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   Chapter 23 Wesley's Wrath

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"You might have forgotten my brother, but he still has feelings for you." Although Earle spouted a ton of accusations and snide remarks, only this one sentence left a deep impression on Christine.

Based on what Earle said, Christine knew that Barrett must be very sad now. Although there were all kinds of reasons, she could not completely free herself from guilt.

She recalled an incident back then; one of Barrett's seniors from college took good care of him and assisted him in every way she could. At last, she even confessed that she liked him and wanted to pursue a relationship with him. After Christine learned about this, especially that Barrett remained close to that person despite everything, her heart was like being stabbed by a sharp object.

Then, Christine confronted her lover. Barrett explained to her nervously and made sure that he had nothing to do with that woman. After that, Christine felt better.

Now that Barrett knew that Christine was married, he must be very miserable.

And yet, Christine had decided to bury her feelings for Barrett and live a good life with Wesley. But she tried her best to fight for their love and only gave up when she heard a woman's voice answer her call.

Even though she decided to forget him, they had been in love for so many years, so it was a daunting task. Recently, her relationship with her husband improved by leaps and bounds, and it helped her forget Barrett. But then Earle dug the past again, and with it, her guilt.

People were not computers. If they wanted to delete some of their memories, they could not simply overwrite them with new ones and go on with their lives. The memories would always remain, perhaps buried under recent ones, but not lost completely.

Christine could not forget him and the years they spent together, dreaming of a happy future. But they were separated by a force beyond their power. She still hoped that he could live a good life without her. She wished that he could find someone better than her, and live a life he deserved.

With guilt weighing her heart heavily, Christine thought she should call Barrett and ask him how he was doing.

Of course, she would personally inform him that she was married now and felt that Wesley was the person she could rely on. She wanted to tell him to forget her and find someone that deserved his love.

Although against her will at first, she belonged to someone else right now and she could only move forward. He must consider their memories as a bittersweet chapter of their youth.

Christine picked up her phone and was about to call Barrett.


Christine had thought that Wesley would not come back so soon, so she called Barrett.

But Christine was unaware that Wesley sympathized with her, so much so that he decided to leave the party and follow her back to her room. Wesley saw how difficult it was for her to defend herself against the guests' accusing gaze.

A few minutes after his wife left, Wesley looked around at the people at the party and frowned. Staying there any longer was meaningless. He finished talking with some of the more important guests and excused himself, citing fatigue.

In fact, he was not that tired, but just wanted to leave the party without being rude. He actually wanted to visit his wife and see how she was doing.

But it seemed that destiny wanted to play tricks on them. Coincidentally, Wesley entered the room just as Christine was calling Barrett.

Christine's eyes grew in alarm as she saw Wesley's figure standing behind her through the mirror. Guilt was painted all over her face; she knew that Wesley must have known about her relationship with Barrett, and that it would not look good for her now if her husband caught her calling her old flame.

Why was destiny so cruel to her? Christine put down the phone in a hurry, but forgot to cut the call off.

When Wesley entered the room, instead of finding his wife miserable and sad, he saw her flustered with a guilty expression. He also noticed that Christine was hiding something from his view. What was this woman doing behind his back?

Like lightning, he remembered what Earle said earlier, about Christine and his brother. He got suspicious and hurried over to his wife, snatching away the phone from her hand. He grimaced as he saw the name of the

person on the other end of the line, and he threw the phone on the bed. She was calling Barrett.

Did this woman hurriedly call her old lover after suffering a little grievance at the party? Did she want him to console her?

Did she forget that she was his woman now?

How could he bear that his woman had another man in her heart?

Wesley felt like a fool for feeling sympathy for this bitch. He began laughing in a strange way. 'Wesley, you idiot!' he thought to himself. Perhaps, the rumors were right; that Christine was a money-grabbing and power-hungry slut. No wonder she climbed into his bed at that time despite being involved with someone else.

Wesley's head ached as his blood boiled from anger and self-pity.

All these negative thoughts flooded into his mind; the anger he felt grew stronger and stronger, consuming his rationality. The pain of being betrayed was too much for him.

Wesley grabbed Christine's shoulders and pinned her on the bed, his face red and twisted. Barrett picked up the call.

"Is that you, Christine?" There was no response. Instead, Barrett heard the conversation between husband and wife.

He was alarmed as he heard Wesley's angry voice, and got worried for Christine's safety. What was he doing to her? He was reluctant to drop the call for fear that something bad would happen to Christine.

Meanwhile, Wesley heard how intimately Barrett addressed his wife. It stoked the flames in his heart, and the pain and jealousy he felt was unbearable.

"You're such a whore, aren't you? Didn't you plan everything that night so we could have sex? Why are you still thinking about your old lover since you're married to me now?"

Christine resisted with all her strength, but Wesley proved to be too much for her. He was like a blood-thirsty demon at this point, and she had no chance of stopping his assault.

This was not the way she wanted for them to go on. Things were going smoothly until now.

It was beyond doubt that Wesley was very angry now, but Christine still tried to calm him down.

"Calm down, Wesley. I'm not the kind of woman you think I am. I don't know who set me up that night, which led to us having sex. Also, I escaped before the wedding. It was you and your grandfather who forced me into this marriage. Please, get off me. It hurts..."

Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Wesley was far too mad to be tamed by her gentle words. The embarrassment she had suffered earlier and what was happening to her right now made her eyes watery.

Seeing her tears, Wesley felt even angrier.

"What's this now? You didn't cry when I had you before. What's wrong with you now? You married me and married into my family. You are pretending to be pure and chaste. Who are you willing to give your body to?

Would you stop crying if Barrett was the one doing you? Is that it?"

At this point, Wesley was completely out of his mind. He brutally tore Christine's clothes, exposing her supple skin.

Christine's sobs and pleas of mercy irked her husband, and devastated her ex-lover.

The reason why Wesley was so angry right then was because Christine appeared to be holding on to her relationship with Barrett. How could he bear that his woman liked another man?

After all, he was falling inexplicably in love with her.

Barrett was angry because his beloved woman was forced to have sex with another man, and he had no way to stop that.

The fact remained that Christine and Wesley were husband and wife, and this was a matter between them. What about him? He was just an outsider.

Barrett did not even have the right to speak against this. He wished he could squeeze through the communication channel and save Christine.

Wesley, once again, reminded Christine clearly that she was married and belonged to him.

Besides, Wesley had always been greedy, and he would not settle for less. He not only wanted Christine's body, but also her heart.

Barrett did not have the courage to speak or hang up the phone. He could clearly hear strange noises from the other end, indicating the two were in the middle of an intimate activity. But now he was aware of the nature behind Christine's marriage, based on the couple's quarrel.

He had always thought that Christine had betrayed him for money and power, but it turned out to be far from the truth.

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