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   Chapter 67 Be Besieged On All Sides

Conquer Billionaire After Rebirth By Yi Shi Characters: 8681

Updated: 2020-09-24 00:03

"Jonson, I know I really offended Emily, but you have to believe that I didn't mean to hurt her."

"I know... But you'd better restrain yourself and Sofia. Don't stimulate Emily anymore! This time, I can defend you. Next time, I have no stand. "

Olivia pretended to wipe off her tears. No one could see the hatred in her eyes. She only hated her daughter for not doing well and making trouble for her every day! If Sofia had tried her best, things wouldn't have been like this.

"Tim, what can I do for you?"

"Yes, Miss. This is the black tea you want."

Early in the morning, before it was time to go to work, Emily was woken up by Tim. Anyway, Tim had something to tell her. As for what it was, she would know it later.

"Tell me, Tim. What can I do for you?"

"Miss, I have witnessed what happened last night."

Taking a sip of the black tea, Emil

left to her. The total shares of her mother and grandfather were enough to make Emily fight against Jonson, but it was not the time yet.

"Tim, I'm not twenty yet. How can I get my shares? I'm only a freshman! "

"In fact, it's also very simple. The board of directors is a very realistic place. As long as you are capable, it's easy for you to join the board of directors with your identity. "

Emily nodded. She was capable, but she didn't know how to show it.

"Tim, what should I do? I can't show off in the company now. Otherwise, once my father finds out, I will have a hard time in both the Feng family and the company. I have to wait until I am strong enough to do what I have to do. "

"Miss, thank you. In fact, if the old master were still alive, you wouldn't have cared about these things. Now you have to face these things. It's too cruel! "

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