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   Chapter 27 Role Play

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Ever since Wesley and Christine concurred upon the one-year agreement, the two of them had tacitly played their own roles. One afternoon, Wesley called his wife over to the study, and handed her a document.

"This is the agreement you want. I asked my secretary to draft it in secret. Please read it thoroughly and if there is no problem, you can sign it."

Christine eyed the contract carefully.

"After one year from the date this document is signed, Party B, Christine Ji, shall file a divorce against Party A, Wesley Helian. Party A would give Party B ten million as compensation for any damages and inconveniences brought upon by the divorce."

Christine read the conditions written on the contract over and over again.

"Okay, I'll sign it. But I won't take your ten million." Christine looked at Wesley and told this to him firmly.

"Huh? What do you mean? Do you think that amount is too small for you?" Wesley's face darkened. He was not expecting that Christine was that greedy.

"No, you misunderstood me. I don't want a penny from you. My freedom is enough."

"Well, whatever." Wesley shrugged her off. He was clearly uninterested in her explanation.

Christine took a pen from the desk, drew a line on the contract, and signed her name on it.

In the succeeding days, Wesley made a conscious effort to reduce the time he spent at the office. He made sure to arrive home before supper every day so he could join his grandfather and wife at the dining table. Of course, every now and then, he would put food on Christine's plate like a good husband. Meanwhile, Karl would kid around and tease them, and Wesley would just go along with it.

Occasionally, he would take Christine to the mall to buy her new clothes, shoes, and so on. He always played the role of a model husband and a filial grandson. It made people think that Wesley had completely accepted the marriage and was determined to live a good life with his family.

Of course, Christine did an excellent job on her part; every day, she would accompany Karl during his morning walks and told him some interesting stories. She would diligently bring Wesley a fresh change of clothes and brew tea whenever he came back from work. She was the image of a good wife and a good granddaughter-in-law.

Karl was very happy to see the couple care for each other so much. After all, he promised to his late wife that he'd make sure Wesley had a blissful marriage. In his room, he would talk to his wife's portrait every day about how he found a good wife for their grandson, and that they were very happy now. Karl laughed every day.

He would talk to virtually everybody about the harmonious relationship of his grandson and his wife. Soon, gossip about the rich and famous would always include the enviable story of Wesley and Christine.

There was a time when Wesley took Christine to the company. They did a quick tour around the offices, and finally spent the rest of the work day in Wesley's office.

Wesley called the secretary and ordered, "Bring me a glass of juice."

When the secretary entered the office with a glass of fruit juice, she noticed that the CEO was working at his desk, while Christine was reading a magazine, occasionally glancing at her husband's figure.

"Ma'am, here is your juice," the secretary offered.

"Okay, thank you." Christine smiled back at the secretary.

The news that Wesley took Christine to visit his company had spread like wildfire.

Some people envied Christine's fortune, some treated the news indifferently, while others openly expressed their dissatisfaction.

"Mr. Wesley is so kind to his wife. His private pantry is full of coffee, and he asked me to prepare fresh fruit juice for her. He also said his wife," the secretary said to another female coworker.

"Humph!" the woman responded with disdain.

"Why is Mr. Wesley

so gentle to her? I don't know what Christine has done to make him so dotting on her, even displacing Jessica in his heart."

"That's right! That Christine doesn't deserve Mr. Wesley at all."

"Let's wait and see. When Jessica comes back, Christine will be miserable. She is no match for someone like Jessica. I can't wait to see what will happen!"

"But if I could be treated so gently by our CEO, I would be willing to die right now!"

"You are such a hopeless romantic. Look at yourself in the mirror!"

"What's wrong? Can you blame me for wanting such a man?" "He's way out of our league."

These were just some of the conversation among the employees of Wesley's company.

However, only Wesley and Christine knew about the truth behind their perfect relationship. As long as they were in public, especially around Karl, they would show off their love as agreed in the contract. Once they were safely alone, the kind and warm smile would disappear from Wesley's lips and Christine would be left to deal with this cold and indifferent version of her husband.

As soon as they entered their bedroom, Wesley would turn on the computer and start working while Christine would browse through her mobile phone, or occasionally paint. Whatever she was doing, she would glance at her husband every so often.

She would often wonder how someone so handsome and upstanding could hide a ridiculously cold interior.

Or maybe he was just ruthless to her. It must be because he only had Jessica in his heart. There were moments when Christine felt a little envious of Jessica. He loved her and protected her even if they were oceans apart. She was the only woman that mattered in Wesley's heart.

For such a faithful man, she could imagine the anger and helplessness he must have felt when his grandfather forced him to marry someone other than Jessica.

She recalled the different versions of her husband; the gentle Wesley at dinner time, the angry one when other people ridiculed her, the furious one after she was caught calling Barrett, and the sarcastic one from before their marriage. She smiled bitterly as she remembered how Wesley took good care of her while she was sick, which left the most impact on Christine. In the past, no one would take care of her like that, even when she and Barrett were together.

How could she resist falling for Wesley after all the care and tenderness he showed her?

That one-year contract deeply hurt Christine. That was the last straw; this man would never belong to her after all. 'Wake up, Christine. Don't be a fool! You will meet someone who deserves your love. You were destined not to be with Wesley,' she talked to herself over and over.

It was unfortunate that in this marriage surrounded by lies, she gradually fell in love with him. She could not help herself, but want his sweet poison. Anyone who had basked in Wesley's radiant tenderness would never wish to part with him again.

She felt the happiest when Wesley stood up and helped her when others humiliated her, glanced at her gently in public from time to time, placed food gently on her plate, and reminded her to eat slowly to avoid being choked.

Christine's heart would always seek this man's warmth. She knew clearly that she must not love this man, but she could not stop herself.

Meanwhile, Wesley was very satisfied with his wife's behavior. She was very cooperative with him. She was aware of her place and did not pester him too much. He decided to let the Ji Group operate freely, and vowed to avoid meddling with their affairs for as long as they did not go too far.

Wesley's decision regarding the Ji Group spread across the business world. Soon, Karl also learned about it. He was overjoyed, looking at his happy grandson and granddaughter-in-law, and mused about the idea of holding his great-grandchild after a year.

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