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   Chapter 22 A Party

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Sometimes an opportunity would come knocking on one's door.

Karl, as soon as he came back from the vacation, sent invitations to all the well-known families in S City. He was going to host a party for Wesley and Christine.

On the day of the event, as expected, many people came. In order to build a good relationship with the Helian family, all the noble families required their sons and daughters to attend the occasion. The party was grand; a myriad of traditional Chinese and popular Western dishes were served on a long table while there was unlimited wine, a live band played in the background.

In these kinds of occasion, generally speaking, no one would be foolish enough to make a scene.

But this time was different. Earle came with the intention of making trouble.

When Wesley and Christine showed up, everyone raised their drink to the couple. Earle saw Christine standing shyly beside Wesley, and he instantly got angry at the woman who betrayed his brother. He approached the couple with a huge grin on his lips but fire in his eyes.

"Christine, I'm really glad you're living a good life! I congratulate you on behalf of my brother, Barrett. I don't know if you still remember my poor brother. As they say, people only want to look at happiness. Who would bother thinking about the unfortunate ones?" he remarked in a loud voice.

Malicious whispers erupted among the guests; they could not help discussing the romance between Christine and Barrett, regardless of the fact that they were within the Helian family estate.

This really embarrassed the Ji family and the Helian family members in attendance.

The rumors went around that Christine abandoned Barrett, just so she could secure her current position.

Everyone was gossiping. The rumors spread like wildfire and it took an instant for every guest to be aware of what happened between Christine and Barrett.

The stars of this party were supposed to be Wesley and Christine, but now everyone's focus was on Barrett who was not in the picture.

After Earle finished his statement, Christine became the target of everyone's criticism.

In fact, everyone was scratching their head as to why Christine could marry Wesley.

These people had been hiding their dissatisfaction with Christine for a long time for she stole the most eligible bachelor of all S City. Now they knew that she had abandoned her long-time lover just to marry Wesley. This only exacerbated their hatred for her.

She was really good at tricking Karl into backing up her marriage to Wesley. No one knew what kind of magic she used to fool these men.

Christine suffered a great deal of embarrassment on the stage. She had become the villain in everyone's eyes for reasons beyond her control. She felt so weak and powerless.

She could not even defend herself. She was really chosen by Karl for no reason, and then the old man forced her to marry Wesley. She even risked her life and escaped from the wedding, but she was caught and brought back to S City.

Moreover, Barrett seemed to be keeping another woman by his side. All these people were unaware of these things and pointed their fingers solely at her.

There was no way she could sway the guests over to her side. Earle was Barrett's younger brother after all, so his disdain for her was natural. The fact remained that she married another man so it was not appropriate to get angry with him. She felt embarrassed and helpless.

"Christine, didn't you really consider how Barrett would feel?

How could you be so heartless?" Earle continued to accuse Christine.

Christine was embarrassed by Earle's snide remarks, but she could only stand behind Wesley, holding the goblet nervously and staring at her accuser.

She was not a saint who would do nothing when being accused, but she was used to defend Barrett and his family. She didn't want to embarrass Earle.

'If Barrett were here, he would also defend his brother,' thought Christine.

Seeing Christine hide behind him, Wesley felt sorry for her.

She was his wife. If other people humiliated her in front of him, it also meant they were slapping him in the face.

Besides, Christine was his lawful wife. No one could say these things to her, in their own home.

"Mr. Gu, I don't know about Barrett, but Christine is my wife. Whoever is disrespectful to her is not welcome here.

Please leave," Wesley said coldly and his face remained expressionless.

A coup

le of guards standing nearby politely invited him out when they heard Wesley's words.

When Earle was being escorted outside, he was still ranting about his brother and Christine.

"Wesley, you are robbing my brother of his true love!" he screamed as he was dragged out of view.

Yet, everyone easily dismissed Earle's accusation that Wesley stole another man's happiness. For them, Wesley was so perfect that what he did was always right.

And the main reason was that no one dared to talk something bad about Wesley in his face. He was the ruler of S City.

Unfortunately, Wesley's untouchable status was not readily applied for Christine. They did not dare criticize Wesley, but the same did not go for his wife.

"I didn't expect that this woman, Christine, is really capable of making Wesley defend her."

"She is so lucky that she has married into the Helian family."

"She is cheating on Wesley! Who does she think she is? What a shameless bitch!"

Everyone was talking negatively about Christine. They attacked her in all aspects, including her personality, appearance, and so on.

All in all, they were unconvinced that Wesley favored Christine to be his wife.

In the past, everyone thought that Wesley would only marry Jessica, and everyone just accepted that as a fact. After all, no one could oust that woman in his heart. But now, seeing that Wesley had married Christine, everyone became suspicious; some where even hopeful that they could somehow steal him from her.

If it was not Jessica, did it mean that they still had hope? But seeing how Wesley protected Christine so ardently, all the ladies felt that their hope was shattered again.

It was all Christine's fault. The Ji family was not even prestigious to begin with. What qualifications did they have to build that kind of relationship with the Helian family?

The ladies were not the only ones who had grievances, the patriarchs of all the elite families were deeply dissatisfied as well. Everyone knew what it meant to build a direct connection with the Helian family.

Everyone at the party was whispering.

They all despised Christine for abandoning her long-time lover, Barrett, in order to steal Wesley away from them.

Christine did not know what to say to defend herself. She grew smaller and smaller every minute.

The malevolent gaze of the guests were clawing at her. Even she, who placed little importance on other people's opinions, felt uncomfortable. There was no reason for her to stay there and absorb their contempt.

Since she could not enjoy her party, she might as well go back to her room to have a rest.

"Wesley, I'm not feeling well. I'll go back to my room to get some sleep," Christine whispered to Wesley, as if she was begging for his permission. But before he could answer, she fled to her room, as swift as her legs could carry her.

She was shaking and there was obvious fear in her eyes. He was left alone in the middle of the party so suddenly. He imagined that if it was him prior to the wedding, he would just brush this off and continue entertaining the guests. But now, somehow he felt hollow, and everything around him felt grey and muted.

This emptiness and misery were very strange. In his heart, what Christine had suffered was the biggest grievance in the world. He just wanted to hold that woman in his arms and comfort her.

He wanted to assure her that she was not alone and tell her that he was there for her and she could rely on him.

Wesley bit his lip. This idea frightened him. When did he have such a strong desire to protect and comfort his wife?

No, he could not fall in love with Christine.

She was just a pawn for him to play with against his grandfather. She must remain as a tool to be disposed of.

Wesley kept reminding himself not to fall in love with Christine. All the pleasantries he had done for Christine was just to deceive Karl.

There was nothing more to it. Christine was just a chess piece to fool Karl and make him believe that Wesley had cut off his connection with Jessica.

But Wesley was confused whether it was he who used Christine to blind Karl about his relationship with Jessica, or it was he who used Jessica to fool himself into believing that he had no feelings for Christine.

He could not figure out why he kept telling himself not to be so good to Christine and keep a distance from her, only to end up much closer to this woman more than ever.

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