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   Chapter 8 Do You Fall in Love with Her

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Seeing her, Bader immediately came up to her and said, "Madam, you're finally back. Yesterday when Mr. Cory came back, he didn't see you and the little Jarred get angry."

She smiled at Bader, and Bader sighed, "Madam, I don't know what's wrong between you and Mr. Cory, but in my opinion, although Mr. Cory deliberately ignored you, he still loves you. He also feels bad for you."

With a self-mockery at the corners of her mouth, Susanna thought, 'is Cory sad? It was not because of her, but because......

Thinking of this, she shook her head and stopped thinking. She put the things in the suitcase back to the room and tidied up.

When everything was done, it was time for the kindergarten to finish school. The driver had been waiting for her at the gate as usual.

When she arrived at the kindergarten, Mike was saying goodbye to other parents and children, and hand in hand with little Jarred.

Susanna quickly walked over and picked up the little Jarred. Little Jarred was holding the toy plane that he had dismantled countless times. He glanced at her and didn't call her mother again.

It seemed that he had become more silent since Cory didn't appear on his birthday yesterday.

"Susanna, Jarred's autism had been getting better before, but it seems to be getting worse today. Is there anything wrong at home?" Mike asked Susanna worriedly.

"Nothing. Maybe because I have a bad temper recently, I talked to the child in a heavy tone yesterday." Susanna said with a smile.

"Thank you for your concern, Mr. Mike. I'm taking my child home." Susanna smiled at him again and turned around to leave with the child in her arms.

In a moment of desperation, he grabbed Susanna's hand. Startled, Susanna struggled to free herself. Only then did he realize, and then he smiled awkwardly. "I'm sorry, Susanna. I was too excited just now. I just want to tell you that I want to help you. Can you let me help you? "

Sitting in the car, Cory looked at Susanna's smiling face to Mike and the two people's pulling. He felt as if his heart was pressed by a big stone, and his face was getting worse and worse.

"Mr. Mike, why do you badger the students' parents? Is this the quality of your teachers?" Before Susanna could refuse, she heard a cold voice from behind.

Her body stiffened in an instant. Why did Cory come here?

When she was stiff, Cory put his hand on her shoulder and looked at Mike sharply. "Mr. Mike, I will take care of my wife myself. You don't have to worry about her."

"Cory, I..." Mike wanted to explain, but Cory had already controlled Susanna's body and turned to the car.

Seeing that she was forced to move forward, he clenched his fists.

Sitting in the same car with Cory, Susanna didn't even dare to take a deep breath, and the little Jarred also shrank in her arms. In the beginning, he looked at Cory timidly a few times, and then immersed himself in his own world.

"You can ask the driver to pick up the child from now on!" Cory's low voice was very clear in the car. It was a bolt from the blue to Susanna's head. So, was he going to deprive her of the freedom to pick up little Jarred?

Susanna bit her lips hard. The pain stimulated her nerves and kept her absolutely awake. Only in this way could she control herself not to resist. She had no right to resist.

The three of them went back to the villa in silence. As usual, [张妈] had prepared the dishes that she and little Ella liked to eat on the table. When she saw [宋图南], she said in surprise, "Mr. Wei is back. I'll add two more dishes right now!"

Bader was so excited t

hat she was about to enter the kitchen, but was stopped by Cory. He looked at Susanna and said coldly, "you go!"

"Well..." Bader was a little embarrassed. Susanna smiled at her, "Bader, it's okay. I haven't cooked for Mr. Cory s for a long time. Let me cook for him. Please help me take care of little Jarred."

"Okay, okay..." Bader responded, but her eyes were full of sighs when she looked at Susanna. Anyone could see that Cory was deliberately making things difficult for Susanna.

Soon, two dishes and one soup were served on the table one after another, which were all the favorite dishes of Cory. She had cooked these dishes many times with hope, but now the hope was gone, and the cooking of these dishes was still there.

Sitting at the table, Cory was eating elegantly, while Susanna was eating carefully with her little Jarred.

Little Jarred had known how to pick up food with chopsticks, but she didn't dare to let him do it himself today. She ate carefully while helping Jarred put the food into his bowl.

Sitting there and eating silently, little Jarred even chewed in a very low voice.

After dinner, holding the hand of little Jarred, Susanna was about to go upstairs to wash him and lull him to sleep, but as soon as they stepped on the stairs, they heard the cold voice of Cory, "Clean up the house!"

Hearing that, Susanna held the hand of the little Jarred tighter. Little Jarred looked up at her in confusion.

Realizing that she had used too much strength, she picked up little Jarred and said, "I'll go downstairs to clean up after I get the baby to sleep!"

After saying that, she continued to go upstairs. Looking at her slender and weak back, Cory's black eyes were as deep as the sea. It was not that he didn't like little Jarred, but that was his child. How could he not like him?

But every time he saw the child, he would think of the scheme that Susanna had plotted against him. Thinking of Felice's desperate eyes, he couldn't control his cold face!

When she went downstairs after little Jarred was sleep, Susanna heard her mother-in-law Callie's voice at the corner of the stairs. "I heard that Susanna took the initiative to divorce you? But you didn't agree. Why? Are you in love with that woman? "

"Mom, I know what I'm doing. Don't worry about me!" Cory's voice was still cold, but his heart skipped a beat when he heard the word "like".

Do I like her? impossible! All his sufferings and......

"I don't want to worry about it. But don't you forget that your father died because of the Su family? Your grandfather does not know this. Don't you know that?" Callie said aggressively.

"Mom, it's late. I have work to do." Cory interrupted Callie before she finished her words.

Cory had walked to the stairs. At the corner of the stairs, Susanna, who had stopped, had no choice but to continue to go downstairs. When she saw Callie, she tried to wear a gentle smile and called her mother.

Callie snorted and left the villa.

She brushed past Cory. When Cory went upstairs, she began to clean up the room.

All she could think of was the words Callie said about her father-in-law's death. She had been married for five years, and she only knew that her father-in-law had died a long time ago. His death and even everything about him were a taboo in this family.

No one dared to mention him. Even his grandpa, who had always been gentle and kind, would get angry every time someone mentioned him.

What her mother-in-law said Could it be that the death of her father-in-law had nothing to do with her adoptive father?

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