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   Chapter 3 Forced Marriage

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No one in the room had expected that Christine would make a move, not even herself. The atmosphere went eerily quiet when she did that.

"Well done, Christine!"

Karl praised her with an approving look. He had been worried that the woman would be submissive to Wesley, but now he only had to worry about them not getting married.

However, he had a plan. He always had his own way...

"You are courting death, woman!" Wesley clenched his teeth. He felt like crushing Christine into tiny pieces.

Christine picked up the bottle of red wine from the table and broke it over the table's edge. Now, the sharp point of the bottle was pointed towards Wesley. Christine looked like a hedgehog. Come close and no one could avoid getting stung!

"By the way, Bear, go and get some contraceptive pills."

Wesley raised his eyebrows frivolously and looked at the woman playfully. "Such an impudent woman doesn't deserve to bear a descendant of the Helian family."

This moody freak was satirizing her.

Hearing these words seemed to affect Christine since her fingertips visibly trembled. Recalling the vague experience of last night, she slowly dropped the bottle. Obviously, she didn't want to be pregnant with this swaggerer's child.

Outside the window, the sky was slowly getting brighter and the rain seemed to be withdrawing. Chances were that paparazzi were rushing towards the hotel now as well.

"Alright then! We have watched enough foreplay. I'll be leaving now. Remember to pay attention to the news this morning!" Karl's goal was finally achieved. With a handsome smile at the corner of his mouth, he got up to leave.

Christine's mind went blank.

The news this morning? What was that supposed to mean?

Karl seemed to sense her confusion. "The news will be released at seven o'clock. You will know what it means then."

He didn't want to say anything more and simply walked out of the room with his crutch. The reporters followed him closely, but they would look at Wesley from the corner of their eyes from time to time.

Inside the room, the efforts Christine had already exerted were beyond what she could afford. She fell down to the ground, weak and limp.

It was getting stuffy in the room. Wesley felt so too and pulled open his collar, revealing his chest. There were several clear hickeys on it.

Christine looked away. Obviously, he had done so on purpose.

"I still want you to tell me a price."

The man was half lying on the sofa now, his lips twitching slightly, and his voice deliberately lowered. He stared coldly at the woman lying on the floor, with his deep eyes, and his eyelashes trembling softly.

His angular features, fair skin, perfect face, peachy red lips, and high nose made him look like a medieval king.

Were it not for his actions, anyone would think he had been chosen by God. He was the eldest son of the Helian family and the only heir. If he stamped his foot, the whole S City would be in turmoil.

Such a person had the potential to be so perfect.

Unfortunately, everyone in S City knew that the man only cared about one woman: Jessica.

"Ha ha." Christine snorted but said nothing.

The newspapers, the TV, and the magazines were full of reports about Wesley. He had always looked so handsome in all kinds of media, but she had never expected that he would be this kind of a person.

"Mr. Wesley, I've bought the pills." Bear put down a bag of medicine on the table.

'I can't get pregnant with this man's child.'

Before Wesley could say anything, Christine pounced on the package, opened it and gulped it down.

"That's enough."

Without saying anything else, Christine suddenly ran out of the room barefoot. She was afraid that she would go crazy if she stayed here any longer.

Tired, she stumbled out of the hotel. It was a hazy drizzle outside, but her mood was a hundred times worse than the weather.

Her feet were red with cold. Passers-by would look at her and whisper. Every step she took made her feel a sharp pain all over her body. She clenched her fists and cursed Wesley a hundred times in her heart.

"Is that Christine?"

"Yes, it's her. Look at the photos. That's clearly her."

"Oh my God. If I were her, I would be so happy."

They were murmuring among themselves with excitement.

Christine turned around and glared at the girls around her, who were holding the morning newspaper in their hands and staring at her instead of the paper.

"Give me that." Like a cheetah, Christine quickly pounced and grabbed the newspaper. The biggest news was on the front page. It covered half the damned thing, and it was a photo of her and Wesley.

"Wesley, Karl!" Christine couldn't stand it anymore and madly tore the newspaper into pieces.

He had robbed her of her virginity and then even gone so far so as to announce it in the newspaper in a high-profile way. Did he want her to be unable to stay in S City?

On the other side of the street, the motorcade followed Christine and fin

ally stopped in front of her. Then a black coat was wrapped around her cold and wet body. And as if they were afraid that she would escape, the bodyguards surrounded her.

