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   Chapter 121 He Already Has A Girlfriend

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Without much hesitation, Alice had thought about it before.

Now that her dream had come true, there was no reason for her to give in.

A satisfied smile finally appeared at the corners of Lean's mouth. "Okay, then we have officially confirmed our relationship now."

Lean had always doted on his girlfriend, so if Alice asked Lean to support her, Lean would have no objection.

But Alice knew clearly that even if she and Lean really got married, she still needed to enrich herself to be a real rich lady.

So Alice made her request, "Although we two are lovers now, I hope you can keep it a secret. Let's keep it from Cindy and Mr. Carl. If Cindy knows this, she will only worry about me. Besides, I hope you won't spoil me everywhere. I really want to learn something here and grow up as soon as possible."

It was a little difficult for Alice to accept Lean's request to be his girlfriend.

After all, the two of them were of different levels, and they were not from the same world.

Therefore, in order to balance the relationship between the two of them, Alice had to make herself more outstanding to deserve Lean, and only when Lean was more tolerant of Alice could their relationship be truly balanced.

Unlike Cindy and Carl, both Alice and Lean were both mature and composed.

Lean understood what Alice meant. He nodded and said, "Okay, don't worry. I won't let Cindy and Carl know the relationship between us two. I will definitely make you grow up as soon as possible in the company. But in private, I hope the way we two get along with each other is easier."

Alice lowered her head and smiled shyly. Then she nodded, "Okay."

At this time, his assistant knocked on the door and came in. "Mr. Lean, you call me?"

Lean nodded and introduced Alice to the assistant. "Perry, this is Alice. From today on, she will officially take part-time jobs in the Secretary office. She mainly follows my orders and orders, but you have to take good car

"It doesn't matter. We are all women. Women only love gossip. Don't you know this Miss Jan? She was the person in charge of the charity foundation, with the best appearance and family background. But Mr. Lean still dumped her."

Alice felt a little dizzy. She had just become Lean's girlfriend, but now she was forced to sit here and listen to other people's gossip about his ex-girlfriend.

That kind of feeling was very contradictory.

On the one hand, Alice wanted to avoid this topic, but on the other hand, she really wanted to know his ex-girlfriends.

"But as a matter of fact, even if Mr. Lean broke up with his ex, we are still friends. Maybe it's because we are both intelligent and emotionally intelligent people. We won't break up even if we break up."

Alice just listened quietly to others gossiping about her current boyfriend, but she couldn't get in and didn't know what to say.

"Do you think Mr. Lean will get back together with one of these ex-girlfriends? After all, Mr. Lean was still single. Our Mr. Lean is already 34 years old. He has thought about getting married. Does he want to be alone all the time?"

At this moment, Alice really wanted to shout out. Lean was not alone. He already had a girlfriend.

And that woman, it was her, the tiny and seemingly ordinary woman!

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