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   Chapter 2 The Price Is Your Life

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"Mr. Karl, Mr. Wesley is inside."

The butler, whose name was Peter, was speaking fluent Italian as he gestured his master inside with a welcoming wave. The reporters followed the man spontaneously and entered behind him as well.

This man was Wesley's grandfather, and known as Karl Helian. He was the leader of the Helian family, and also one of the most powerful people in S City.

Inside the hotel, the hotel wardrobe was supplied with a few suits for several kinds of occasions. After browsing around, Wesley casually picked out a suit, whose quality of cloth was visible even from a distance. Also, it looked like the suit had been especially prepared.

He calmly tidied up the blue colored suit and looked at Christine through the mirror. "Aren't you leaving?"

Christine looked at him in disbelief and anger. She did not like this meeting, even though this was the first time that she had seen a real person of the Helian family in person. And wearing that expensive blue suit, with his deep eyes, he seemed to be exuding a terrifying aura. He looked impatient and unapproachable. At the same time, he looked much more handsome than his appearance in the magazines. He looked like a flamboyant person, totally different from Barrett Gu's sunshine.

"You... Forget it..." Christine looked furious. Thinking about Barrett Gu, her heart began to ache. She had lost her virginity for no reason today. How was she going to face him now?

She randomly pulled out a long sleeved cloth from the wardrobe, especially picking one which could cover the hickeys on her body. After that, she went into the bathroom to try it on.

Just as she was inside, the door was smashed open, and the air froze in an instant.

Karl Helian was standing in the door and looking around. He could sense the tense atmosphere in here hadn't been dissipated. His expressions were a little excited as his eyes slowly met with Wesley's.

The area behind him was crowded with reporters, but no one dared to step into the room, and no one dared to ask any questions. The flashlights would flicker occasionally and that was the only sign of their presence.

"Grandpa, what are you doing here?" Wesley sat down on the sofa, with one hand on his neck and his legs crossed.

"I heard that you were in an accident, so I am here to save you." Karl Helian walked into the room slowly with his crutch, supported carefully by Peter, the butler.

"I was in an accident? So why do you bring reporters with you?"

Wesley turned his head and looked at the man with a faint smile that seemed to be mocking him.

Karl ignored him completely and kept walking around, looking for something in the room.

Finally, he stopped at the door of the bathroom. A rustling sound was coming from inside.

'Is she here?'

The man's eyes twinkled. He put his hand on the doorknob but then slowly brought it back down. He needed to wait for the girl to come out herself.

After freshening up, Christine stood in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection. The day might not have been going good but fortunately, all the hickeys had been covered.

The cloth itself was a bit tight and revealed her curvaceous figure. Her face flushed with the heat.

Looking in the mirror, she saw a high nose, a pair of eyes like almonds, which were marked with a trace of unspeakable sadness. Her thin lips slightly opened, and finally turned into a self-mocking smile. She then scooped up some water and splashed it on her face. Her hair was disheveled and feebly hanging on her shoulder in a mess. But even so, it was not difficult to see that she was a beautiful woman.

She grabbed a towel and wiped the water from her face. Then she opened the bathroom door.

The flashlights that clicked instantly blinded her eyes and she was unable to open them. The strong smell of cologne came over from a person standing in front of her.

"If you want the newspapers to be closed, you can continue taking those pictures!"

A curt voice sounded. Although he was a little angry, the man's voice was still pleasant to hear, and his handsome face was full of dignity.

"Come here, my granddaughter-in-law. Hurry up now." At the sight of Christine, Karl couldn't hold back his dignity any more. He began to smile.

Christine herself was yet to recover from the shoc

k that the reporters had given her.

She staggered and almost lost her balance. Fortunately, her waist was held by Wesley in time and she didn't fall down.

"Grandpa, you know that I won't marry anyone except Jessica." Wesley loosened his grip on Christine and walked slowly towards Karl.

"See here. You must be responsible for the girl you slept with. I have seen Jessica grow up. She is much more complex than you make her out to be."

Karl was getting excited now. He hit the ground with his crutch, which made a loud noise in the silence of the room.

"Also, if you don't marry this girl, I'll expose this news to the public. I want to see just how generous Jessica can be."

The atmosphere was becoming tense now.

"Grandpa, don't forget that I have given you all the rights. Don't force me to take them back."

Wesley stood a little taller than Karl, and his expressions seemed to make the latter lose some momentum.

"You unfilial grandson, I will beat you to death!"

The crutch was raised in the air and hit Wesley hard. Wesley snorted and frowned slightly, seemingly unfazed by the hit.

"Let me tell you, as long as I'm still in the Helian family, Jessica is not going to be! You can forget about her!"

Karl hit Wesley several times and then suddenly coughed violently. With the help of Peter, he sat down stiffly on the chair.

"What happened today was an accident. I'll compensate her for this. Don't worry about it."

The exposed skin on Wesley's forearms was covered with bruises.

"If anyone even thinks about sharing what happened here to the public, he is dead! Smash your cameras and get out!"

Wesley's cold eyes flashed through the reporters at the door. They instantly threw their cameras on the ground in one single move and rushed backwards.

The reporters, however, merely looked at each other. They had been called here by Karl. If they left now, they would offend him. Some of the timid ones even started sobbing!

Outside, there was still a drizzle, and the sky was not yet completely bright.

Rubbing his temples, Wesley asked Christine, "Is ten million enough?"

"Screw you!"

Knowing what Wesley meant, Christine threw the slipper she had just put on right towards the man. A clear footprint was left on his expensive suit.

'This man thinks he's such a big deal! He thinks he can do whatever he wants! I'd like to see what happens if I irritate you!'

She was holding the other slipper in her hand tightly. "I've told you. So, what's your price?"

With a murderous look, Wesley took off his blazer and stepped forward slowly.

"I'm afraid you can't afford my price!"

With his hands in his pockets, the man walked towards Christine step by step.

Another slipper flew over, but he merely bent down slightly and dodged it deftly.

"So what's your price?"

She knew well that even the whole Ji family could not afford Wesley for one night, but what could she do now?

Having no other choice, she could only prepare herself for the worst consequence.

"The price is your life!"

Wesley raised his head and then stood still. "Bastard, if you dare hurt her, then so help me God Jessica will be dead!" Karl couldn't help shouting out in fury.

"Mr. Wesley..."

At that moment, a man squeezed in through the door. There was a scar on his face that extended from the corner of his eye to his chin. He was about the same height as Wesley.

The man came to a halt respectfully in front of Wesley. "Mr. Wesley, Miss Jessica is still in the city. However, we are still searching for her with all our might."

"Bear, I'll give you three days. You must find Jessica."

Wesley's tense face muscles finally seemed to relax a bit, though the expression in his eyes was still unfathomable. "Grandpa, no one can stop me this time."

"Three days? That is enough time for you to marry this girl."

Karl raised his head and said, "Peter, go and tell the Ruo family. Jessica is still in the city, let them handle it."

"Grandpa, do you want to force me?"

A gloomy aura approached Christine as Wesley grabbed her wrist fiercely.

"How many times do you want to use the same move?"

Christine lifted her foot and kicked Wesley's belly. The man staggered back a few steps and covered his belly with his hand. His face looked as cold as ice.

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