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   Chapter 28 Family Dinner (Part One)

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Nathan asked Erma to meet with her sister and talk about the mess the Ji Group was in. It had been under fire lately for doing unfair business deals in the name of the Helian Group, and Wesley made sure that they got punished. When Erma returned with bad tidings, Nathan became very angry and kept cursing at Christine.

"What an ungrateful woman! I can't even rely on her at this critical moment. It's just a simple task to talk to her husband about our problem, but she refused. I deeply regret having to raise her all these years." Nathan broke into an angry rant when Erma told him what happened.

"That's right, Dad. I was baffled as to how Christine completely ignored the situation of our family. She said that even if the Ji family was ruined, we deserved it. She is really a bitch! Dad, how could you think of relying on her to help our family?" This was the perfect opportunity for Erma to pin her sister down even further. The funny thing was that this misfortune was caused by Nathan's own greed and arrogance, yet they all blame Christine for something she had nothing to do.

Erma's words were adding fuel to the fire, making Nathan furious.

He really wanted to teach that ungrateful bitch a lesson, if not for the fact that Christine was adored by Wesley and Karl. He had to hold back his rage.

Looking at Erma, who was sitting across him, Nathan suddenly came up with an idea. If Erma replaced Christine and became Wesley's wife, she would definitely speak for him. If that happened, he would not be worried about screwing up his business. Various companies would flock to him for favors and partnerships if he could strengthen his ties with the Helian Group through Erma. In contrast, if he relied on Christine, the Ji Group would be over if he screwed up again. That ungrateful daughter of his would never go out of her way to save his ass. He really regretted that it was not Erma who seduced Wesley. Maybe he would not be in this mess if Erma was Wesley's wife.

"Erma, what do you think of Wesley?" Nathan's expression was unfathomable.

"Wesley? He is handsome and exceedingly rich. Marrying a man like him is the dream of all women in S City, including me, of course. But Christine, that cunning bitch, was the one who ended up as his wife!" Erma was shy talking about Wesley, at first, but when she talked about Christine, she was fierce and animated.

"It doesn't have to stay like that. I got your back. Perhaps we could do something about Christine's marriage to Wesley," Nathan remarked gloomily. He rubbed his hands together, as though he had thought about a brilliant scheme to get rid of his other daughter.

"Really? You would do that for me? That would be great, Dad!" Erma exclaimed. She was visibly delighted at the thought of marrying Wesley.

"Just wait and see."

Nathan got up from the sofa and walked towards the study. Recently, Wesley had been keeping a close eye on them. It was better to keep a low profile and to abstain from doing further business deals until the heat died down.

Nathan restrained his greed and arrogance, especially after Wesley openly expressed his disdain for his business practices.

Weeks later, in order to save Christine's face and ease the feud between their families, Wesley invited Nathan for dinner.

In fact, the main reason for this decision was that Wesley was very contented with how things were going between him and Christine. It also helped that Nathan's activities were a little subdued, and he stopped doing business everywhere in the name of the Helian family.

Nathan and Erma were very happy to receive the invitation from Wesley.

Nathan felt that the dinner signified the end of their family dispute, and that Wesley had forgiven him. He hoped that Wesley would also refrain from intervening with his business.

Erma was happy to get an opportunity to interact with Wesley again.

"Erma, this is my credit card. Go and buy some new clothes and jewelry. You have to make a good impression on Wesley and Karl tonight. You must outshine Christine." Nathan handed his card to Erma with a big, fat grin. It never occurred to both of them that Christine might be the reason behind Wesley's invitation. Why else would a ruthless man, such as Wesl

ey, want to make peace with them?

"Okay, Dad. I promise to steal the show tonight," Erma declared conceitedly. Unfortunately, she had a poor sense of self-awareness and had always valued herself more than she ought to.

That evening, Nathan took Erma to the venue.

"Karl, I have brought a small gift for you." Nathan smiled obsequiously at Karl.

"Don't be so polite. You don't have to bring a gift; it's enough that you showed up. Besides, we don't lack for anything," Karl replied kindly. He did not have a good impression of Nathan ever since. He could tell at a glance what kind of person this man was, but in order to save Christine's face, he asked Jeannie to accept the gift.

"Yes, I should have known. Silly me!" Nathan laughed awkwardly. But he thought, 'What a mean old man Karl is! His words are so unpleasant to hear.'

"By the way, you'd better address me as Mr. Karl. We're not that close."

"Okay..." Nathan mumbled clumsily. "Anyway, Mr. Karl, this is my daughter, Erma.

She's Christine's younger sister. Erma, say hi."

Erma immediately stepped forward and flashed her most impressive smile. "Hello, Grandpa."

Karl just nodded.

Standing behind Karl, Jeannie gazed at their ridiculously pretentious guests, and she smirked. Then she turned to look at Christine, with mockery in her eyes. How could Karl take a fancy to such a woman with a terrible father?

Seeing that everyone was here, Karl asked the waiter to serve the dishes.

Karl occupied the host seat. Wesley, Christine and Jeannie sat on one side, while Nathan and Erma sat on the opposite. The waiters arrived with their meal and refreshments, and soon everyone started digging in.

When they were having dinner, Wesley naturally placed food on Christine's plate. This was normal to Karl and Jeannie, but Nathan and Erma stared at them in disbelief.

Seeing how Wesley was so considerate of Christine, Erma got so jealous that her eyes turned red. She almost cried out in frustration.

No one spoke; only the sound of cutlery on plate could be heard. In an effort to liven up the mood, Nathan addressed the old man, "Mr. Karl, Christine isn't causing any trouble in the Helian family, is she? If she is, I don't mind if you teach her a lesson, or two."

When he heard such an absurd remark, Wesley frowned but remained silent.

Oblivious to Wesley's reaction, Nathan went on, "Christine is not as good as Erma. She's always caused trouble for me since she was a child. No wonder I have plenty of grey hair for my age. But Erma is different. She has been very sensible and filial. She also has good grades in school, and her teachers sing praises about her..."

It seemed that Nathan could not stop talking about Erma.

"Mr. Ji, is the food not to your liking?" Karl glanced at Nathan meaningfully.

Nathan took the hint and grew silent for a while.

But it did not take long before he opened his mouth again. "Wesley, you see, Erma is beautiful and virtuous. She often cooks for me. You should come to our home one of these days and taste Erma's cooking."

In the end, Wesley could not stand this man anymore. He put down his chopsticks and slammed his fist on the table. It was not until then that Nathan shut his mouth awkwardly.

Wesley glanced at Christine to see her reaction.

There was no expression on Christine's face, as if she had not heard what Nathan had been spouting just a while ago.

Wesley guessed that Christine had grown so accustomed to Nathan's harsh treatment and disrespect of her that she could just ignore what he had said today. He felt a little sorry for his wife, but he refrained from comforting her. He promised to himself not to get too personal with Christine, or else it felt like he was cheating on Jessica.

He pressed his lips, turned his gaze away from her, and continued to eat.

Despite putting on a poker face, Christine felt very embarrassed deep inside. It was painfully obvious to everyone in attendance what Nathan's intention was. She found it hilarious and sickening that her father would endorse Erma to Wesley in such a clumsy manner.

Christine continued to ignore her father and just focused on eating. It would be such a waste to get upset in front of a delicious meal.

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