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   Chapter 130 A Long Distance

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On the way here, Cory specially asked for some sweet words from Mr. Ethan. Now that he was scolded by Susanna, the atmosphere suddenly fell down, and he didn't know how to say it.

As soon as she saw the familiar face in front of her, Susanna knew what was going on, but she still kept calm on her face and said, "If Mr. Song has nothing else to say, I'll go back first."

She didn't have time to act with Cory, and she didn't think it was necessary to stay here.

"It is not too much to have a meal, is it?" At this time, the flower in Cory's hand became a superfluous existence. He did not know whether he should give it to her or not, which showed the embarrassment between them. He could only temporarily put the flowers aside and think about how to open the conversation box.

"I have something else to do, so I have to go now."

Because of the photos, Susanna was somewhat angry with Cory, not to mention that Felice had shown her attitude clearly in front of her this morning.

Felice and Cory were a real couple. She was just a ridiculous foil, so she should have a little self-knowledge.

Susanna stood up and left, but was stopped by Cory.

"Even if it's for the sake of Jarred, don't make things too ugly." Cory used the magical weapon, Jarred.

After hesitating for a while, Susanna finally agreed.

During the dinner, no matter what Cory said, Susanna didn't answer. She just ate quietly, trying to solve the problem in the fastest way.

Cory, who had been happy, was in a somewhat depressed mood. He put down the knife and fork and said seriously, "I'm sorry for what happened that day."

Susanna was stunned.

"I misunderstood you that day." Cory looked straight into Susanna's eyes and explained, "I didn't know that my mother had pestered you several times because of the custody of Jarred. She even went to the company and your home to argue with you. I promise you that I have never thought of taking back t

out his hand and handed her a piece of fruit. Seeing that Felice was stunned, he followed her gaze and saw the stalemate downstairs.

"What a small world!" Looking at the back of Cory, Guy's eyes were filled with cruelty.

After thinking for a while, Felice stood up and was about to go downstairs, but her hand was quickly grabbed by Guy. "What are you going to do?"

"Let go of me. I'll tell you when I come back." Felice shook off Guy's words without hesitation and warned, "Stay here and don't go out."

Then she trotted downstairs as fast as she could.

Guy sneered, with more dissatisfaction in his eyes. He cursed, picked up a pot of wine on the table and gulped it down.

Downstairs, when Susanna was worrying about how to get rid of Cory, a figure rushed to Cory, grabbed the blue enchantress in his hand with one hand, and said with a charming smile, "Cory, blue enchantress is rare to see in this season. It's hard for you to buy me my favorite flowers."

Felice stressed the word "favorite" on purpose, and looked askance at Susanna with obvious complacency and provocation.

Fortunately, she didn't believe what Cory said. Otherwise, she would become a joke in his eyes again. Susanna smiled with self-mockery. She didn't notice that the flowers were blue enchantress.

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