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   Chapter 135 Detective Of Song Group

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Susanna nodded her head and listened carefully. From time to time, she would talk to Timothy about her thoughts.

"It's really an interesting idea." Timothy could clearly feel that the person around him were much less restrained and resistant than last time, which made him happy.

The two of them were in the crowd, casually and freely watching the paintings. The scope of their conversation had been limited to the discussion about the art exhibition.

After a while, Timothy saw that Susanna was a little tired, so he proposed to have a rest in a cafe nearby.

Outside the art gallery was a rest area. In order to cooperate with the art exhibition, some shops had hung novel paintings and adjusted their original style. From afar, it looked like a unified and interesting town.

"Do you like this kind of exhibition before?" Stirring the coffee in the cup, Susanna took the initiative to start the topic.

"Not really." Timothy smiled, saying, "I just cultivate a hobby for myself occasionally."

There were not many people in the coffee shop. The air was filled with the pleasant smell of Gardenia and the mellow freshly ground coffee, which gave people a sense of relief, and also made the communication between them relax a lot.

At the same time, in the villa of the Song Family, Cory had just opened his eyes. He stretched out his hands to block the light from the window screen, sleepy, and his brain was still in chaos.

After staying up late, the dizziness occupied all the senses, and even his breathing was slow. When his sight could adapt to the light, Cory loosened his hand and rubbed his temples.

Suddenly, the phone on the bedside table rang.

"Mr. Song." The two words were full of obvious trepidation.

"Say it." Cory looked up at his watch and said impatiently.

"Miss Su is visiting the art exhibition in the downtown now," the man on the other side reported seriously.

Art exhibition?

Cory was confused. Was Susanna interested in the art exhibition? Wi

and vented his dissatisfaction on Timothy who appeared inexplicably.

He parked the car beside the flower nursery at the school gate, and then quickly walked to the school gate. Looking around, he didn't see anyone on duty. He looked at the height of the fence and was about to cross it.

"Sir, what are you doing?" The teacher came out of the pavilion and caught Cory.

"I'll go inside and have a look." Cory tried his best to speak in a calm tone, although his face was still gloomy and terrible.

The teacher looked at Cory suspiciously. Obviously, he didn't believe his explanation. He thought for a while and asked, "Did you study here before?"

He couldn't see Susanna anymore.

"What?" Cory was anxious and he said casually, "No."

"Then why do you want to go in?" The teacher looked serious as if he was catching a hooligan who broke the rules. "Go back quickly, or I won't be so easy-going later."


Cory looked at the teacher speechlessly, thought for a while and replied, "I have a friend who is studying here. I came by to have a look."

The teacher suddenly thought of something and asked, "Are you following that girl here?"

This magical brain circuit and reasoning ability stunned Cory.

"She already have a boyfriend. Don't bother her anymore. Go back quickly," the teacher advised.

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