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   Chapter 129 It's Better Not To See You

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Felice took a look at the name on the screen and pressed the answer key, with a smile on her face.

"Do you have time?" On the other end of the phone was Guy's chuckle, and she indistinctly heard the noise on the road. "I'll treat you to dinner tonight."

"Okay." Felice answered quickly. After thinking about something, she asked, "How is it going?"

"Of course no problem," Guy replied with certainty.

Getting a satisfactory answer, Felice felt less frustrated and in a good mood.

After work, Felice walked to the side door of the company and avoided the gaze of her colleagues. She got in Guy's car and was very careful all the way, fearing of being seen.

"People who don't know will think I'm shady," Guy muttered. He was naturally dissatisfied with such behavior. He casually held the steering wheel and turned to the red street lamp intersection.

"I'm afraid that our plan will be delayed," Felice coaxed him in a soft voice. She had always been a reliable person, especially at this critical moment. It would be troublesome if she was seen by Susanna.

Guy didn't say anything more and led Felice to the western restaurant.

"By the way, how is Callie?" Felice didn't pay much attention to them these days, and she didn't know how they would react after receiving the photos.

"After she received the photos, she went to the Su Family and made a big fuss, but unfortunately she didn't take any advantage and came back in dejection."

Felice was a little surprised. She knew the way Callie dealt with things. How could she lose to Susanna?

"What about Cory?"

"He did not show anything. But he had an argument with Susanna." Guy thought for a while and continued, "The Lin Family is interesting. Caitlin saw the photo and drove Susanna away."

In the past two days, for this matter, he had been silently following Susanna, in order to maximize the effect of the photos at the right time.

"That's great." Felice smiled complacently. Finally, one of her wish

he waiter was stunned and smiled, saying, "No."

"Then why is there no one?" Susanna picked up the warm tea and took a sip. The tea tasted a little bitter and then sweet. The taste of the tea made her feel surprised.

"Maybe it's not time for dinner." The waiter made up an excuse and went back to the reception desk.

Susanna took a look at the time on the screen and found it was half past eight. Was it that her phone was broken?

After a while, a man came in from the door with a domineering aura.

The man was tall. Wearing a white suit, he didn't look tacky at all, but set off his noble temperament. His handsome face had exquisite and vivid features, and there was no concealment of sharp light in his narrow and long eyes. His thin lips were tightly pursed. His eyes were full of coldness when he saw the front desk. Only the beautiful figure in his eyes added him a trace of tenderness.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth and a bunch of blue enchantress in his hand, with water drops on the delicate flowers, he walked slowly to the front of Susanna.

"Long time no see." His deep voice was filled with rare tenderness. When the light fell on him, it weakened his coldness.

Raising her eyes, Susanna smiled and said, "It's better not to see you."

Hearing this, the man's expression trembled.

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