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   Chapter 6 He Is So Cruel!

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After getting on the car, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

Little Jarred raises his hand and gently wipes her eyes, "Mom...... Don't cry...... Jarred would be a good boy..."

Susanna's heart ached even more, but she wiped her face two times casually and swallowed all her tears. She smiled and nodded at little Jarred. "Yes, Mommy won't cry!"

After going back to the hotel, little Jarred stood at the door and looked at the strange environment in the room. He frowned tightly and reached out his little hand to hold the corner of Susanna's clothes.

Feeling sorry for him, Susanna picked up his soft body and sat on the sofa with him. There was a very delicate cake box on the tea table.

"Today is my little Jarred's birthday. This is the birthday cake your dad bought for you. Do you like it?" Susanna said happily to little Jarred, but there was a bottomless sadness in her dark eyes.

No matter what happened between her and Cory, she hoped that it would not affect the child.

"Dad." Hearing the word of 'dad', the bright eyes of little Jarred lit up, but then dimmed. "He doesn't like me."

Susanna's heart ached. Children were the most sensitive. Moreover, little Jarred was four years old. He could already clearly feel who liked him and who didn't like him.

"Dad likes little Jarred." Susanna held little Jarred in her arms and said, "Dad was just too busy. He doesn't have so much time to play with you. But in dad's heart, he has always been missing little Jarred. Otherwise, he wouldn't have bought little Jarred a cake!"

"Really?" Little Jarred looked at Susanna with his bright eyes.

"Of course. When did I lie to you?" said Susanna firmly.

"If we are not at home, can dad find us?" When little Jarred was in a good mood, he was finally willing to say a few more words, but these words made Susanna's heart ache.

"Dad still has a lot of work to do. He may not be able to celebrate the birthday with little Jarred today. Let me celebrate it with you, okay?" Bearing the pain in her heart, Susanna said cautiously.

In the past, on little Jarred's birthday day, no matter how reluctant Cory was, he would go home and answer a phone call from his grandfather to tell him that their family was happy.

"Okay!" Little Jarred lowered his eyes and began to assemble the toy plane again. Seeing this, Susanna felt more sadly.

Her phone rang. Susanna took a look at the caller ID. She calmed down, and forced a smile, and then answered the phone, "Grandpa..."

"Susanna, I've heard about your father. I'm really sorry that I didn't stop Cory from doing those bad things. Alas!" Grandpa sighed on the phone.

With a forced smile, Susanna said, "Grandpa, don't worry. It's all over. It's not your fault!"

Yes, it was all over. Her father had passed away, and it was too late to say anything. The marriage should be over. She didn't blame Cory's grandfather for not helping her and the Su family, because she knew very well that Cory's decision could not be changed even if his grandfather tried to stop him.

"Today is little Jarred's birthday. Has Cory gone back?" There was a hint of caution in his old voice, perhaps because he was afraid of irritating Susanna.

Hearing that, Susanna smiled. Although she had already divorced, she still couldn't speak it out when she thought of little Jarred who was still playing beside her. "He has called back and said he would come back later. Grandpa, I'm going to prepare a birthday cake for little Jarred."

Then she hung up the phone. Grandpa was the only one in the Song Family who was good to her, but she...

In the hotel, Susanna couldn't cook by herself, so she had to order takeout. Jarred had already known how to use chopsticks by himself. He was eating quietly with food in his hands. Since he knew that his father wouldn't celebrate his birthday with him today, he had been quiet and didn't say a word.

After that, Susanna cut cakes for him and sang birthday songs for him. He was immersed in his own world with the plane in his arms.

No matter how sad she was, Susanna could do nothing about it. After little Jarred felt asleep, she sat on the edge of the bed and looking at his clean sleeping face. She could not help but bu

rst into tears finally.

It was her fault. It was because of her that little Jarred had autism at such a young age because of his father's disgust.

As she saw Jarred tightly knit his brows suddenly in his sleep, Susanna frowned and quickly stopped crying. She wiped her tears and walked out of the room.

On the second day, as soon as she sent little Jarred to the kindergarten, Susanna received a call from the Su mansion. She quickly answered the phone and heard the voice of Keith who was crying out of breath because of panic. "Susanna, come back quickly. There are many bad people at home. I'm so scare..."

Keith was her younger brother, who was only eight years old. At that time, her foster parents adopted her in an orphanage because her foster mother couldn't conceive. But with the progress of technology, after the technology of tube baby matured, her foster parents did it and gave birth to her younger brother, Keith.

In a hurry, Susanna said, "Keith, don't be afraid. I'll be back soon. Take good care of mom first!"

As she spoke, she didn't dare to hang up the phone. Listening to the sounds of quarrels and smashing on the phone, she anxiously hailed a taxi on the roadside. But the kindergarten Jarred attended was located in the noble area. Almost every family here had a driver to pick up their children, so there were very few taxi passing this section of road.

Just as she was burning with anxiety, Mike stopped the car in front of her. "Where are you going, Susanna? I'll drive you there!"

Not willing to get too close to Mike, Susanna habitually wanted to refuse. But thinking of her current situation, she opened the door and got in the car. "I want to go back to the Su mansion. Thank you."

As soon as she got in the car, Cory, sitting in a Bentley in the pure black behind her, pulled a long face.

The kindergarten was on the way from the villa to the company. Yesterday, when Susanna came to the company to ask for a divorce, he went back to the villa after work. But he didn't expect that Susanna had moved away her and Jarred's things.

A hint of coldness flashed through his eyes. He had wondered why Susanna was willing to divorce him. It turned out that she had found a new boyfriend!

"Did you send someone to take Su mansion back?" he said calmly.

"I've sent someone to deal with it this morning. It can be solved before noon!" Sitting in the passenger seat, Aaron said in a hurry. His boss had always been bad tempered, especially during this period of time. He didn't dare to offend him at this time.

"Okay!" After answering, Cory closed his eyes and began to rest.

When they arrived at the Su mansion, Susanna couldn't wait to get out of the car and rush in. A man in suit and leather shoes, as a lawyer, was counting things in the room with a group of strong men. Mandy was sitting on the sofa, covering her face and crying. Keith opened his little arms to protect her.

Tears welled up in his stubborn eyes when Keith saw Susanna. He bit his lips and called her sister.

Before she could comfort him, Susanna walked up to the lawyer and asked, "What are you doing? This is the private house of the Su Family. Who allows you to come in and move around? "

"Mrs. Susanna, I'm sorry. Mr. Abbas had already given the house to Mr. Cory when he was alive. We took back the house according to the legal procedures. Here are the documents!" Bain knew Susanna. Considering that she was Cory's wife, he handed the document to Susanna.

Looking at the document, Susanna could only feel her whole body trembling. Did Cory have to be so cruel and ruthless?

She clenched the document in her hands into a ball, suppressing the pain in her heart, and said, "Don't move anything in the house. I'm going to talk to Cory!"

Bain frowned, but after all, he had considered that Susanna was Cory's wife. Although it was said that Cory hated this wife very much, they were still family.

He looked at his watch and said, "Mrs. Susanna, there are still two hours left before the deadline set by Mr. Cory to take back the house. I can wait for you two hours, but after two hours, if Mr. Cory doesn't say anything, I have to do business!"

"Okay!" said Susanna, biting her lips.

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