The golden word "Helian" on the car was dazzling.

"Miss Christine, Mr. Karl has invited you." One of the bodyguards told her. Christine turned her head and the window was rolled down. The man was staring at her from inside the car.

"What if I don't want to go?" Christine didn't dare to act rashly, but she wasn't going to yield so easily either.

"Then we'll have to persuade you." It looked like they had been expecting it. Hearing Christine's answer, the bodyguards moved in closer, ready to use force.

"Miss Christine, Mr. Karl just wants to talk to you. Besides, we have invited Mr. Nathan as well." Peter got out of the car and looked down at her.

"You..." 'This is going too far.'

Christine straightened her back, suppressed all the dissatisfaction in her heart, and slowly moved towards the motorcade.

"Christine, I don't intend to harm you. I just want to have a chat." Karl got out of the car as well and seemed to want to support Christine.

Christine dodged his arms and looked at the man in front of her angrily. "Mr. Karl, this is not a big deal."

"The Helian family is a well-known clan, Christine. We have to be responsible for such things. We will give you a satisfactory answer."

Karl got in the car again, and the door was now opened for her.

Christine was sensible. She got in the car and sat down beside Karl.

"Go." As soon as Christine had fastened the seat belt, Karl gave the order. The motorcade started instantly and ran steadily on the road. The cars in front of them moved to their sides spontaneously, making way for them.

Inside, Christine leaned against the door but did not say a word. In fact, one of her hands was on the door.

She felt like an ant. However, because of her, the dynamics of the entire S City were going to change.

The motorcade stopped at the Helian mansion. There was a vintage gate in between its boundary wall. A musical fountain was located in the center of the spacious lawn, with a sculpture of two children in its middle. The flowers along the driveway were blooming brightly. There was also a hanging chair in the corner.

"Tell me, why were you looking for me? Why am I here?" Christine felt an inexplicable resistance to this place. She just was unwilling to enter.

Nathan Ji stood respectfully at the door. He was already wet since he didn't have an umbrella with him. Seeing the motorcade stop, he immediately walked up towards them. When he saw Christine in the car, he instantly began to panic.

"Mr. Karl, what did my daughter do? Is everything okay?"

Christine bit her lips and tried to speak in a hoarse voice, "Dad, I..."

"You are a daughter of the Ji family. How depraved you are!" Seeing Christine's father, Wesley immediately understood her identity.

Before Christine could even begin her sentence, her father slapped her hard across the face.

"You unfilial daughter, do you want to destroy us? Apologize to Mr. Wesley now."

Her face turned red immediately. There were five clear fingerprints on it. Her curly hair fell down on her eyes, blocking her vision.

"I'm... I'm sorry, Mr. Wesley."

Christine couldn't believe what she had just heard. She suppressed the grief in her heart and apologized in a low voice.

"Raise your voice!" Nathan Ji roared impatiently.

"Mr. Nathan, Christine doesn't have to apologize to that brat. She didn't do anything wrong." Karl picked up the newspaper. "But this newspaper..."

Nathan Ji's hands trembled. He took it over and asked, "How is this even possible?"

After a few seconds of silence, he fell to the ground. "Mr. Wesley, I'm so sorry. I didn't teach my daughter well enough. Please let go of the Ji family and Christine. I'll take all the responsibility."

In this city, whoever offended the Helian family was undoubtedly sentenced to death.

"I can let you go. But I want her to kneel down and apologize," Wesley replied calmly.

Christine paused for a moment.

Wasn't he yet satisfied after humiliating her so much?

But if she resisted, what would happen to the Ji family? What would happen to Barrett?

Wesley raised his eyebrows. The expressions of grief and anger on Christine's face made him happy. "Well? Don't you want to?"

"If I kneel down, will you really let go of the Ji family?"

Compared to this man, the Ji family was too weak. They had no choice but to compromise and do what he said.

"Don't go too far." Karl couldn't stand it anymore. He came out of the car to reprimand the man, and then held up Nathan Ji. "I invited you here today because I have something important I need to discuss with you."

Still unsatisfied, Wesley laughed, "Remember, no one can resist me."

He was saying this to Christine. It looked like the danger had been dispelled, but it was temporarily. Christine breathed a sigh of relief.

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