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   Chapter 1 You Are A Vicious Woman

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"Get out of the way! Move! Everyone, get out of the way!"

The doors of the ambulance were kicked open from the inside and the paramedics rushed out two stretchers. They were followed by Wesley Helian, who seemed both worried and furious.

"Don't worry, Jessica. You are going to be fine."

His face seemed tense and his breath was cold. "You must save her. If she dies, I am going to make sure your hospital is closed down,"

Wesley Helian roared.

The nurses and doctors who were rushing the stretcher in quickened their pace, afraid that they would become the punching bag of the big shot Wesley Helian.

So... Still choose Jessica Ruo?

Christine Ji, who was lying on one of the stretchers struggled to open her eyes. Hearing the furious roar of Wesley Helian, she felt like she was falling into utter despair.

Jessica Ruo herself seemed fine. She had merely passed out because of fear.

But she...

Christine Ji tried to move her fingers and cried out in pain.

"Christine, you vicious woman! How dare you drive and want to die with Jessica? Why don't you just go to hell and be done with it?"

Wesley Helian kicked the nurse's leg in anger. The poor girl flinched and stumbled and the stretcher swayed a bit from its course. The disturbance pulled on Christine Ji's wound painfully and her blood stained the stretcher.

Before she could clearly hear the curses that Wesley Helian was throwing here and there, the two stretchers were separated and pushed into different emergency rooms.

"I need a blood transfusion here!"

"Where is the doctor? She is dying,"

inside the operating room, one of the nurses pulled in the stretcher and shouted. She looked delicate and seemed just over twenty years old. She had never seen or come across such an accident. Standing and shouting at the door of the ward, her voice seemed to tremble.

Christine Ji opened her eyes and clearly felt like her life was fading away. Her beautiful eyes were full of unwillingness.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. The doctors are taking care of another operation. I'm so sorry."

As the nurse thrust the blood transfusion bag into her arm, she kept murmuring apologies. She was also crying simultaneously. From the way Wesley Helian looked, it was clear that no doctor was daring to take charge of the operation.

'Wesley Helian, we have been married for two years now. I thought you would believe me someday, but as it turns out, nothing can defeat your ruthlessness.'

Christine Ji's heart ached to the core.

She moved her hand slowly and touched her flat belly. There used to be a baby belonging to the two of them. Now, that seemed so impossible!

"Is this all because of Wesley Helian?"

It took her all her strength just to say that. Even after saying this little thing, she gasped and blood came out of her mouth.

Perhaps it was all for the best. Perhaps only when she really was dead could the tragedy between them finally come to an end.

"Yes. I am so sorry. The man said that if Jessica died, our hospital would be buried along with her. Which is why all the qualified doctors have rushed there..."

The nurse told her word by word. Even though she was speaking delicately, she seemed to be torturing Christine Ji.

"Go ask for the doctors again."

She couldn't die like this. No, she was yet to find her child and avenge herself.

Christine Ji's eyes were bloodshot from anger and the blue veins on her hands were raised.

Even amidst all that anger, a silent drop of tear fell down along the corner of her eye, wetting the pillow. The air around was full of an indescribable desolation.

The pain had engulfed all her senses. She kept thinking about their first meeting...

It had all begun two years ago, in the Capital Hotel——

It was six o'clock on a winter morning, and it had begun to drizzle even before dawn.

Inside one of the hotel rooms, there was a French style bed, and the room was filled with a touch of incense. The night lamp was lighting up the room carefully.

"Ugh... It's so hot in here..."

Christine was unconscious.

Her hands fumbled around on the bed, and she felt a touch of something hot on her side.

'Where am I now?'

She opened her eyes. Her head ached and a chill had swept over her, even though it was incredibly hot in there. She moved slightly and felt like she had been run over by a car.

Even though she was an inexperienced woman, she could still guess what was wrong with her.

