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   Chapter 123 Scheming

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Carl really didn't like the way those male employees were obsessed with Cindy.

So he turned the steering wheel and drove directly to the bar. "Forget it. Don't dress up. You are not seducing men. You can wear this one."

Cindy was completely speechless. She was wearing a business suit. Why did she go to the bar in this way?

But since Carl said so, then let it be.

Cindy didn't want to be too high-profile.

Halfway through the journey, Carl changed his route again.

"Let's go to Blue."

Blue was the bar under the name of Carl, which was also the one where Cindy worked part-time.

Cindy blinked in confusion. Why did he change the place?

"Since it's a party for you, I'd better choose a place you're most familiar with. Besides, Betty miss you very much recently."

"Ah, Betty. I haven't seen her for a long time."

In this way, Cindy felt that she felt more friendly in the Blue and she would be more open-minded there.

So Carl asked Anna to inform all the employees to gather in Blue. Then he called Betty, asking her to clear the bar at seven o'clock in the evening and leave it to the employees of the company the whole night.

"By the way, I got some news about your brother."

Carl suddenly talked about Cindy's brother.

Although Anthony had told Carl not to tell Cindy the news before it was confirmed.

However, Carl was in urgent need of building a good man's image in front of Cindy. If he could help Cindy more, then his bad image in Cindy's heart would be changed.

"Really? Is there any news about James?" Cindy grabbed Carl's arm excitedly. When she realized that she was behaving inappropriately, she loosened her grip and pretended to be calm. "Where is he? Is there any trouble?"

Carl shook his head helplessly. Although he didn't want to hurt Cindy, he still said honestly, "Your brother is squandering money abroad. He used to go to luxury stores in Dubai a week ago, and now he is on a holiday in New York. The latest news I found is that he booked a ticket to Losangele

Thinking that she had to face those hypocritical women the whole night, Cindy really felt tired.

Betty could understand what was wrong with Cindy. She made an OK gesture and said, "Don't worry. It's all on me."

As soon as she finished speaking, Anna and Jessica came in.

Cindy stood up and greeted them with a smile, "Anna, Jessica, here you are."

The two of them were indeed well-dressed, and the two of them also had their own tricks in choosing clothes. Anna's red mini skirt revealed her perfect figure.

And Jessica was not easy to deal with. She wore heavy smoke makeup, a sexy black slip dress, and the good glory on her chest could be seen from time to time. Those men must be crazy for her.

Betty knew at a glance that these two women were definitely not good people.

People in the company had arrived one after another. In addition to the staff on their floor, the managers and heads of all departments had also come.

After all, Cindy was the future hostess of the company. How could they dare to be absent from the new party with her as the protagonist.

Everyone was here and they began to have fun.

Jessica suddenly made things difficult for her. "By the way, Cindy. I heard that you worked part-time here to sell wine. We don't have such an experience. Then you can introduce us which kind of wine is the best."

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