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   Chapter 119 Do You Have A Crush On Me

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"How? If we want to get the love of Mr. Carl, we have to get close to him first. If you want to get close to him, you have to be Cindy's best friend first. "

There were many people in the company who wanted to curry favor with Cindy and become her best friend.

Jessica and Carla couldn't lag behind, so Jessica came up with a brilliant idea. "It's the first day that Christina is transferred to our office. Let's have a welcome Party tonight. Mr. Carl must be very grateful to us if he noticed we are so kind to Cindy. "

Now that the new comers were here, they should hold a Party to welcome the new comers. Maybe at the party, they could propose a few glassed of liquor in front of Mr. Carl. As long as Mr. Carl was drunk...

Maybe they could also have a chance to sleep with Mr. Carl.

The two of them had already come up with a perfect plan.

This time, they believe that they could definitely get close to Mr. Carl. After all, Mr. Carl had never participated in any party of the company before, and when he went out to attend all kinds of charity dinner, they would definitely not be qualified to be his female partner beside him.

God knew how long they had been waiting for this opportunity.

Jessica believed that Mr. Carl would definitely attend the welcome party specially held for Cindy.

So Jessica and Carla waited patiently for Cindy and Anna to come back.

Accompanied by Anna, Cindy visited the company and then returned to the office area of the deputy president.

Seeing the two of them come back, Jessica immediately pulled Cindy and announced loudly, "today is the first day that Cindy comes to work in the company. Let's hold a welcome Party for her, okay?"

It would be the best if there was a party. All the staff in the office were cheering.

However, there were about more than 40 employees on this floor. Cindy couldn't imagine how much the company would pay for the party.

Was Carl willing to take the money to pay for it? Would he blame her again in the end?

Before Cindy could stop Carla, she checked the door of the deputy CEO's office on time and then entered the office.

She lowered her hea

if she liked him in person, and she had met Lean only for a few times.

Most importantly, Alice was shy. Although she liked him and did have a crush on him, she would never admit it openly.

She could only smile awkwardly to deny, "hahaha, Mr. Lean, you are really joking. But please do not make fun of me. "

Alice was trying to avoid this topic.

The more she acted like this, the more serious Lean became. He wanted her to face this problem.

"You said I was joking? You didn't deny it or admit it. That is to say you like me, right? "

Lean said. Alice was a little anxious. "Mr. Lean, why are you still making fun of me?"

Alice really wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide herself. She felt her own face was burning with blush.

Lean just looked at her with a smile. Then he reached out his hand and gently held her cheek. "I didn't say anything. Why are you so nervous? But if you don't have a crush on me, why is your face so blushed? Are you feeling sick? "

Alice froze as if she had been given an electric shock.

Mr. Lean's hand was cold and his face was gently pressed against hers. A sense of coolness made Alice feel very comfortable.


It was too ambiguous.

The temperature on Alice's face didn't drop, but turned even more blushed.

Seeing that her face was as red as a ripe apple, Lean couldn't help but chuckle. "Alice, you really can't lie. Admit it. You like me, don't you? "

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