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   Chapter 29 Family Dinner (Part Two)

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The dinner ended up on an awkward note. Nathan and Erma did not bother to speak with Christine at all, and instead, tried their best to fawn on Wesley and Karl. As expected, their efforts were wasted, but the two men were polite enough to save them from total embarrassment. The two families parted ways and Wesley drove his family back to their place.

On their way home, Jeannie had been thinking about the ridiculous behavior and malicious intentions of Nathan and Erma. The father already had Christine marry Wesley, and yet he was clearly eyeing Wesley for Erma as well. What was that sleazy man trying to achieve? Nathan only thought about his daughters as pawns to gain more wealth and power. It was unfortunate to be connected to a very shameless family.

Jeannie was aware that after Christine married Wesley, Nathan did all kinds of unfair transactions under the Helian family name. These outrageous activities stained the family name, but Wesley managed to let Nathan go. The old Wesley would have made sure that the Ji Group would go bankrupt, in retribution. But he was too soft on these people, all because of Christine.

When they arrived at the house, and no one seemed to bring the topic up, Jeannie could not bear it anymore. She said, "Grandpa, don't you find Nathan and Erma disgraceful earlier? And I heard that not long ago, he used his ties with our family to do all sorts of unfair business deals. I think he is leaching off of our family name! How should I put it?

Hmm. It seems that he is selling his daughters for wealth. Grandpa, do you think so too?" Jeannie laughed dryly. At the same time, she stared at Christine with vicious mockery in her eyes.

Hearing what Jeannie said, Christine's face turned red in an instant.

Jeannie was spot on about everything and Christine was embarrassed to have come from the Ji family. It was known to everyone how Nathan took advantage of her marriage to Wesley, but it still bothered her to be rubbed in the face by the fact.

Karl's heart ached when he saw how embarrassed Christine had become.

"Jeannie, I think you've said enough. Please refrain from badmouthing Christine's father anymore. After all, despite his behavior, he is still your elder. Please show him a bit of respect. Is this how I taught you to behave?" Karl scolded Jeannie.

"Grandpa, I'm just telling the truth, okay? You've seen what happened at the dinner table tonight. I'm free to talk about it since it's the truth!" Jeannie couldn't believe that Karl would take the side of that shameless man, not to mention that she was only telling the truth. Why couldn't she openly criticize Christine's family?

The look in Jeannie's eyes changed from mockery to resentment.

"Christine is your sister-in-law. Is that how you treat her family? Apologize to her, now!" Karl muttered angrily.

"Apologize? I won't apologize because I was just stating the obvious! And I didn't say anything wrong." Jeannie raised her voice and stamped her feet in protest.

"Wesley, I want to hear what you think. Do you think what I said was wrong? Huh? Was I mistaken? I just told the truth. Why is Grandpa so eager to defend her family?"

Meanwhile, Karl comforted Christine, "Christine, my good girl. Don't take Jeannie's words to heart, okay?"

"Don't worry, Grandpa, I won't. In fact, what Jeannie spoke was the truth. My father is a really terrible person. I also understand his intention why he married me into this family, but it's just sad to hear it from another person's lips," Christine replied to Karl awkwardly.

"My dear child, I know that. You are different from your father. Regardless of his intentions, you are part of our family now, and we will always protect you. Do you understand?" Karl patted Christine's hand tenderly.

"Well, Jeannie

, even if it was the truth, you shouldn't have said that to Christine. She is different. Hurry up and apologize." Surprisingly, Wesley agreed with his grandfather. In the past, Wesley would almost always take Jeannie's side, but this time, he asked her to apologize to Christine.

Jeannie could not believe this was happening. She was baffled why her grandfather was so protective of Christine, and now even Wesley, who used to hate Christine so much, asked her to apologize.

Jeannie grew up believing she was always right. She did not, and would not, apologize to Christine.

Ever since she was little, she had an impression that Karl favored Wesley over her. Now here came another woman, Christine, and Jeannie was being cast aside even further.

The atmosphere in the room got so thick.

It fell on Christine to improve everyone's mood. She walked over to Jeannie, who was standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, and held her hand. However, Jeannie felt repulsed by Christine's act of kindness and tried to shake off her grip. She failed miserably.

"Grandpa, Jeannie didn't mean me any harm. Besides, I know what kind of person my father is. There's no need for her to apologize. Grandpa, as you've said, we are family. We can be truthful to each other. Let's just forget this, okay?" Christine stood up for Jeannie and made excuses for her.

However, Jeannie did not appreciate the help at all. Moreover, she felt that Christine was hypocritical and was just using this opportunity to look good. Jeannie firmly believed that the apple did not fall far from the tree, and in Christine's case, she was as shameless and opportunistic as her father.

Jeannie got even more disgusted at this woman. She freed herself from Christine's grasp and shoved her hard.

"I don't want your fake kindness! You are just pretending in front of Grandpa. How can a woman like you deserve my apology? Humph!" Jeannie was enraged and her animosity towards Christine was revealed for everyone to see.

Wesley caught Christine as she was about to fall down. His face darkened when he realized that his wife would have bumped her head on the table if she really fell. After helping Christine regain her balance, Wesley turned around and slapped Jeannie's face.

The room was filled with the thunderous sound of Wesley's palm hitting Jeannie.

No one had expected that Wesley would make such a move. Not only was Christine stunned, but even Karl's jaw dropped on the floor.

"Who taught you to treat your sister-in-law like this?" Wesley demanded. His eyes flashed with a cold light, which made Jeannie flinch. She covered her face with one hand and used the other to steady herself against the sofa.

"Wesley, how dare you hit me? What are you talking about?

My sister-in-law? Does Christine deserve to be my sister-in-law? Then what about Jessica? Don't you think you're breaking Jessica's heart by siding with this woman?" After saying that, Jeannie fled from the living room with tears in her eyes.

"Jeannie..." Christine tried calling Jeannie back.

"Stop! Don't you think it's messy enough? Go upstairs with me." Wesley hurried to his room upstairs.

Although Christine was a little worried about Jeannie, she followed Wesley after excusing herself from Karl. Perhaps he was right. She would only add salt to Jeannie's wounds if she would comfort her.

Christine thought that she caused this mess and felt guilty.

Karl was very happy to see his grandson stand up for his wife. At the same time, he was a little sad that Jeannie could be so thoughtless and inconsiderate. But Jeannie also mentioned Jessica's name. Karl had forgotten that woman existed because things were going well for Wesley and Christine. He did not want that woman to destroy his grandson's marriage.

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