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   Chapter 9 Try On The Wedding Dress

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Although later Nathan called the doctor to prescribe antipyretics for Christine, Christine's high fever had gone down.

But in the past few days, she had been in and out of the hospital, receiving all kinds of medicine and all kinds of inhuman torture.

After all, Christine was still a weak woman, even if she kept forcing herself to be strong.

But that was just because no one would help her to hold up the sky behind her. It was good enough that she didn't expect them not to force her to death, because she couldn't rely on Nathan, and even Wesley was a ruthless man.

Christine could only lie on the bed. She dared not to get sick.

The wedding with Wesley would be held in two days. She didn't hope that there would be a miracle that she didn't have to be forced to marry him.

So she must have a healthy body so that she could escape before the wedding.

Christine looked out of the window carefully, but she was thinking about how to steal her passport so that she could go abroad to look for Barrett.

Yes, now the only person she could trust and make her feel at ease was Barrett.

After sleeping for a while, Christine pretended to go out for a walk and sneaked into Nathan's room. This time, she must get her passport.

Then she left this place and the Ji family openly. She had had enough of staying in the Ji family, and she had had enough of Nathan.

Christine was not stupid enough to think that marrying into the Helian family would be a turning point in her life. For Christine, the Helian family was a more horrible existence than the Ji family. That man was more resourceful than Nathan. Of course she had to escape if she could.

For herself and for Barrett.

But Nathan was not a fool. He saw that Christine had changed so much. She had changed from a cold woman to a woman who didn't want to die and wanted to go out for a walk. It was not like the cold woman she had just been.

It was more like a small animal trapped in a cage, suddenly seeing the hope of escape and having the ridiculous yearning.

Looking at the woman who was about to come out, Nathan sneered, "It's okay if you want to go out. The bodyguards can't leave you at any time."

Christine resisted, "They are men. Do they have to go to the bathroom with me?"

Nathan smiled and said, "So, you'd better stay in the room. It's convenient for you and me, and you don't have to make the bodyguards so embarrassed."

"Christine, make do with it."

Christine suddenly felt that she was a fool. How could she hope such a freak to be normal?

Christine had no choice. Now she was in the Ji family, and she had no ability to disobey Nathan's words.

Just stay here. She doesn't believe that she can't escape before the wedding.

Time went by slowly. Finally, it was the eve of the wedding.

No matter how reluctant Christine was, she had to try on the wedding dress. And Nathan wouldn't let her do whatever she wanted.

The wedding dress was unexpectedly gorgeous. It was like a princess' wedding dress in fairy tales.

If Christine didn't know that Wesley loved someone in his heart and had no interest in her, she would have thought that Wesley was looking forward to the wedding.

When Christine was trying on the wedding dress, Wesley didn't show up again. But Christine wasn't in the Ji family now and wasn't under the control of Nathan. Besides, Nathan was afraid of the power of the Helian family and didn't dare to monitor Christ

ine too much when she was trying on the wedding dress.

Christine tried a lot of wedding dresses, thinking that although she would definitely escape from the wedding, she could have a try.

When she married Barrett in the future, there would be many styles for reference.

Although Wesley didn't have much expectation for the wedding, he had prepared a lot. After all, he couldn't lose the face of the Helian family.

In this respect, Christine was very satisfied. Not only did the wedding dress match her taste, but also for the power of Wesley, it was also good for her that Nathan did not dare to make trouble.

After trying on the wedding dress, Christine got her long lost freedom.

Finally, she got rid of the two bodyguards. Nathan was so humble and condescending. He had always been worried about that she would make trouble. Now that he knew that she was trying on the wedding dress under the instruction of Karl, he dared not do anything.

Although it was most likely that Karl had plotted the conspiracy between her and Wesley, he was still one of the few people who were good to her.

Christine had made a plan on the way to steal her passport.

When she arrived at the Ji family's house, it happened that Nathan wasn't at home. This was an excellent opportunity.

It was easy for Christine to sneak into Nathan's room when no one noticed.

Nathan didn't trust others. After all, he had been living in such a dangerous environment for a long time and had no sense of security for anyone or anything.

That was for sure. When he was a drug dealer, there seemed to be a sword hanging on his head. If he trusted others too much, he would be courting death.

After Nathan proved that he wasn't a drug trafficker, he didn't change this habit. In Nathan's view, he could be safe.

So Nathan hated Christine, who knew and had the evidence of his crime. He wanted to kill her as soon as possible. He couldn't tolerate anyone to threaten his current position, even his own daughter was no exception.

Christine was quite familiar with this point, so Christine was sure that her passport must have been hidden in Nathan's room. After all, he only believed in himself.

Her efforts paid off. As expected, she found her passport in a corner of the closet after a carpet search of his room.

Fortunately, no one came in when she searched for the room.

She was happy to get the passport, but she had to disguise herself.

Since she had returned to the Ji family today, it was very difficult to go out now.

Christine thought in her heart, 'Have a good rest today and find an opportunity to leave here tomorrow.'

When Nathan came back, he was very satisfied to see Christine quietly staying in the room. She finally didn't cause him any trouble.

"If only Christine could always be so obedient." But Nathan knew it was just a fantasy.

On the second day, Christine came to Nathan and told him that Karl asked her to prepare the materials for the wedding and never let the Helian family lose face.

Although Nathan still didn't trust Christine, he didn't dare to say anything when Christine mentioned Karl to suppress him. It was not the right time to offend the Helian family.

After leaving the gate of the Ji family, Christine took her passport and went straight to the airport.

Finally, she went abroad, left the Ji family and got rid of the control of Nathan. As expected, even the air she breathed in was free.

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