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   Chapter 3 Suddenly Fainted

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This woman was weird and stubborn!

He reached out his hand and gripped her arm forcefully. Cindy was so flustered by his touch that she shoved him away with the back of her hand. Before he could process what was happening, she quickly closed the door and locked it.

Carl was held speechless. Wasn't that his car? The woman sat in his car and refused to get out as if she owned it. What the hell did she want?

Just as their situation had reached a deadlock, another luxury car drove into the mansion's gates. Cindy allowed herself to peer at the man who had just gotten out of the other car. Staring at the man, she found her mind going blank.

He was extremely handsome.

Although she didn't know who the man was, she could tell that he was also extremely influential.

In fact, the man and Carl seemed quite similar yet so different at the same time.

That man seemed more charming and elegant. There was something about his deep and clear eyes that made her warm in her heart. In fact, one look at him, she could feel her body going to mush.

Pulling Carl aside, the man asked lowly, "What are you doing? I heard from your assistant that something had gone wrong with the land you've bought recently. Plus, how did you get that wound on your forehead? Why don't I take you to the hospital first?"

It turned out that the charming man was Carl's elder brother.

Carl pointed at the woman inside the luxury car and sneered in disgust. "That woman is crazy as hell. Not only did she smash a brick on my head, but she even also demanded that I build her house back," he complained. "I don't know what she wants at this point!"

"Oh? Is that so?" Anthony Chang smiled and gazed at the petite woman in the car. His eyes gleamed in curiosity.

There were only a few women in the world who had the guts to hurt his brother and refuse him outright.

Striding at the front of the car, Anthony Chang bent over and grinned at the unfamiliar woman. "Nice to meet you, I'm Carl's brother," he said, chuckling. "My brother's a bit of a hothead, so I have to apologize for his temper. I heard that you two fought over the land a while ago. Do you mind telling me what seems to be the problem?"

Cindy blinked in surprise as she gazed at the handsome man in front of her. He had a gentle personality, definitely much better than Carl's.

When he introduced himself as the man's brother, her eyes widened in surprise. How could the two even be related?

Anthony Chang's sincerity calmed her down a bit. Rolling down her window, she quickly explained, "The two-story building your brother demolished belongs to me. My brother sent me to Sanya three days ago. The next thing I know was that my house was gone! Plus, my brother has disappeared. I don't want to cause any trouble. I just want to take back my house and find my brother."

Before Anthony Chang could explain his side of the story, the driver spoke first, "It seems that your brother hid all of this from you. Sending you to Sanya must just be an excuse. He was the one who signed the contract with us three days ago to sell the house – your house, to be more specific."

Cindy froze as the words slipped the old man's lips. "What?" she shrieked.

"No, that can't be. If my brother sold it, then why would he leave so suddenly? B

esides, that house is the only property I have! Where else would I live? How could my own brother not know that?"

Her hands trembled. No. Her brother wouldn't do that to her. Where was she going to live?

After hesitating for a while, Anthony Chang ordered the driver, "Go and get the house purchase agreement that was signed."

Without waiting for a second, the driver immediately headed to the villa and asked the butler to find the contract. In a few minutes, he returned to the car with the paper in hand.

Anthony Chang handed the paper to Cindy, and she quickly scanned through the pages. When she saw her brother's signature on the last page, she held her breath.

It really was his signature. That was his handwriting.

Just as Cindy was about to speak up, her brother had finally called her back.

Seeing his number on the screen, she immediately answered, "Where the hell are you?"

From the sound of her voice, he could roughly guess that she knew what he had done.

"I know it's wrong, sis," he protested. "But I have to do this for myself. You love me, right? You want me to be happy, right?"

Although her brother's coaxing might have worked on her before, Cindy was far from outraged at what he had done. "How dare you sell our mother's house?" she roared. "Do you even know what that house means to me? It's my entire life! How the hell can I make money without that snack bar? Where do I live if you've sold my house?"

Hearing his sister's desperate cry, he could feel his heart breaking for the woman.

He felt incredibly sorry and guilty for what he had done, but after taking a look at the lovely woman in front of him, he couldn't help but shake his head.

"Look, take this as a payment for not taking good care of your brother," he snapped before hanging up the phone.

"James Mu!" she yelled at the dead line, wanting nothing more than to wrangle her brother's neck.

'Son of a bitch! Did he really just put me aside?'

After calling his name out once more, she collapsed onto the car seat lifelessly.

Seeing this, Anthony Chang immediately opened the door and felt the woman's pulse. Without another word, he strode into the villa and ordered the servants, "Go and call the doctor." He turned to the other maid. "Get a basin of warm water."

Carl stared at the unconscious woman in disbelief. Although she had grown incredibly emotional, he still didn't believe her.

Was her brother really that cruel to sell the house and leave his sister homeless?

Or did she want to extort some money from them on purpose?

After his fair share of experiences with greedy women, he wouldn't be surprised.

With this, he followed Anthony into the villa in confusion. "My head is still bleeding," he protested. "Are you really going to pay more attention to that liar?"

"Liar? How are you so sure that she's lying?"

Anthony frowned slightly as he gazed at the lifeless woman in his arms. Her face was filled with youthfulness and childishness. She looked like a college student who still hadn't graduated yet.

Plus, he heard the conversation between her and her brother loud and clear. Although Anthony was not as cold and heartless as his younger brother, he was still a very cautious man.

He would know whether the woman was lying or not.

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