried eggs. Unable to resist the hunger in her stomach, she decisively went downstairs and was about to leave after eating the noodles.

"How does it taste? It's my first time to do it. Although I've seen you do it for a long time, I still don't have confidence." Wesley smiled with unprecedented tenderness.

He cooked for the first time, Christine knew it was true. She tasted it and praised sincerely, "Very good."

Hearing the praise, Wesley also tasted it, but he shook his head. "No matter how good it is, it's not your taste. After all, you are just you, and no one can replace you."

Hearing Wesley's meaningful words, she sneered and asked, "Really?" The atmosphere suddenly dropped to freezing point, and she felt her heart beating fast, secretly cursing herself for being spineless.

A single sentence could distract her mind.

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