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   Chapter 128 Deliberate Provocation

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Mike didn't know why Caitlin suddenly had such a big opinion on Susanna.

Caitlin sneered, took an envelope from the table next to her, and handed the paper inside to Mike.

On the paper, it recorded in detail what had happened between Susanna and Cory, and mainly wrote how she had dealt with Felice. The words were extremely sharp, and for people like Caitlin who didn't know anything about Susanna, they naturally resisted subconsciously.

"Mom, Susanna is not that kind of person." Mike didn't know how to explain it to Caitlin.

"Well, I don't want to hear that." Caitlin turned to look at Susanna and said, "Miss Su, whether it's true or not, I don't think you and Mike are suitable for each other, so I hope you can understand my feelings as a mother."

She just hoped that her son could find someone he liked and live a peaceful life. She didn't want anything else to happen to his life.

Nodding her head, Susanna turned around and left.

Now that Caitlin had made it clear to her, Susanna knew what to do. After Mike confessed his love to her, the relationship between the two of them was not suitable to continue.

Mike was anxious and ran after her.

"Susanna." Mike's voice was a little breathless, probably because he was running, and the wound on his arm was pulled. His tightly frowned eyebrows had not loosened all the time.

When Susanna was about to hail a taxi, she saw Mike appear in front of her.

"Sorry, my mother didn't mean that." Mike apologized, "Don't be angry. She didn't know the reason, so she misunderstood you."

"I know." Susanna smiled and said, "You don't have to apologize to me. In fact, your mother is right. We should keep a distance from each other."

"No..." Mike tried to reach for Susanna, but was dodged.

"I'm going back." Coincidentally, a taxi passed by. After waving her hand, Susanna quickly disappeared from Mike's sight.

In the heavy night, Mike only fel

Are you unhappy with what I said?" Felice stood up and smiled apologetically. "I thought you had let go of him, so..."

On the other hand, Susanna admired Felice's acting skills more and more. Although everyone had broken up, she could still act as if nothing had happened.

"Get out." Susanna lowered her head to get ready for work.

Felice smiled complacently, turned around and left the office. In the long corridor, only the sound of high heels touching the ground could be heard. It was obvious that she said those words on purpose to irritate Susanna. By the way, she reminded her that she had a good relationship with Cory, and there was no possibility for her to step in.

Although Susanna looked calm, out of the instinct of her rival in love, Felice still felt a thorn in her heart, as if all her strength was on a ball of cotton, and her complacency was replaced by disappointment in a few seconds.

In the past few days, she had been trying to contact Cory, but even his secretary was unwilling to help her, let alone go into the company to see him. Thinking of this, Felice held her breath.

At the corner of the corridor, there was an elevator. Felice pressed the floor number. While she was thinking about how to deal with it, her mobile phone in her hand rang.

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