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   Chapter 132 A Blind Date

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In the next few days, the smile on Susanna's face was forced. She often worked late and went home.

"Susanna." Noticing that something was wrong, Mandy sent away Keith and Jarred, took her hand and walked into the garden. "Are you in a bad mood recently?"

"Everything goes well in the company." Almost subconsciously, Susanna answered, "The project is going smoothly, and the jewelry series that are pushed out are also very popular."

"I don't care about that." With a straight face, Mandy asked, "Tell me the truth. What happened recently?"

In a daze, Susanna lowered her head, unable to respond to Mandy's words. She couldn't even squeeze out a perfunctory smile. These days, she tried very hard to forget what happened that day, and also forced herself to cheer up. But those thin and numb pain seemed to take root and sprout in her heart, and she could not ignore it.

"Does it have anything to do with Cory?" Mandy guessed.

Mandy could tell what happened after returning home had something to do with Cory from the media incident last time.

Nodding her head, Susanna told Mandy everything that had happened recently in detail. At this moment, she seemed to have become a young girl at the beginning of her puberty.

"So you still like him, don't you?" Mandy said in a serious tone.

Looking into Mandy's eyes, Susanna said, "I won't do that again." She should have made this decision. They were not from the same world. There was no need to torture herself.

Seeing Susanna like that, Mandy didn't have the heart to say anything else. "Everything will be fine. Since you have decided what to do, don't look back."

There was more or less a knot in Mandy's heart in this sentence. She never thought that Cory and her daughter were suitable. At that time, if it weren't for the fact that Susanna insisted, she wouldn't have agreed to this marriage at all. Perhaps everything would not have en

an inquiring smile on her face, Mandy said, "That young man is quite good, isn't he?"

"Mom." Holding Mandy's hand, Susanna said, "I'm not in the mood to go on a blind date now. Forget it. Don't delay others anymore."

"Are you dissatisfied or what?"

"No, he's fine. But I have Jarred with me, and I'm busy with the company's affairs. I really don't have the mood to meet another person." Besides, she had the strength to fall in love with another man.

Mandy pulled Susanna to sit on the sofa and said earnestly, "You are not a child anymore. How can you just be busy with the company's affairs? You should consider yourself."

Mandy had been talking about these words recently. Hearing this, Susanna felt like reciting. Although she knew that Mandy was for her own sake, she still subconsciously rejected it.

"Even if you don't think about it for yourself, you should think about Jarred, too." Mandy pointed at Jarred and said, "He will reach puberty in a period of time. He has a heavy mind. If he doesn't have a father's example, it will also affect the growth of him."

With a sigh, Susanna had to admit that what Mandy said was true. Although Jarred didn't say it, she had heard a lot of gossips in the school before.

"I see." Finally, she compromised.

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