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   Chapter 28 A Man And A Woman Stayed In A Room Alone

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At this moment, Carl truly felt that perhaps in Cindy's heart, he was at most a handsome and second-generation rich.

Cindy didn't continue this topic with him, and Carl also turned around to look out of the window at the scenery in a daze.

It was getting dark. As soon as two o'clock in the afternoon, the sky was covered by dark clouds.

Looking at the gloomy sky, Cindy sighed helplessly. "It was sunny just now. It's getting cloudy in a minute."

Carl also raised his head and looked at the depressed sky. It seemed that it was going to rain heavily tonight.

The two of them were trapped in the same space. At first, they were a little embarrassed, but now the two of them had adapted to the atmosphere.

Cindy kept yawning and didn't know when the door would be open.

As long as she didn't stay in the same room with him tonight, there was nothing to be afraid of.

At this time, at the end of the corridor, in the room of Carl's mother, Mandy couldn't stand it anymore. The smile on her face became more and more stiff. "Aunt, well... How long will grandma talk with Carl and Cindy? "

A few hours had passed. If Carl and Cindy stayed together for a few hours, something might really happen.

Monica was also worried, so she stood up and called in the servants.

"Go and see when my mother will come out."

The servant answered with confusion, "Mrs. Monica, your mother has already left her bedroom. She was admiring the flowers in the garden just now."

"What? She wasn't in the room. Okay, I know. You can go ahead with your work. "

After that, Mrs. Monica immediately took Mandy downstairs and said, "Go to see my mother. You have to act like a spoiled child in front of her and be more lovely and lively."

Carl's mother thought that she couldn't do it alone.

If she wanted to be recognized by Catherine, Mandy had to take the initiative to get close to her.

She had to please Catherine.

The two of them went downstairs and saw Catherine in the living room. Mrs. Monica found that her husband was also here.

Seeing that the two were watching TV on the sofa with grandaunt, Mrs. Monica immediately pushed Mandy to the side of the Catherine. "Mom, Mandy just said that she wanted to be close to you. Let her accompany you. By the way, where is Carl? "

Seeing Carl wasn't here, Mrs. Monica thought her son had sent that woman back.

Catherine glanced at Mandy in disgust, and then moved to her son's side. Obviously, she didn't want to get too close to Mandy.

Mandy sat there awkwardly, and her expression became more and more stiff.

What an ungrateful elderly.

Seeing this, Carl's mother was also helpless. Catherine had always been stubborn. It seemed that she would not change her attitude towards Mandy so soon.

Catherine remembered that these two women had just cursed her to die, and now they came here to hypocritically care for her.

The more she thought about it, the more disgusted she felt.

So Catherine coughed slightly to irritate her daughter-in-law and Mandy deliberately, "You asked where Carl is. The child wanted to stay in a room alone with Cindy. So I came out of my bedroom. Well, they are young people. It seems that Carl likes Cindy very much and insists on having a private talk with her in the room. "


atherine exaggerated while observing the facial expressions of the two.

Mrs. Chang looked a little angry. Mandy even wanted to cry at the moment.

Mandy pictured all kinds of scenes in her mind. What else could they do except for that kind of thing when a man and a woman stayed in a room alone?

Were two single people staying in the bedroom and chatting about life?

Mandy felt that she was completely left behind by Cindy.

That woman must have conquered Carl after sleeping with him. What should she do?

'Should I take the initiative to take back Carl?

At this moment, a bold idea came to her mind.

It seemed that she had to come to this point.

Carl's mother couldn't stand her son indulging in that kind of woman's embrace. She turned around and was about to go upstairs to stop everything.

But his husband said seriously, "Monica, go to the kitchen to help servants cook."

"What did you say?" Monica's back trembled slightly. She turned around in surprise. She couldn't understand why her husband treated her like this.

Since she married into the family, even Catherine had never asked her to cook.

In the past more than 20 years, she even had never gone into the kitchen. Now her beloved husband asked her to help the servants in the kitchen cook.

Carl's father insisted, "Yes. You have never cooked for me and our children since you married me. Although I love you, you should occasionally do your duty as a wife and a mother. "

The two children were brought up by the nanny and servants. As a rich lady, she had never been to the kitchen or washed clothes.

The two kids hadn't even had a meal cooked by her.

Carl's father didn't think his request was excessive at all.

Mrs. Chang's face was a little distorted. She could feel that her husband's attitude towards her had obviously changed.

But why did this change happen? Was it because of Cindy?

Mrs. Monica still wanted to defend herself, so Mandy stood up in time and pulled her away. "Well, I'll go to the kitchen with aunt."

Then she took Carl's mother to the kitchen.

The housekeeper in the kitchen was preparing dinner when Mandy and Carl's mother were whispering in the dining room.

"Did you see that? Cindy has successfully persuaded Catherine and my husband. The whole family is on that woman's side. It's ridiculous. Even my husband is on her side. "

Everyone had underestimated Cindy's strength. A plot flashed through her eyes. "If so, you can't let her be your daughter-in-law either. It doesn't matter, auntie. I will exert all kinds of pressure on her in the school. "

Mandy decided to teach Cindy a lesson. Everyone in the school would listen to Mandy anyway.

Carl's mother pinned all her hopes on Mandy. She said with hope, "Okay, it depends on you. We can't let Carl fall into the hands of that kind of woman. "

Catherine's sister couldn't find Cindy. She mumbled unhappily, "Where is that girl? Why is she missing?"

Carl's father glanced at Catherine and then suggested in her ear, "How about letting them out? I think the two of them have been alone for a few hours, and their relationship should be good enough. "

The Catherine nodded, but she was not happy.

In the past few hours, nobody knew whether Carl had won Cindy's heart or not.

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