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   Chapter 3 She Has No Home

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Susanna bit her lips. Tears were rolling down her face but she never felt them. Subconsciously, she shook her head. All she could do right now was watch helplessly, hopelessly, as Abbas' aura became weaker and weaker.

"Susanna, promise me!" The man heaved his last words with extreme difficulty.

Susanna nodded in a hurry. "Yes Dad, I promise you. I promise everything. But please don't leave your Susanna alone. Dad... DAD!"

Her heart-wrenching scream spread throughout the whole operating room, as Abbas's hand, which was resting weakly on Susanna's, finally fell down, cold and lifeless.

Hearing her voice, Mandy rushed in and pushed away Susanna to look at Abbas. She threw herself on Abbas and almost passed out crying.

When she was pushed away by Mandy in a hurry, Susanna didn't even have the sense to pick herself up and collapsed on the ground. Her eyes were already red and swollen from her tears. Lying down in a heap, she kept on biting her lips and crying silently, as tears fell down her face like broken beads.

Mandy was unable to contain herself and stopped responding. It was not until the doctor came in with a nurse, gave her an injection and sent her to the ward that things began to recover bit by bit.

The doctor turned towards Susanna and said in a benevolent voice, "Miss Su, I'm so sorry for your loss."

Susanna wiped her tears and forced a smile. "Thank you, doctor. That's okay. I'm fine."

She couldn't lose herself, not now. She had promised her father that she would protect the family for him, and she also had a child of her own. For her mother, her brother and for Jarred, she couldn't allow herself to be lost.

Despite her immense resolve, seeing her father's corpse being pushed into the morgue, made her struggle once again to maintain control. It was going to be hard to take care of things without her father. Firstly, she had to inform her relatives. She called her aunt in the Su mansion and asked her to take good care of her brother, Keith Su. Then she called Bader, enquiring about how Jarred was doing, and also asked for him to be sent to the kindergarten.

By that time, it was already dawn.

She dragged her tired body into Mandy's ward.

"Mom..." Mandy had woken up now. As soon as Susanna walked in and called her, she suddenly sat up and slapped Susanna on the face the first chance she got. "Get out!"

Her little pale face became red and her cheek swelled up. However, Susanna didn't feel any pain, because the pain of that slap was nothing compared to that in her heart.

Mandy continued her assault. Pointing a trembling finger at her, she said, "Twenty years. We have been raising you, and taking care of you for twenty years, and this is what we get in response. Our entire family is done for because of you. How was blind enough to adopt a viper like you?"

Susanna lowered her head, unable to utter any words, not even a "sorry".

It was her fault. The Su Family had treated her wholeheartedly, but she had caused them much pain and misery. It was all her fault.

Perhaps her misery caused Mandy to feel a pang of pain in her heart. After all, she had been raising Susanna for twenty years. She said in a slightly lower voice this time, "You can leave now. I don't want to see you ever again. Any relationship you had with the Su Family ends right now."

Almost instinctively, Susanna knelt down in front of Mandy and begged her, "Mom, I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. You can beat me or scold me. But please don't abandon me!"

Mandy had felt a slight pang of pity but she became even angrier when she saw Susanna's expressions now. "Get out of here. Abbas is gone. The Su Family is gone. What else do you want?"

As Mandy spoke, she pushed Susanna far away from her. She was so angry that she didn't know the strength of her hands at all. Susanna was thrown directly at the wall, and her skull cracked open. The wound

on her neck also burst open and blood began to flow down along the curves of her body, soaking her clothes in a deep shade of crimson.

Susanna felt dizzy. Even though she tried her best not to faint, but she couldn't help falling down and blacking out.

Mandy had lived under the care of Abbas all her life and had never experienced anything violent. Seeing this scene shook her. She was frightened and stunned, gazing at her trembling hands with a stunned look and at a loss for what to do.

Luckily, Cory came in at that moment and all he saw was a bright red splotch of blood on the snow-white wall, and the little woman lying on beneath it at her last gasp. He felt suffocated at the sight.

Without hesitation, he picked up the woman in his arms and rushed out of the ward to look for the doctor.

Susanna felt cold in his arms, and her body felt so light. It was as if she had no weight at all. He felt like she would leave him any time even as he held her and the though pressed down on his chest.

Luckily though, the impact was not serious, and the wound on her neck was not deep either. Susanna had merely fainted because she was already too tired to make any effort.

Once the doctor had bandaged and dressed her wound, Cory carried her directly back to the villa.

As soon as Bader saw Cory, she came up to him and began making a fuss. "Sir, you're finally back. The young master hasn't seen his mother yet and he refused to go to the kindergarten without doing so first. Nothing I did could persuade him...

What's wrong with madam?" Bader finished her words in a single breath, and then uttered in shock upon seeing that that Cory was still holding Susanna in his arms.

Jarred, who was playing with a toy plane on the sofa and immersed in his own world, looked up as soon as he heard their conversation.

Seeing Cory, he shrank his neck instinctively. He then saw his mother in the man's arms. After hesitating for a while, he climbed down the sofa, straightened his chest, clenched his fists, and ran towards them as fast as his short legs could carry him. He looked up at Cory and said one word, "Mom..."

Cory frowned and carried Susanna upstairs, ignoring Jarred.

Jarred followed him instinctively.

Inside the bedroom, seeing that Cory had laid Susanna down on the bed, Jarred immediately moved his stool and sat down near the edge of the bed. He took one of Susanna's fingers into his little hand.

Cory took a look at the mother and son, and a strange light flashed through his dark eyes. He then walked out of the bedroom directly.

Bader was also standing near the bedroom door. As Cory walked out, she cautiously asked, "Will the young master go to kindergarten today?"

"No. Ask them to grant him a day's leave!" After leaving this small instruction, Cory left away.

When he finally walked out of the villa, Cory was so annoyed that he slapped the steering wheel in his car with an exasperated look on his face. He had planned on going to the hospital to inform Susanna that the villa which the Su Family was living in at the moment was now his property. He was going to take it back and intended to ask her to find alternative lodgings for the Su Family as soon as possible. But when he had seen Susanna lying down so hopelessly in the hospital, he couldn't help it and had taken her to the doctor, and then taken her back home.

Back at the villa, when Susanna woke up, it was already afternoon. As soon as she felt awake, she sat up reflexively.

Jarred had been sitting by her side this whole time. He was startled, but he held her hand firmly. "Mom, don't be afraid!"

Hearing his voice, Susanna turned her head and saw her son's white and tender face and his big, bright eyes staring at her. She couldn't help smiling at this sight. She held him closer in her arms and told him, "Jarred, my boy. I'm not afraid of anything as long as you are here!"

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