Without enough time to think it over, she picked up the bed sheet, wrapped herself in it, got out of bed and stumble

d towards the bathroom.

"Go and check it out!"

'Someone's voice? But whose voice?'

Her body went stiff from the tension.

The door of the bathroom was ajar, and in the soft white light, she saw a strange man inside. Christine's face went a little hot.

"A bunch of losers!"

A roar came from inside. Wesley Helian had not noticed that she was approaching. His fist hit the glass hard, and the broken pieces cut into his hand. Blood slowly flowed along the wall.

It was Wesley Helian!

She had climbed into Wesley Helian's bed.

Christine felt a chill running down her neck.

The legend of S City. The CEO of K Group. He had always been on top of the economic list in the city. Why was he here?

"Have you seen enough?"

A low growl came from the bathroom. Wesley had noticed her now. With cold eyes, he pushed the door open and glanced at Christine. Christine broke out in a cold sweat on her forehead. She wanted to run!

She took a few steps back and was about to close the bathroom door completely when a hand reached out and grabbed her wrist tightly.

"How dare you climb into my bed?"

The sudden pain on her hand made her let out a light cry. She struggled and hit the man's arm hard in her efforts.

"Let's just forget about what happened today."

Forcing herself to calm down, Christine forced a smile on her face.

"It's my own loss if we do that and I don't care about it. I don't think you should either!"

Deathly stillness was the only response she got!

Wesley narrowed his eyes but didn't take them off of Christine.

If he hadn't seen with his own two eyes that the woman standing in front of him was a virgin, he would have been deceived by her look now.

"How much is it going to be?"

A playful smile appeared on his face.

'How dare he think of me as that kind of woman?'

Christine's face darkened. "What about you? How much is it going to be?"

Wesley looked at her weirdly with a gloomy expression on his face.

Christine's eyes flashed but she didn't dare to look into the eyes of Wesley. If this matter was ever exposed, the Ji family might never be able to protect her from its repercussions. Now she had no choice but to throw caution to the wind.

"Climb my bed and say something rude to me again and again." The man's breath approached her slowly, as if he was nearing a prey, and the playful smile disappeared. He let go of Christine's wrist, but before she could react, he tightly grabbed her chin.

Christine was now forced to look into his eyes.

"What tricks do you want to play? Or are you imitating Jessica?"

As the strength and the force of his grip increased, Christine's face turned red and she couldn't breathe.

Soon, the strength disappeared. Christine was then thrown away and hit the tea table. The piercing pain forced her to curl up on the ground.

"Don't be so naive! What makes you think that I will be responsible for you after you climbed into my bed?"

Wesley snorted and walked past the woman.

Last night, it had all seemed rather intense.

Their clothes were scattered all over the ground. Wesley picked up her clothes in disgust, and she saw that a few thin threads were fluttering around. His expensive suit itself was crumpled and his trousers had been kicked under the bed.

Christine slowly got up and carefully leaned against the wall.

The current Wesley was like a furious lion. If anyone provoked him, there was no chance of survival at all.

A crumpled piece of paper was suddenly thrown towards her. Christine subconsciously picked it up and opened it. It was a cheque, for ten million!

"Listen up, take that and run! If you dare tell anyone what happened today, then don't blame me for ruining your entire family."

At the entrance of the hotel, the motorcade of the He family had occupied the entire road. The drizzle had turned into a downpour now. Two bodyguards opened the car door respectfully. A walking stick fell to the ground first, and then, one of the bodyguards opened the umbrella to cover the passenger of the sleek, black car from the rain.

The man was grey haired, but he was still standing tall and straight. He was wearing a customized suit, and the row of buttons on his blazer were shining.

He took the umbrella and it could be seen that his hands were not aged at all. The face under the umbrella was just about ninety percent similar to that of Wesley.

Pretty soon, a row of minibuses also came to a halt outside the hotel, and their doors were thrown open. The reporters got out of their cars and surrounded the hotel.

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