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   Chapter 10 Get Married

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Thinking of all kinds of strange things that had happened in the past few days, Christine felt that she must have a good relax.

She found a beautiful park and began to travel around. She felt happy both physically and mentally. It felt so good.

But happy time was always so short.

It never occurred to Christine that it was so difficult for her to get rid of Nathan's control. She just enjoyed the feeling of freedom for a while, then she was discovered by the Helian family.

What a bad luck! She had thought that she wouldn't have to marry Wesley, but now it seemed that she was daydreaming.

Before the wedding, Christine was taken back.

It seemed that such a hard escape is just to come out and eat something, have fun. That was terrible.

The private plane seemed to be from Wesley. It was not as conspicuous as the Helian family's, but with exaggerated golden words. It only wrote a word "Wesley" in a very low-key way, which was impressive.

Time was right. Christine's trip abroad didn't take up any time.

All the preparations for the wedding were completed on the plane.

On the plane, Christine was surrounded by make-up artists and stylists who had been well prepared. After changing her wedding dress, she began to be tortured.

After she finally finished her make-up, they looked at the woman in the mirror. Her skin was white and beautiful, and her lips were red and her teeth were white. She was a fairy.

It seemed that Wesley had a lot of good fortune in love affairs, and everyone was silently thinking in their hearts.

The make-up artist was also amazed by her own work. Her makeup skill reached a peak.

When everything was ready, the plane just arrived at the wedding site, as if there was no escape of Christine before the wedding.

Christine was still confused. Shouldn't Wesley be on her side?

It was a well-known secret in S City that Wesley loved Jessica in his heart.

Wesley didn't like her and didn't want to marry her, but he seemed to care about the wedding very much.

He was really a strange person. She didn't know what the shrewd Wesley was thinking. It should be the best for him if she took the initiative to leave.

But now it was obvious that it was Wesley who took the initiative to find her back.

In her eyes, this escape was not a success. She thought it was a farce in others' eyes.

But in Nathan's opinion, it was not the case.

Nathan couldn't forget that Wesley mocked him for making Christine escape yesterday. It was because of Nathan's tolerance and fear of Wesley that Nathan controlled his temper.

Wesley said that if Christine couldn't arrive on time when the wedding was formally held, the whole Ji family would bear the consequences. Nathan knew what the consequences would be, so every second before Christine arrived was a torture to Nathan.

Finally, Christine arrived at the scene on time. Nathan's face finally eased down.

But Nathan hated his daughter even more. In his eyes, the humiliation and threat of Wesley were all brought by Christine.

The wedding was held, and the happiest one was still Karl.

Karl was satisfied that his grandson could listen to him and found Christine back.

But the others seemed not to be so happy.

Holding her so-called father's arm, Christine walked on the pat

h covered with flowers and approached Wesley step by step. It was not like a wedding, but like going to hell.

There was really no one she liked in this wedding.

Finally, they came to the front of Wesley. Nathan handed Christine's hand to Wesley, like a loving father.

Wesley took the bride's hand and it looked like Christine was holding his arm.

What a warm and happy scene it was in the eyes of others.

The fans of Wesley were so envious of Christine and wanted to be a woman standing beside Wesley, even if they all knew that the person in his heart was Jessica.

But for such an excellent man, it didn't matter if he had someone else in his heart.

Such a perfect man! It was the luckiest thing to be his woman.

His perfect face, coupled with his wealth made women flocked to Wesley.

But this was not the case in Christine's eyes.

Wesley was handsome and rich, and it was indeed very attractive.

But that was based on the premise that she was lucky to enjoy it. Moreover, she had Barrett in her heart, who was more excellent than Wesley. At least, in her opinion, he was.

No matter how jealous the women around Christine were, they couldn't change the result.

Even if Christine didn't want this good luck that others were eager to get, she had to accept it.

After all, she couldn't defeat Wesley. Since he could get her back so easily, he must have some means to make her unable to escape. Besides, she couldn't afford to offend the Helian family.

On one side, Christine was still analyzing the situation she was facing.

On the other side, looking at the woman who was obviously absent-minded, Wesley felt even more disgusted.

Wesley whispered in her ear, "I advise you not to go against me. Cooperating with me is what you should do. Don't challenge my patience. You will come to no good end if you offend me."

In other people's eyes, this was the sweetness of marriage.

The wedding hadn't been finished yet, but the relationship between the bridegroom and the bride was so good that they could whisper in front of so many people as if no one was around.

But in Christine's eyes, what he said was like a sentence, directly telling herself not to have any intention of escape.

Christine was speechless. Since Wesley didn't want to marry her, why did he keep pestering her like this?

If she couldn't escape, what about Barrett? She only cared about Barrett and there would be no one else in her heart.

Would she be pestered by Wesley all the time?

Noticing that Christine didn't answer him, Wesley moved his arm and gave a hint.

Christine was a little flustered. She got rid of Nathan's control, so she didn't want to be controlled by Wesley. It was not a good thing.

Wesley would only be more difficult to deal with than Nathan. Seeing that Wesley had been angry for several times, she felt that she could only pray for herself.

Christine still wanted to struggle and refute.

But now there were so many people at the wedding. If she refuted, once the Helian family lost face, it would be the date of her death.

It was obvious how much Wesley cared about the Helian family's reputation and how much he cared about his own. So it was absolutely stupid to refute Wesley now.

It would only make things worse if she irritated Wesley.

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