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   Chapter 111 Held Hands And Kissed

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This was the warmest and most touching sentence that Cindy had heard since they knew each other.

She looked at Carl in disbelief, with tears in her eyes, and nodded to him gratefully. "Thank you. If you can help me find my father, I will really thank you."

She couldn't find her father and brother by herself. If Carl could really helped her out of kindness, there should be hope.

But she was still confused. "What do I need to do if I ask you to help me find my father?"

Carl was a businessman. She didn't think he would help others for free, right?

Staring at Cindy, Carl kept silent for a long time and then put forward a condition. "Be my friend. Let's be friends first."

"Ah, be friends." Cindy nodded helplessly.

A young man like Carl should have many friends, but why did he have to be friends with her?

Was it because Carl didn't have many friends that he was so cold?

Something appeared in her mind. Maybe he would be rejected at school because he came from a rich and was handsome.

Or was it because he couldn't make true friends even though he was rich?

Maybe those who approached Carl were all for his money.

Thinking of this, Cindy patted her thigh and said, "Oh, I see. I see."

Seeing that Cindy seemed to know him very well, Carl asked her in confusion, "What do you understand?"

Cindy shook her head and explained with a smile, "Nothing."

However, she found out the real reason why Carl was so cold. He must have been tricked since childhood. After the first time that Cindy had sex with Carl, although it happened because of alcohol, Carl always believed that Cindy did it on purpose.

Was it possible that everyone who approached Carl want to benefit from him?

If so, he was really pitiful.

Cindy nodded and gave Carl a sympathetic look. Then she gritted her teeth and agreed, "Okay, I'll be your friend. We are friends now. "

She really agreed.

Carl didn't know what happened

Death Video."

Catherine didn't respond, "What? What kind of video? Are they watching the video?"

The Butler had to explain again, "No. They are watching a movie. The name of the movie is Death Video 3. It's a zombie movie."

Although the Butler was more than 50 years old, he knew more than Catherine.

"Death Video? Is it a love movie? "

The Butler was on the verge of breaking down and corrected her again, "It's the zombie movie."

It was too updated. Catherine didn't understand.

"What is the corpse fragment?"

"Even if a person is dead, he can still move like a zombie. They could bite each other's bowels, meat, brains and so on. "

Catherine was shocked by what she heard.

How could they kiss?

Catherine imagined that in Cindy and Carl were kissing each other affectionately while people in the movie were biting each other's intestines and heads with blood splashing.


It was so amazing! Moreover, the scene was unimaginable.

Catherine shook her head with regret. "No way. My grandson won't get any benefit from watching that kind of movie. Carl is so unlucky! "

Although Catherine felt regretful, she couldn't help snickering when she thought of that scene.

Cindy was right next to Carl, but Carl couldn't touch her. How could he bear it!

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