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   Chapter 7 You Are Not Qualified!

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She walked into the living room and explained the situation to Keith. Then she told Keith to take good care of her mother before she came back. Although his little body was trembling with fear, Keith nodded firmly with his eyes.

At that moment, Susanna's heart was so soft and painful.

It was all her fault. If she hadn't married Cory, Keith would have been able to live a well-off life with the Su family's wealth. But now, he was only a young man and had to suffer such a change.

Mandy raised her head and looked at Susanna. Because she cried too much, her eyes had already been red and swollen, bloodshot. Although there was still resentment in her eyes when she looked at Susanna, they were much softer.

After all, she really treated Susanna as her own daughter. Even if her daughter had made a huge mistake, how long could she be angry as a mother?

When she walked out of the house, Susanna found that Mike was still waiting outside. She walked up to him with embarrassment and asked, "Mr. Mike, why are you still here?"

"I can't help you with your family affairs, but I don't have class today. It's okay to be your driver." Mike smiled gently, but Susanna avoided eyes contact with him.

Another one she felt most sorry for in her life were probably Mike beside the Su family. When she was a child, the Su family and the Lin family were neighbors. Mike had always doted on her and protected her like a big brother.

On the way, the two were both silent. When Susanna got off the car outside the Song Group building, she didn't notice that the elevator door of the president's office, which was facing the door of the hall, was closing slowly.

The moment Cory saw her getting out of another man's car, his handsome face darkened!

She had thanked to Mike and told him not to wait for her any longer. She would go back by herself later. Mike didn't argue with her. After saying goodbye to him and seeing him drive away, Susanna breathed a sigh of relief and went straight to the CEO office.

Aaron still greeted her, but this time he didn't stop her.

"Miss Susanna..." She rushed into the office and was about to speak when she saw several people sitting in the office.

Cory's deep eyes fell on her face, and then swept over them. "That's all for today. You can go back first!"

They left the office quickly. Cory looked at Susanna with a cold and sarcastic smile. "What? You found that your new man couldn't help you, so you came back to me again?

Susanna, you are really disgusting!" His cold words almost pierced into Susanna's bones.

Clenching her fists, Susanna asked, "Cory, why did you ask your men to make trouble in the Su family?"

"Make trouble?" Cory looked at her and raised his eyebrows, with a cold smile at the corners of his mouth. "Susanna, let me make it clear. The Su mansion is now a property of the Song Group. It's reasonable and legal for me to take it back. What you are doing now is making trouble!"

Biting her lip

s, Susanna read the document and knew that what Cory said was right.

She once foolishly imagined that Cory could see her true heart, but she did not know that the hatred between them had already been such deep.

Looking into Cory's deep eyes, Susanna smiled sadly. "Cory, I don't want my dowry. Can you give me the Su mansion?"

Susanna thought she had made the biggest concession, but Cory said two words loudly, "No way!"

"My father just was gone, and the Su family has gone bankrupt. Do you have to be so heartless?"

Looking at the pale and helpless look on Susanna's face, Cory's heart ached for her. He indifferently took out the divorce agreement from the drawer and threw it in front of her. "I won't take back the house of the Su family, but you have to know who can make the decision!"

Susanna smiled in despair. He had made it clear that he was the one who could control everything. She was just a sinner who should submit to him in everything.

With her trembling hands, she picked up the divorce agreement on the table and slowly and firmly tore it up.

Then she looked at Cory with a mocking smile on her face. "Why are you doing this, Cory? You hate me to the bone. You are torturing yourself as well. "

Cory's face was cold and cruel. "Susanna, it was you who made my life dark, so you can't see the light again. Pain will always belong to us."

Looking at the cruel expression on his handsome face, Susanna smiled faintly and took the torn divorce agreement into the trash can. At the same time, she threw away her love for him. Once she had loved him desperately.

Susanna didn't know how she left the Song Group building. Mike had already left. He was always like this. He would always protect her silently and always stand on her side, not causing her any trouble.

When she took a taxi back to the Su mansion, Cory's men had left. Mandy sat on the sofa and couldn't help crying. The sensible Keith and Peggy were quietly cleaning the house.

Seeing Susanna, Keith immediately ran over and said, "Susanna, you're back! Won't those bad guys come back? "

Susanna touched his head, squatted down and tried her best to give him a perfect smile. "Those people won't come back anymore. Be good and take good care of mom. Call me if you need anything. I will come back as soon as possible."

"Okay!" Keith nodded seriously. "Susanna, don't worry. I will take good care of mom. After Dad is gone, I will be the only man in the family..."

After saying that, Keith lowered his head. Seeing that his tears fell to the ground and broke into several pieces, Susanna's heart ached again.

She wanted to comfort Mandy in the end, but she didn't know how to say it. Moreover, if she did so at this time, she was afraid that the result would be the opposite.

After telling Peggy to take good care of her foster mother and brother, she left the Su mansion and went back to the hotel. She tidied up her things and dragged them back to the villa.

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