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   Chapter 66 There Is Only One Lady In The Feng Family!

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"It's easy for you to say that. You know nothing. Mr. Daniel's words were of great importance. As the chairman of the board, I have to be polite to him and respect him. He can control the overall situation of the board of directors. I don't want to offend him now, and I don't want anything wrong to happen at this critical moment. "

"Jonson, what about our Sofia? She had always been self-abased and thought that she was inferior to Emily. It's okay that I don't know it. As a father, you can't pretend that you know nothing, right? "

Jonson felt helpless. What should he do now?

"Sofia can't work in the company now. If there is a chance in the future, I will arrange it. Now Mr. Daniel is keeping an eye on me. I'd better not take any action for the time being, in case I don't know when I would offend him. "

"Well, as long as you love the two of us, this is more important than anything else!"


Emily walked into the house and saw that Olivia were lying in his father's arms. Their backs looked so harmonious, which deeply stimulated Emily.

"Dad! What are you doing? "

"Emily, you're back! How is your first day in the company? "

Hearing the voice of Emily, Jonson loosened his grip on Olivia immediately. All of a sudden, Olivia lost his support and had to support herself with her hands. Standing not far away, Emily glanced at Olivia with a look of disdain.

"Not bad. Mr. Calvin's task is quite easy and within my ability. But I don't think my colleagues are capable. They always want to give their own business to others."

"Oh? I can't believe it. It seems that dad has to strengthen management in the future. "

Jonson looked at Emily seriously and pulled her to sit on the sofa.

"By the way, father, you need to strengthen the management of the company in the future. Not everyone can enter the Feng Group. No one could do that without real ability! Am I right, dad? "

"Well... yes! yes! You are right. I will have a good assistant in the future! In the future, you can learn on your own. When you have achievements, I will give you a promotion. "

Emily nodded in agreement and gave a smug look at Olivia.

She knew that once Olivia knew that she was really going to work in the Feng Group, she would definitely be anxious to bring her daughter, Sofia, in. That was why Emily was so kind! Keeping nonqualified people out of the company was the only thing that Emily had to do now.

"Emily, you must be tired. You'd better go upstairs and have a rest."

"Well, dad, you should go to bed early. Don't be too tired. "

After rolling her eyes at Olivia, she went upstairs alone with her bag. When she was about to go back to her ro

nd her daughter. She had been very angry all the time. These two people had different thoughts, but they had a better life in the Feng family than anyone else!

Her father didn't help her either. These two people were more important than her in her father's mind. This was what made her angry most.

"Olivia, do you feel wronged?"


Olivia's face was full of grievance. If ordinary people looked at her, they would think that Emily was a shameless person!

"If you feel wronged, you can leave the Feng family. After all, no one wants you to stay here, let alone let you suffer the so-called grievance here."

"Emily! Stop! Don't say anything else. You have enough now! "

Emily took back her anger. She was too angry now. But now that she had come to this point, it was not appropriate to continue. All she needed to do was to stand aside and watch.

"Dad, I'm going back to my room. But what I said just now represents my own standpoint. I won't change because of anyone, nor will I give up what I insist on just because of someone's words! Dad, you are protecting these two people now. I won't do anything to them for the sake of dad, but dad, I have my own bottom line. You'd better not cross my bottom line. Otherwise, I won't let go of these two people. "

After declaring her position, she turned around and went upstairs. All the servants looked at each other. It was obvious that they had never seen Emily like this. She was very powerful and courageous, which they had never seen before.

Tim looked at the back of Emily, and the appreciation in his eyes was gradually shown. He had been waiting for the day for too long.

"Stand up."

Standing aside, Jonson didn't go to help Olivia stand up, but looked at the back of Emily. When did she become so sharp?

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