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   Chapter 1 How Dare You Hit Me

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The heat rolled across the pavements as sunlight peered through the corners of building. The arid wind bashed against the glass windows, rendering everyone lifeless under the unbearably hot weather.

A petite woman strolled out of the gates of the airport in S City with a suitcase in her hand.

Dragging her suitcase near the road, she took out her phone and quickly called her brother. Her small pale face was flushed with excitement.

But even after dialing his number for more than ten times, he still didn't pick up.

"Damn it. Where the hell did James go?" She ran her hands through her hair out of frustration. Just as she was about to shut off her phone, her good friend, Alice Yan, called in. "Cindy, did your brother pick you up yet?"

Cindy Mu shook her head. She glanced around helplessly, trying to spot a familiar face from the crowd. "Not yet. He still hasn't answered his phone," she murmured anxiously, resisting the urge to pull her hair again. "He was fine when he drove me to the airport, and it's just been three days! How could my house be torn down in three freaking days?"

The home that Cindy Mu had been talking about was the place where she grew up with her brother, James Mu. It was a two-floor space. They managed the restaurant on the first floor, while their living area was on the second floor.

She had no idea what had happened in the past three days. All she knew was that her brother had given her a plane ticket to Sanya three days ago. "You've earned it after doing so much for me," he insisted. Seeing the expectant look in his eyes, she just had to accept.

But the next thing she knew was that her house had been destroyed!

"You know what? I'll take a taxi. I'll see what's going on."

Hanging up on her phone, she quickly hollered for a taxi by the roadside. Once the yellow car stopped in front of her, she tossed her luggage into the truck and turned to the driver. "No. 28 at Middle Sea Road, please."

As the car steered down the street, a variety of possibilities popped in her mind. What had happened? Was her brother threatened to give up the property? Or maybe some developers bought the block and then demolished their house?

Alice Yan's words of the house being torn down echoed in her mind. Her fingers tapped against her lap incessantly as she glanced at the side from time to time. However, just when the taxi stopped by the door of her house, she stared at the scenery in disbelief.

What was once a two-story building had already dissipated into ruins.

Her home, her memories, and all her things were replaced with rocks and rubble. She staggered out of the car, trying to get a hold of her breathing. Her hands shook as she took in the sight before her.

Cindy Mu leaned against a pole. Her eyelashes fluttered.

What the hell happened to her home?

Her mind had gone blank as she tried to think of a reason of why her house was in ruins. Just then, a black luxury sports car stopped in front of the ruins. A man stepped out of the car door.

The man stood in front of the ruins proudly. When she leaned closer to get a good look at him, she stiffened.

She had to admit. The guy was hot! His dark hair swept over his deep eyes. His jawline was so sharp that it could cut through butter. There was something about his thin lips that made her want to go over there and make out with him.

Suddenly, his voice knocked her back to reality.

Several workers surrounded him respectfully. All of their head were bowed as they held up various blueprints.

"Mr. Carl, we've already done what you ordered. These are the designs drawn by our architect this morning, and the building has already been successfully demolished," one of them stated formally, looking as if he was reporting to a king. "Right now, we'll be going through with our latest design of the three-story restaurant. And on the top floor, we'll invite the

best team of interior designers to build an open-air garden. I'm sure it will fit your open coffee shop concept perfectly."

The contractor's words rang in her ears.

They were the ones who destroyed her home. They took everything from her, and for what? Just to build a stupid restaurant?

Thinking back to her brother's disappearance and the house's demolition, her face flushed bright red as she stalked towards the man.

Cindy Mu raised her head stubbornly and looked straight into the man's sharp eyes. "You're Mr. Carl, right? You're the one who destroyed my house? Who the hell gave you that right?" she demanded. Her eyes twitched angrily. "Look, even if you want to demolish my house to build way for your stupid restaurant, you still need my permission, right? Do you think that just because you're rich you can do whatever you want?"

Cindy Mu had seen a lot of this situations on the news. These arrogant business men thought they owned the world just because of their bottomless pockets. Not only had they taken advantage of other people's properties, but they also pushed the owners out of their lands as well.

She didn't expect that such a thing could happen to her as well.

Glancing at the stranger who had just walked up to him, Carl Chang couldn't help but take a closer look.

Although the woman wasn't exceedingly beautiful like the ones he had seen in magazines, her face was still very exquisite. There was something about her bright fiery gaze that intrigued him.

Why was she here? To get close to him?

He pursed his lips.

"Does demolishing my own house have anything to do with you?"

The land was his. In fact, he brought it for a very high price.

He didn't need the woman's permission to build on his land.

"Your house? This is my house! Where the hell is my brother? Did you threaten him to sell this house to you? You know that's illegal, right? You're misappropriating other people's property!"

Cindy Mu was so agitated that she couldn't help but throw a few legal terms here and there. Although she wasn't a lawyer, she planned to say a few foreign words to frighten these men.

Her words left him speechless. He furrowed his eyebrows and turned away, as if he didn't hear her.

Did the woman just ask him about her brother? Was she out of her mind?

Glancing at his assistant, Carl Chang ordered, "Contact the nearest psychiatric hospital to see if a patient had snuck out."

The assistant had to hold back his laughter and nodded. Without another word, he took out his phone and searched the number of the nearest psychiatric hospital.

Cindy flushed in anger as she rushed over to Carl Chang's retreating figure.

However, the man had already got into his car. He waved his hand to the driver. He had no time to argue with the crazy woman.

Once he left, wouldn't it be more difficult for them to run into each other the next time around?

She clenched her fists. There was no way she was going to let some man go all over her and demolish her house.

He was going to pay!

In a rage, Cindy grabbed a brick from the rubble and waved it threateningly at him. "Get out of the car! If you're going to leave, then I'll throw this at you!"

She hoped to frighten him enough that he would step down the car.

He simply ignored her threat. He only glanced at her indifferently and nodded at the driver. "Let's go."

Seeing that the car had started, her mind went black. Without another thought, she threw the brick at the car.

Everyone quickly glanced at the direction where she had thrown the brick.

A bang reverberated across the open area. The brick had gone into the car window and hit Carl's head.

All of them had been so stunned by the impact that the car immediately halted. Touching his head, he immediately whirled at the woman.

"Did you just hit me with a brick?" His cold gaze was enough to freeze her over.

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